How To Look Stylish For Mehndi Ceremony


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Mehndi Ceremony

A wedding is one of the biggest and the brightest ceremony in a woman’s life. It is considered to be the most beautiful occasion, in the both brides as well as the grooms life. Deciding for wedding attire, is sometimes easy, as you already know the color. But selecting perfect attire for the Mehndi ceremony is the most difficult part. So, get ready to embrace this beautiful phase of your life forever. Here, are a few tips on how to look stylish for mehndi ceremony, and stun everybody with your look.

Mehndi Attire Tips and Tricks

1Go for bright colours

Go for bright colours

If you see the Bollywood movies, you can find a lot of actresses you can give you inspiration on this. It can be in reel life mehndi ceremony or real life, there are many abundance of style that you can select from. Like, for example; Kajol’s leaf green outfit in DDLJ or Karishma Kapoor’s subtle off white look in Zubeidaa, or even real life brides like, Bipash Basu, Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, and many more.

Going by the trend, the one of the best colours to choose from can be pink, orange, yellow, green or the combination of these shades. These colours are definitely going to make you stand out from the rest.

So, if you think that you are not much into bright colours, then you can also choose from beige, very light yellow, or turquoise and many more. Just be sure that the colours compliment each other. In fact, a pretty combination of these colours on the border, of the dupatta, can also uplift the whole look.

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2Go for Bright Colours and Multi-coloured Attire

Multi-coloured Attire

Indian wedding ceremonies are one of a kind tradition, that are very vibrant and also colourful. So, if you are the bride, then you can definitely bring back the best colours. Wear bright colours, and also get them in styles. Though you have huge colours to choose from, don’t be set on a single colour. You can even select some combined colours. Pastel colours are in and you can also mix as well as match these beautiful pastle pinks with blues and greens.

3Short Lehenga

Short Lehenga

This new trend is catching up very fast with the brides. This lehenga is just like any other, but the only difference is that, it is a little shorter than the normal lehenga, which is just below the knee. This type can give the bride a lot of relief from the chugging with the heavy lehenga, and can also make it easier for the mehndi artists to apply to the feet of the brides. What’s more great part about these lehengas is that you can even make them is ways which are not heavier, and are also much easier to handle, and wear on multiple occasions.

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4Never compromise on jewellery

Never compromise on jewellery

No matter, wherever the function is, that is, at your home or at some other venue, be sure not to compromise on the jewellery you wish on wearing, and do remember that it properly syn with the outfit. If you are planning on going bold, then you can choose from the heavy kundan set or even a jewellery stud with coloured gemstones. If you can, then do try out with your mother’s traditional gold set. If you want something more subtle, then you can try wearing a stunning statement piece that can instantly uplift the look.

Antique jewelleries are one of the best way to look great, if you are planning for slight subdued than the regular bride-to-be. Another trend to follow is the floral jewellery. Celebrity brides like, Aishwarya Rai, Esha Deol, and many others are seen flaunting real flower jewellery on their mehendi ceremony.

5Make-up matters

Make-up matters

When, you are going to choose a makeup, always keep in mind that you might have to sit still for like a really long time, as not only when the mehndi artist applies mehndi, but also till it dries out. So, if you want to touch your makeup in between, then it can be next to impossible. Therefore, choosing a long lasting waterproof makeup is the best. Also, make sure that your makeup does sync with your outfit. You can also try playing with colours, just avoid going overboard.

When it comes to hairstyles, a pretty neatly tied bun or even a braid can make you more comfortable, and also allows you to be more comfortable. So, if you want to leave them open, then just pinthfront section, so that it doesn’t bother you on the face.

These simple joy and excitement is going to stay forever. So, just stay simple and be yourself!

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