Ultimate Style Lessons To Wear A Bandana Perfectly


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How to wear bandana
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Every woman inside some corners of her heart is a risk taker. It may be visible in her life choices, her taste in music or even her clothing and accessories. And one of the coolest ‘Badass’  accessories that can show us that little bold and daring facet of her personality is a Bandana.  A Bandana is a triangular piece of cloth mainly made of silk or cotton as the fabric and with printed patterns or spots was worn both by men and women. It also hovered along with the other fashion trends in the west too, for its neutrality of the gender basis. Bandanas are adaptable to any outfit and serve as an additional wear requiring no extra accessories to hold them in place.

Now, deeply inspired by the latest trends and stylish celebrities sporting this really cool accessory, you might have absolutely loved it may also have bought one for yourself. But, do you know how to wear a Bandana?

Well, do not worry, we are here with our simple style guide to teach you how to do that.

How to Wear a Bandana?

A bandana can be worn anyway in which we desire either on the head, neck or face, it will match up with the outfit. The following are the best ways to wear a bandana, how to do it? We have got the steps covered for you to make it easier.

1. Creating a wide headband

Creating a wide headband
Image Source: pinterest.com

Creating a wide headbandWear this over a T-shirt, a nice dress or even a leather biker jacket and boots. You just cannot go wrong with this. The ultimate aim is to make it look like folds of bandana put as a headband. To achieve this perfect bandana headband, these are the initial steps now perform the following:-

  • Fold the pentagon-shaped bandana into half its length along the width. It should now look like a rectangle.
  • Repeat this step till we find the rectangle to be around 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • Place its center on the top of the head by slowly picking it up and ensuring it does not open. Eventually tying the ends behind the neck into a knot. If someone has long hairs then they can put the knot under it.
  • This is often referred as a simple knot style.

2. Creating a pin-up style headband

Creating a pin-up style headbandCreating a pin-up style headbandIt exactly similar to the previous technique where you need to make the bandana’s shape as a wide headband and this time rather than placing it on the head we need to place it above and tie the end knots on the top of the head. Interesting? It’s just a really cute french way to tie a bandana. Looks really cute with open hair and ripped denims. Try it out yourself.

3. Headband in Hippie style

Headband in Hippie style Headband in Hippie style Now, what is hippie style exactly? This question might arise in your minds. Well, when the style of the headband is in a shape of a crown just over the hair; you have got a hippie style. Perfect for any bohemian dress or a long dreamy maxi. A little bit of quirk in everything you wear.

The following are the steps to make it:

  • Create a wide headband using as mentioned earlier.
  • We need to place the bandana just in the center of our forehead, eventually taking the two loose ends and tying them behind the head ensuring that the hair falls just under the bandana.
  • Depending on the preference you can choose to make the bandana wide or skinny.
  • Sometimes tying the bandana similar to a bow style rather than the crown also gives a perfect blend to the look. That is then termed as the Bow style.

4. 90’s style bandana

90's style bandana90's style bandana This is a classic style worn both by men as well as women. It will be great to pair it with your biker jackets. It is absolutely one of the easiest ways to style your bandana. Oily scalp hair? Well, this can help.

  • This requires the bandana to be folded into half to form a large triangle.
  • We need to lean our heads forward and ensure to put the center of the base at the front of our heads.
  • By taking both the ends we now wrap it around your head and tie a knot behind the neck.
  • Make sure that the tip of the bandana triangle points towards the knot behind the neck
  • For long hairs, it is advised to tie the knot below the hair rather than tying it.
  • This is often termed as the biker style.

5. The ponytail style

The ponytail styleThe ponytail styleWe need to start by laying it on a regular surface and folding it continuously to give it a shape of a long rope. We now need to loop the shape of the rope into an open knot which is loose.

  • Once the open knot is formed, we simply need to pull the hair back in the form of a ponytail and tie it with a regular elastic band.
  • Now, we need to slide the knot which is looped just over the ponytail and make the knot tight until it becomes tightly snugged onto the tied elastic band.
  • This provides a wonderful look if this is made with a long and scarf like bandana rather than a usual square and traditional one.

6. Bandana Serving as a Hair Wrap

Bandana serving as a hair wrapAnother really different way of styling a bandana is this chic hair wrap. Make sure you tie the hair as a pouf and ensure that the bangs are down if you have one.

  • Give the bandana a triangular shape by folding it from corner to corner; ensure it’s in the shape of a large triangle.
  • Put the triangle over our shoulders in the form of a cape.
  • Bring the corners at the top of our head and letting the bangs drop in front.
  • Bring the back corner of the bandana and tuck it gently under the two front corners.
  • Now a knot is needed to be tied at the front of the forehead using the front corners.
  • Your hair wrap is ready to give you a fashionable look.
  • Note – The bandana should completely cover the head in such a way that the bangs and pouf come out towards the front to give a marvellous look.

7. Bandana Around the Neck

● Front Tie 

Front tie This is one of the most prominent and easy techniques to wear your bandana around the neck. Simply fold the bandana into a triangle shape by folding it corner to corner and drape it on the shoulders eventually, tying a knot at the front of the neck. Also known as the simple knot or choker bandana. That’s Simple!

● Cowboy 

Cowboy We need to form a triangle by folding it corner to corner similarly as the above one and then simply place it on the neck by ensuring that the pointed pat is towards the bottom and then tying the knot behind the neck. Super trending these days, there are embellished bandanas that serve as a choker with bead and tassels etc.

● French knot 

French knotThis is one of the most sophisticated styles of using a bandana. Fold in the form of a triangle and by taking one of the longest edges we need to keep it folding over and over again until the time it is 3 to 4 inches thick. Simply hold the middle at the neck and tie the ends behind. Easy yet Fascinating!

8. Bandana Wrap, for your Face

Bandana wrap, for your faceThis look is beyond the edge for individuals. We need to lay the bandana over a regular surface and give it a shape of a triangle by folding it once corner to corner. We now need to wrap the triangle bandana around the face and tie the knots behind the neck where the two ends meet. We now need to pull the bandana towards the tip of the nose to cover the bottom half of the face. This is usually known as the mask style bandana.

9. Bandana for Gym

Bandana for gymSweatband: This is a regular style which not only is used for fashion but also to wipe out the sweat that you accumulate while working out at gyms. This can be done by simply rolling the bandana into a thin rectangular structure and eventually tying it ant any of your body parts as a wristband, headband, neckband or an ankle band to prevent excess sweat from slipping down the body, thus comforting you.

Follow these ultimate trends in Bandana styling to keep this super stylish accessory working great with every look and dress of yours. If you do not want to wear it on your head wear bandana face wrap, or a french knot over your head. The options are infinite. We hope this little style guide you help you through this bandana styling maze and you emerge looking absolutely cool.

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