GM Diet Plan for Quick and Balanced Weight Loss


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GM Diet Plan

We always want to eat healthily and lose weight, there lies the paradox. How can you even eat and expect to lose weight? Well, there are certain diets which aim at adding more and more proteins and fiber to your diet and help you stay fuller for longer, thus losing weight and balancing it out too. GM diet plan is one such amazingly popular way of reducing around 15lps in a week.

History of GM Diet plan:

General Motors or GM, may have been into automobiles for the larger part we have known of this company but in 1985 they did come up with their GM Diet plan exclusively for its workers. To combat obesity and weight-related issues of its employees. It not only aimed to keep the workers in shape but also detox their system too.

GM diet plan was developed in conjunction with a grant from US Department of Agriculture and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) It was tested at the John Hopkins Research Center. And finally approved for distribution by Board of Directors of GM Corp in 1985.

What started as an in-house program is now a worldwide phenomenon. It has become a significant part of everyone who wishes to detox and lose weight in a healthy manner.

What is GM Diet plan:

GM Diet Plan was designed to improve workforce productivity by helping them become healthier and get in shape. It is a simple diet chart with no major complexities. Unlike other diet charts, it does not let you have more than a single nutritive factor for a day. There may be fewer restrictions on the amount of these items to be consumed in a day but they certainly bring a lot of detoxes.

GM Diet plan has been lauded for increasing employee concentration, confidence, and energy levels in addition to making them fit and healthy. There aren’t any expensive food items you must take during these 7 days of GMT Diet.

The GM diet plan works on a simple principle that the foods you would consume will burn more calories than they add to your body. This causes a negative caloric effect in the body and thus helps in reducing weight naturally

Losing weight is the primary goal and there hidden with it comes the aspects of looking good, feeling good and re-energized. This also is believed to have a great impact on a person attitude and mental state. It is also popular due to the cleansing and detoxifying effects it offers.

Does the GM Diet Plan Work? Is GM Diet Plan Really Effective:

Yes! It does, and I can vouch for this as I have been using the GM Diet Plan since the last decade and every time it has been a pleasing and enriching experience for me.

GM Diet plan may have had its criticisms but it is still highly rated and valued for the sheer immediate weight loss it brings about. Most people have lost between 7-15lbs in a week of this diet.

It is overwhelming for the first time users and the most difficult part is until the 4th day. Though you are not starving completely in any of the given 7 days you still have a restriction on what items you may eat. The quantity may be increased a little.

GM Diet plan is not just about 7 days of eating as detailed by the chart but it’s about exercises too. This diet alone will not get you the desired results in happiest and healthiest state of you, but it needs to be complemented with proper routine and fitness regime. Avoid alcohol and caffeine too when taking this diet, as they may trigger more calories in the system.

Scientific explanation to GM Diet plan:

The science behind the GM Diet plan is a simple calculation, to add only those many calories which will help in consuming the already stored calories in the body. Substitute fiber, protein, and carbohydrates for those 7 days and workout for a better-shaped body. Pack your body with good carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

GM Diet Plan is focused on 3 major scientific aspects of the weight loss impacts:

1- Total body cleansing and detoxification:

The body flushes out the toxins and cleanses it by not consuming fats or starchy foods. This aids in the natural process of body detoxification. You must ensure compliance to drinking at least 3 liters of water daily to enrich the cleansing system. This will aid digestion and bowel movement too

2- Faster digestion and enriched metabolism:

The food and water intake in GM Diet plan make way for the accelerated and effective digestion process. Low sugar, fiber rich and good carbohydrates help in speeding up the process of digestion. The more water you take in the better it helps in dissolving the high fiber rich diet. Thus adding more momentum to the digestion process. The body also uses its reserve energy here through metabolic activities as no new calories are added through GM Diet

3- Bowel movement:

The main cause of improper weight is deposition of undigested fat and improper bowel cycle. High fiber-rich diet helps in removing these hidden undigested fats quickly thus aiding weight loss. It also helps in curing bowel problems like constipation.

The above points state that GM Diet plan aids in loss of excess fat from the body thus reducing weight. It promotes cleaner and healthier lifestyle. This diet also provides control over your food cravings and does not let you give in to the urge by keeping you fuller for long.

How to Prepare Yourself for Taking up the GM Diet Plan:

People who wish to take up GM Diet Plan sooner must be able to bear with excessive sweating, momentary weakness, hunger pangs and also some mood swings in initial 2 days.

To prepare your body for GM Diet Plan begin at least 7-8 days ahead of actually starting the diet. Stay hydrated and begin a scheduled workout regime. The body must consume 7-8 glasses of extra water to welcome the effects of GM Diet on our system. This extra water would be needed for metabolism and deriving bodily needs of energy. It will also counter lethargy and muscular spasms.

