20 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Saree – Let Your Memory Live On


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Old Saree

You love to wear the dress but you don’t get a suitable occasion. The costly and grand outfit being cornered makes you upset every time you open the closet. Your choice and favourite outfit is not worth of being cornered. But you don’t have to face the same with your sarees. You can renovate your old sarees.

In every woman’s closet, there would be sarees which are cornered and outdated today. You can’t leave them just because they are outdated. If you were preserving those sarees to repurpose then here you have some lovely ideas.

The makeover of your old saree can be a best and another beautiful version. You have various ideas that a saree can be molded into modern outfits and things. Your favourite saree is going to be your favourite and new dress. An old saree can also be a part of your home decor. Look at the images and imagine how great your old saree is going to be in these styles.

How to Reuse Your Old Saree?

1. Old Saree to Gown


You may have a collection of old sarees which are including fancy and ethnic. Both the fancy and ethnic old sarees can be renovated into a gown. Ethnic old saree with beautiful motifs and pretty colour combinations can be attractive when turned into an ethnic gown. A fancy saree with silky texture can look like modern gown. You can also have frills and ruffles on the gown if it is a fancy saree. It is a wise idea to repurpose your old saree into a graceful gown.

2. Old Saree to Lehenga


An old saree into lehenga is simple and it looks original. Old saree into a lehenga is gorgeous makeover. The ethnicity in saree remains the same even after making an old saree into a lehenga. You can get a blouse stitched with suitable design and fabric. You can pair your lehenga with a modern top.You can have a traditional dupatta for your lehenga made from an old saree.

3. Old Saree to Salwar Suit

1, 2

It is a charming idea to make a salwar suit out of old saree. The salwar of with modern designs and patterns is pretty. A salwar suit can be a pretty version of your olde saree. You salwar suits with the same fabric and shine. When you make an old saree into salwar suit it looks unique. You can flaunt in a unique outfit wearing the salwar suit that made from an old saree.

4. Old Saree to Ghagra Choli


Ghagra is the oldest and grand outfit of all traditional dresses. If you have an old saree of Bandhani style or fabric, you can make it into ghagra choli. You can style ghagra choli in different styles. The dupatta of ghagra choli can be draped into different ways. It is a smart choice of making your old saree into ghagra choli.

5. Old Saree to Maxi Dress


Maxi dress is a simple outfit which can make you look elegant. A pretty old saree into maxi dress with modernized patterns look all perfect. You will get to do best reuse of your old saree when you choose maxi dress. Maxi dresses are also trending women outfit. You can also pick the maxi dress that made from an old saree for special occasions.

6. Old Saree to Long Skirt


Old saree turning into a long skirt can take modern turn. It can be an ethnic long skirt with an ethnic blouse. The trendy pairing is shirt and long skirt which looks like Indo-western style. So, you can many such lovely style with long skirt made from an old saree. If you have a fancy or silk saree, then you can make into a fashionable skirt.

7. Old Saree to Dupatta


Dupatta is an ultimate attire that is attached to every traditional outfit. Embellished saree can make a simple outfit look grand. You can drape your dupatta in various styles. You can flaunt the way with your ethnic dupatta made from and old saree. Even a plain silk saree can be reused a dupatta for your embellished outfit. You can attach some embellishments to your plain saree and turn it into a grand dupatta. The tassels of the saree look pretty as well.

8. Old Saree to Dhoti Pants


Dhoti pants are the most preferred traditional and stylish bottoms. Dhoti pants are trending in women traditional wear. If you are old saree is printed, you can make it into dhoti pants. Printed dhoti pants make the outfit look fashionable.

9. Old Saree to Shirt


Shirts in ethnic style look stunning. You can choose shirt style to reuse your old saree. A shirt made out of an old saree can be paired with many bottoms like dhoti pants, skirts and lehengas. You can add the vintage style like collar neck, high neck to the shirt that is made from an old saree.

10. Old Saree to Anarkali Dress

1, 2

Anarkali dress is a royal outfit for women. Women love to anarkali for its beautiful patter and style. Anarkali made from an old saree can be a perfect traditional outfit. If you want to make the dress look fashionable, you can also add some embellishments when you are renovating the old saree.

11. Old Saree to Peplum Top


Peplum top is a fancy top that is paired with multiple bottoms. It is also suitable for ethnic bottom. A saree made into peplum top gives you full ethnicity that you want for a special occasion. It is an adorable style for your old saree and pretty version.

12. Old Saree to Ethnic Long Jacket


Old saree into an ethnic long jacket is a wise choice. Long jackets that too ethnic are trending. Long jackets can be paired with a modern saree, lightweight tops. You can make your outfit look unique adding an ethnic long jacket. You can also pair up long jacket with a maxi dress as shown in the above image.

13. Old Saree to Palazzo Pants


You need trendy pants for your beautiful ethnic tops. Then, you can simply make an old saree into a palazzo pants. If you want to wear a causal palazzo pant, then you can choose a lightweight saree. Palazzo pants are coming into different fabrics. You can choose a silk or cotton saree for your casual look.

14. Old Saree to Waistcoat


Waistcoat is the adds attraction to your casual outfits. When you wear a simple plain or printed kurti, you can wear an ethnic waistcoat over it. It looks all fashionable with a waistcoat over a simple kurti. The motifs and prints on your old saree can be seen well when turned into waistcoat. You will be happy to convert your preserved old saree into such pretty outfit.

15. Old Saree to Straight Kurti


You can make a cool appearance in a simple kurti any time. Kurti is a timeless traditional outfit for Indian women. So, choose to make your pretty old saree into a modern kurti. Ethnic or causal saree, both can be changed into a fashionable kurti.

16. Old Saree to Modern Blouse


A saree blouse can make your old saree fashionable Get stitched a blouse in modern style and design. You can also drape the saree in unique way. It will be simple makeover for your vintage saree. As jackets are trending with sarees, you can wear a jacket over your saree. In fact, your fashion ideas go high with such simple modifications.

17. Old Saree with Fashionable Embroidery


Embroidery makes you old saree look fashionable. You can keep loving your saree with the latest embroidery designs. You have can choose your favourite embroidery design. Embroidery gives your old saree a super makeover which will make you fall in love with your old saree again.

18. Old Saree to Curtain


You can try using your old saree as window curtains. It looks beautiful when saree become curtains. The simple cotton sarees can be made into curtains. The designs and prints of the saree can make your house look decorative. For special occasions at home, you can use your silky old saree as window curtain and cotton sarees are good daily use.

19. Old Saree to Cushion


Cushions are also coming into various fabrics. You can make your old saree into cushion and place it on sofa. It will be a unique kind of cushion with pretty motifs. Also look attractive when placed on sofas and beds. The cushion can be the decorative part of your home decor when you cover them with your old saree.

20. Old Saree to Bed Cover


The silky and lightweight old saree can be reused as bed cover. You can also get pillow covers stitched which matches with your old saree. You bed looks royal kind with a silk and beautiful colour saree on it. If you have an cotton old saree, it will be the most comfortable bed cover.

Don’t let your old saree be colour faded and get damaged as you have many creative things to do. The repurpose of your old saree is simple and fashionable. Let the beautiful vintage styles conquer the fashion world. You don’t have the benefit of reusing the other outfits as you have for saree. So, pick all the old sarees to do the above interesting things.

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