5 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Caribbean Islands


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Honeymoon Destinations in Caribbean Islands

Your honeymoon is more than just a vacation. It’s a celebration of your marriage. The beauty of the sun and sand make the Caribbean, a popular honeymoon destination. There are hundreds of islands to choose which can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Caribbean islands.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Caribbean Islands



The island of Jamaica attracts countless honeymooners with its exotic cuisine, top resorts and unforgettable sunset, which is bound to take your breath away. Jamaica is called the land of wood and water and is a honeymooning couples playground. For the active couple, ocean yoga, bike rides and sailing are just good choices. And for couples who want to relax, they have option to stroll on the coasts with your loved ones. The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica has numerous beach resorts for newlyweds to choose from. If you are looking for a picture perfect honeymoon, Jamaica can be the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean Islands for newlyweds.

2Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

It’s an enchanting island of lush rain forest, beaches and full of historic wealth. There are many amazing activities available to the adventurous couple on this huge island. Rent a car and discover the hidden charm of Puerto Rico with your better half . As one of the gulf capitals of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has almost 30 golf courses for players at every skill level. Not a golfer? You can indulge in various water activities or discover Puerto Rico’s history. There is no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts in Puerto Rico. For a food loving couple dining at Puerto Rico will be an amazing experience. The cuisine is a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean flavours and don’t leave the island without trying a cup of Puerto Rican Coffee. The island also has an active nightlife. It also provides honeymooners with romantic environment and atmosphere.



The stunning scenery is perfect for both passive and adventurous honeymooners. The island gives newlyweds a mix of luxury resorts and natural beauty. Most of the hotels are located on the north-west shore, which most visitors never adventure beyond. On the south and west coast are miles of beaches kissed by turquoise waters. In the middle of the island, there is a desert landscape with dramatic rock formations. Extensive couple-oriented activities on the beach such as horse stack riding or dining beneath the captivated sunset make Aruba a very romantic honeymoon destination.

4Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican people know the importance of tourists into their island. That’s why their country has become most popular honeymoon destination in the Caribbean. Whether you are staying in a resort or a boutique hotel, the local people make their visitors feel like family. A romantic honeymoon to the Dominican Republic will provide you with exciting memories to take home. With 800 miles of beach front, this is not an island you can cover in one day. You can visit ocean world and swim with dolphins, learn how to scuba dive, horse ride on the beach or check out the local festival. The Dominican Republic is the best honeymoon destination in Caribbean Islands no matter how you choose to spend your time.



Grenada is one of the world’s true paradise islands and the best honeymoon destination in the Caribbean islands. Imagine a treasure island with white and black sand, Palm tree lined beaches and misty mountains to enjoy with the one you love. By law, no hotel on the island can exceed three stores or the height of palm trees. Grenada’s interior is very mountainous. Take a day trip and visit the beautiful waterfalls which flows into the sea.

The island coastline has many secluded bays and inlets where honeymooners can sunbath and relax with nothing to hear but waves laughing on the shore. You have many water activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. For couples who are underwater diving enthusiast, Grenada’s waters are home to some of the breathtaking underwater scenery and marine life in the Caribbean. Grenada also has friendly people, cricket matches and festivals which are just a few highlights of the paradise. Grenada is renowned as one of the beautiful and least explored islands is sure to fulfill your honeymoon dreams.