Begin to avoid alcohol and caffeine strictly as it will help you overcome the urges even before beginning the diet. Alcohol triggers water retention and also prevents the effects of GM Diet from taking shape.

You may also wish to pack up your body with starch and carbohydrate rich foods. like potato, banana, and oats to begin on a high on energy levels. Begin proceeding with lighter exercises and warm up to keep the body resilient to the side effects of GM Diet Plan.

Overview of 7 Day GM Diet Plan:

Day wide GM Diet Plan to help you understand foods and fluids which can be consumed and how much to eat in each meal. The GM 7 Day Diet aims at limiting a weeklong diet to fruits, vegetables, milk and brown rice. There are complex carbohydrates we consume using this diet in addition to low-calorie vegetables, fruits also increasing water intake

GM Diet Plan Day 1:

On the first day, you can only consume fruits. Do not consume banana though. There must not be any extra starch, potassium or carbohydrate addition through the fruits you consume. The first-day body must be subjected to detoxification and preparation for the 6 days ahead.

– Breakfast Day 1: Breakfast is the 1st important meal of the day so give a head start with a big bowl of melons and papaya with 2 glasses of water. More of cantaloupe and honeydew melon gives fewer cravings for sweet or junk food. Also, they are fulfilling and keep us filled for long

– Lunch Day 1: Add more watery fruits like apples, watermelons, and kiwi. You may also consume more papaya here. Also, mangoes but limit them to a few slices. As they contain sugar in them. Berry fruits and oranges can also be taken along

– Dinner Day 1: Take oranges, kiwi, melons, mango and papaya for dinner. Add 2 glasses of water along. melons can bring cramping to stomach so do not consume more than half a bowl in dinner.

– Mid Day meals and beverages on Day 1: You must consume 10 glasses of water and in addition to this, a glass or two of fresh orange juice, coconut water. As orange juice fills the sweet cravings and coconut water keeps fuller for the day. Don’t take sugary juices. Berries, apples, and oranges can be consumed for morning or evening snacks and keep adding more water along

GM Diet Plan Day 2:

The second day of GM Diet Plan is strictly limited to vegetables. No more fruits on the second day. All sorts of vegetables except peas, corn, and carrots can be consumed on the 2nd day. Add green leafy vegetables, cabbage, onion, pepper, and potato (only in breakfast though). This is to boost the fiber intake of our body. This will regulate the sugar consumption from day 1 and also foster metabolism effectively.

Preparing for Day 2:

Unlike Day 1 when the body feels lethargic due to lack of carbohydrate intake and continuous consumption of fluids. Day 2 is gastro-friendly with foods which can be easily digested. Keep the Day 1 dinner heavy with more apples and berries. More the consumption of water on day 1 better impacts for Day 2.

– Breakfast Day 2:

Begin your day with a large baked potato and a few drops of butter or olive oil. This is to keep stomach heavy for the day. Cassava or sweet potato may also be used instead to keep the body energized for the day.

– Lunch Day 2:

Day 2 lunch comprises salads with lettuce, cucumber, and cabbage. You may add vinaigrette and olive oil but no mayonnaise or ranch.

– Dinner Day 2:

Add fresh greens like broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, boiled beets, cucumber and more. You may add a few drops of olive oil here too

– Mid-day snacks and beverages:

Lettuce, cabbage and cherry tomatoes can be consumed for snacks. Add more and more water to the day

GM Diet Plan Day 3:

Day 3 is comparatively simpler as both fruits and vegetables which were consumed on day 1 and 2 are permitted. Bananas are still not allowed though. It gets easier from here as you already have adjusted with fruits only and vegetables only diet regime. Proceed wth breathing exercises from the morning of Day 3. You must have already lost 2-4 lbs.

– Breakfast Day 3:

Begin on a lighter note, with an apple or if you want something heavy then take melons.Aid these with 2 glasses of water for accelerated digestion.

– Lunch Day 3:

Proceed with the same diet as a combination of Day 1 and 2 but you can take some more diced tomatoes. Add olive oil or vinaigrette too for the salad dressing

– Dinner Day 3:

Boiled vegetables and salads must be taken for dinner. Finish with a serving of watermelon or apple as dessert.

– Mid-Day Snack and beverages Day 3:

Juices from berries, oranges, and apples can be taken. Also snack on fresh fruits and salads. Add more water to prevent bloating. Also consume tomato juice and carrot juice once in evening

GM Diet PlanGM Diet Plan Day 4:

Congratulations you have already made it through the tough part. Now it only gets better. Unlike the other 3 days, you can only consume bananas, milk and some soup here. There is not another thing allowed for this day. As it marks the greatest detox day of the diet plan.By day 4 you are already cheerful and have a positive attitude towards life.

