Hair Care Tips for Hair Breakage


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Hair Care Tips

Every girl or women will have hair problems. It can be either dandruff, split ends, hair fall or hair breakage. Here we are talking about hair breakage. Why does breakage occur? Hair fall is a natural part of life. One loses anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day. When hair breaks, it states that you have become so weak that it splits off before its life cycle is complete. This only happens due to poor hair care and by using hair products. So, here are some hair care tips for hair breakage.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

Hair Breakage can be due to various factors working individually or together causing the damage over time, this will make the strand of hair weaker and coarse and will lead to hair breakage. The reasons can be lifestyle related, weather related or also related to health. Here is a list of most common reasons for hair breakage.

1. Imbalanced diet.

Your hair needs protein to grow and stay healthy. It will tend to become brittle if the amount of protein required by hair is not met. The outer shaft will break and the broken hair shaft will damage the delicate inner shaft, leading to breaking of hair midway.

On the other hand, the protein to moisture ration also should be balanced. If the moisture content is too much it will lead to stretchy hair which may lead to thinning of hair and eventually severe hair breakage.

2. Heat Styling-

If you are too much into the habit of heat styling your hair it may again lead to drying out the hair too much. If the blow dryer is always set on higher heat setting or you use a flat iron way too often you may end up getting a lot of hair breakage.

You should also never use a flat iron or curling tongs directly on wet hair. The wet hair is more vulnerable to stretching and damage. It causes hair to break.

3. Colouring or Bleaching-

Colouring or BleachingColouring the hair too much can lead to deposition of ammonia in the hair cuticle which can lead to excessively dry and brittle hair with no strength at all. Bleaching the hair takes the moisture away from the hair. If you want to bleach your hair you show follow it up with a good post bleach conditioning regimen.

4. Skip haircuts-

Skipping your haircuts can also increase the breakage. When hair develops a split end it is best treated with chopping off the ends soon. If the ends are not cut, for a long period of time it causes the hair to grown weaker and then eventually it may break.

Cutting your hair frequently will prevent the split ends to grow.

5. Tight hairstyles-

Tight hairstylesIf you are in a habit of putting up your hair in tight high ponytail or bun hairstyles that require pulling hair tightly backwards, it may result into receding hairline. Tightening of hair is going to exert pressure on hair and stretch them out. This will affect the health of your hair.]

6. Hair pulling habit-

Sub-consciously a lot of people have a habit of tugging hair throughout the day. They also play with their hair and pull it in tense situations without realizing most of the times. This habit can lead to breakage of hair and hair fall. It can cause balding in men over time with age and in women, it can lead to thinning of hair.

7. Over washing-

Over washingWashing hair everyday using a shampoo can deprive the hair of its required moisture. Over washing your hair is as harmful to hair as blow drying. Esp. If using sulfate shampoos it can be harmful t the hair. You should switch to mild and gentle shampoos free from sulfates.

Hair Care Tips

1. Proper Hair Care Routine

Proper Hair Care RoutineThe best hair care tips to stop hair breakage is to avoid mistakes in your daily hair care routine. You have to wash your hair based on your hair. If yours is a Coarse and Dry Hair, you need to wash your hair in every 2-3 day’s gap. If yours is an Oily and Fine Hair, wash your hair daily. If yours is a Normal Hair, wash it every alternate day.

Before you shampoo your hair, make sure you comb your hair in order to loosen the dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp. Condition Your hair by applying conditioner from roots till the end. Do not brush your hair after you have washed it. There will be more chances for hair breakage.

2. Avoid Heat on Your Hair

Avoid Heat on Your HairEveryone has the habit of using straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, etc. But if you want to avoid hair breakage stopping using heat on your hair. This will make your hair more damaged and prone to breakage. Use heating accessories only if it necessary like for special occasions only.

3. Avoid Hair Products

Avoid Hair ProductsDo not use hair products which contain harsh chemicals. Always opt for herbal or organic hair products which contain less of harmful chemicals.

4. Avoid too much of Sun Exposure

Avoid too much of Sun ExposureAs said above, heat can damage your hair quickly. So avoid sun exposure. If you want to dry your hair, dry it naturally instead of sitting under the sun. Just pat dry your hair. If you dry your hair under the sun it will lead to your hair getting weak and prone to breakage.

5. Moisturize your Hair

Moisturize your HairIn order to stop hair breakage, moisturise your hair. Use a leave-in-conditioner or deep conditioner for your hair. If your hair is moisturized, it will neither become dry or break.

6. Eat Healthy

Eat HealthyHair too needs proper nutrition like vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. So, in order to get all those vitamins, one should eat a healthy balanced diet, to grow your hair stronger. Include fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, plenty of fluids etc in your diet.

7. Avoid Stress

Avoid StressStress is part of everyone’s life. Whether you’re tensed about your office work or trouble at home or are just going through some tough times, the stress will start to represent on your hair. If you are too much stressed it can cause hair fall and breakage. So, avoid taking too much stress.

8. Treat Your Hair

Treat Your HairAvocado is the best and does wonder for the hair. It helps to make your hair softer, more manageable. Try this Avocado hair mask for healthy hair. What all you need:

An avocado

  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • A shower cap

Crush the avocado in a bowl. Add the olive oil and the honey and mix well. Apply the green paste on your damp hair from roots to tips. Massage well. Put the shower cap on and leave it for 20-30 mins. Wash with water first. Then use shampoo and conditioner.

9. Regular Trims

Regular TrimsTrim your hair every 6-8 days in order to reduce hair breakage. If your hair is damaged or it has split ends, it will prone to more breakage. Make sure you only trim the ends of your hair not more than that. When going to any hair stylist, ask them to trim your split ends.

Hair care tips for breakage:

  1. Always air dry or pat dry your hair using a towel. Never rub your hair vigorously with the towel.
  2. Take a lit bit of extra virgin olive oil and mix it with the conditioner. Apply this to your hair after shampooing in order to stop hair breakage.
  3. The best deep conditioner is mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise once a week to your hair and leave it for an hour. Mayonnaise contains fats and oils which are extremely good for your hair and prevent hair breakage.
  4. Use coconut or extra virgin olive oil to massage your hair in order to stimulate the hair roots. You can also take few vitamin E gel capsules and mix with the oil before applying it on your hair.