– Breakfast Day 4:

One banana and a glass of fat-free warm milk or almond milk. Use only skim milk all day as whole milk is heavy for the belly at this point.

– Lunch Day 4:

Lunch includes a bowl of vegetable soup flavored with herbs and spices. It can also include tomato soup or cabbage stew too.

– Dinner Day 4:

Dinner on day 4 consists of vegetable soup and banana shake. Don’t add too much shake as it can be harsh on a belly.

– Mid-day snacks and beverages:

Include only milk and bananas as snacks and beverages this day.You may make a cold banana shake to fill your belly.

Recipe for Cabbage Soup for Day 4:

Boil Onion, celery, pepper and cabbage with salt, pepper, and herbs. Add more vegetables except for beans. Serve it hot.

GM Diet Day 5:

On the 5th day of GM Diet Plan, the body’s protein requirements are met. You can eat beef and around 5-6 big tomatoes. Beef is a rich source of protein and fiber. You will feel loss of appetite on this day. You will be more prepared than any other day now. Just take small servings of beef and tomatoes at one time.

– Breakfast Day 5:

Begin with braised beef and soup. This will provide and energy for the rest of the day in addition to providing iron, proteins, and fiber.

– Lunch Day 5:

A hamburger patty without the bread can be eaten for lunch along with some tomatoes.You may bake or fry the hamburger but not too many oils. Since the body will be producing extra uric acid so consume a lot of water to flush out the urine naturally.

– Dinner day 5:

Another hamburger without a bread and some tomatoes. Or even beef soup which is considered healthier than beef

– Mid-day snacks and beverages for Day 5:

Only beverage allowed this day is water. No juice as the body has to flush out the toxins well. Nutrients are provided by meat while body detoxifies

GM Diet Plan Day 6:

Day 6 consists of beef and all vegetables. It is a cheat day for Gm diet followers, while to the body is slowly gaining back its lost appetite. You must be around 10-12 lbs less. The metabolic processes are at its high during this time.

– Breakfast for Day 6:

Begin day 6 with a bowl of mixed vegetables. Boil or sautéed, you may add a spoon olive oil too. Or vegetable soup with beef cutlets.

– Lunch Day 6:

Mixed vegetables and beef may be consumed. Add broccoli, cabbage, and green leafy vegetables along with beef patty

– Dinner Day 6:

Dinner consists of Vegetable soup and hamburger without bread. Soup will add back the lost energy and beef boosts the protein intake.

– Mid-day snacks and beverages day 6:

Grab greens during morning or evening. Add some coconut water during the day for soothing effects.

GM Diet Plan Day 7:

Congratulation you have done it! You may eat starch also now as white or brown rice. Add fruits and vegetables too. You are slimmer and more optimistic than ever before.

– Breakfast day 7:

Brown or white rice.You may also eat a papaya or melon

– Lunch Day 7:

Rice (white or brown) with cooked asparagus, cabbage or broccoli or all. Add a slice of mango or watermelon for sweet cravings.

– Dinner Day 7:

Take a bowl of vegetables and brown or white rice.Increase fluid intake to counter bloating.

– Mid-day snacks and beverages:

Fruits like berries and oranges and fruit juices can be consumed for snacks and drinks.

Substitution of beef for vegetarian people:

Beef can be substituted with beans and be sure not to add much butter to it. Also, any among brown rice or white rice can be taken on day 6 and 7.

GM Diet Soup or wonder soup:

GM Diet Soup or wonder soupThere a wonder soup which can be consumed anytime all through the days, for mid meal hunger pangs. It’s not only healthy but a tasty delight which will keep up your diet routine. Prepare fresh soup every day and don’t drink the leftover from previous day


– Boil 6 large onions, 3 medium sized potatoes, one cabbage, 2 green peppers, a bunch of celery, a half liter water.
– Now add a teaspoon olive oil and add these to the pan
– Now keep stirring till cooked
– You may add some salt and pepper
– Also lemon juice for flavor

The things you are allowed to consume all through the GM Diet Plan include:

– Water or fresh lemonade minus sugar and salt
– Club soda
– Black coffee (just a couple of times in 7 days though)
– Green tea

The above compilation on GM diet plan for quick and balanced weight loss is a tried and tested method for weight loss and body detox. Follow the process to start GM Diet Plan, consume a lot of water and stay relaxed. Around 7-15 lbs is lost in most cases and giving a refreshing and invigorating effect. Be sure to consult a dietician before proceeding. Do not stretch if you feel too weak anytime.

Only once in every 6 months you must proceed and don’t do back to back it may cause severe effects.

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