Brilliant Tips For Gaining Healthy Weight Quick And Easy


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Gaining Healthy Weight Quick And Easy

While there is a lot written about losing weight, numerous advertisements showing before and after weight loss images and campaigns that show how they can help you lose weight in 20 days, there is very less thought put into people who are underweight and want to gain weight. The common perception of people is that a leaner body is healthy.This is so not true. India is the number 1 country with a maximum percentage (40%) of an underweight population in the world. Attribute it to lack of education or awareness, but weight gain in India is a lesser addressed issue. If you are one of those people who want to gain a healthy weight and yet quickly. We have for you a perfect list of useful and brilliant tips for gaining healthy weight quickly and easily. With a simple list of foods for weight gain and other tips, you will know exactly how to gain weight.

How to know if you are underweight?

Being underweight means having a BMI (Body Mass Index) below 18.5

Body Mass Index is basically a ratio of your weight (kgs) to height (meters) and it can be easily known from this BMI chart below.

Body Mass IndexAt the Underweight BMI, your body does not even function optimally and anything below that can lead to some of the other health issues. For a healthy body and mind, maintain a normal BMI according to your height. If you are struggling to gain weight know what to eat to gain weight and follow these simple tips for gaining weight fast.

Quick ways to gain weight.

1. Consume more calories

Consume more caloriesFor your body to function optimally, it requires a certain amount of energy. This energy is derived from the food that we eat. If you want to gain weight you should consume more calories every day than your body burns up. For example, an average human being should consume about 1200 to 1300 calories every day if he does not want to increase weight. For you to put on weight, consume at least a 150 to 250 calories more every day. You have the liberty to indulge in take a few more bite of the sinful dessert a lot of people cannot eat. So enjoy your liberty and eat more calories.

But also, rather than just consuming random calories, it is a great way to build up your body and immunity by choosing to eat healthy foods containing calories. Like green vegetables, whole cream dairy and starch.

2. Eat number of times

Eat more number of timesIf you want to know how to get fat easily and naturally, this is a tip that can make all the difference. Other than your regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner try to increase the number of times you take meals. Get into the habit of an afternoon and evening snack. You can also start having a high-calorie dinner. The metabolic rate of our bodies is higher in the morning than the night. This will make you put on weight as the extra calories will be converted to fat and stored for future use.

3. Include more protein

Include more proteinWhen you think of gaining weight, what comes to your mind fit or flab? Obviously fit, right? So for best ways to gain weight in a healthy fashion and at the right places, it is important that you know what to eat and how much? If you want to build up your muscle mass then your body needs more proteins to synthesize muscle, protein is the building blocks of muscles. This increased muscles mass will increase your weight and also make you look healthy and fit. Supplement your protein intake with good fats and you will be gaining weight faster.

4. Lift weights

Lift weightsThe first job to increasing weight is to eat right, the second and another important one for a healthy weight gain is to target the calories in the right direction. It is also possible to eat a bag of chips every day and become a complete couch potato., But we don’t want that. To gain healthy weight, you have to utilize the calories towards muscle building. For that, you have to do strength training and lift weights. Initially, start with cardio and slowly introduce weights into your workout routine. Increase the weight size and you will slowly realize you are gaining weight. Follow it up with a weight gain diet and the results will be even better.

5. Red meat

Red meatOne of the most effective ways to gain weight naturally and quickly is to include red meat into your diet. Red meat is very high in cholesterol, it can aid weight gain. It is an excellent source of protein that will also help in muscle mass. The fattier the red meat the number of calories it will contain, one food people who want to lose weight should definitely stay away from.

6. Reduce stress

Reduce stressStress is one of the worst factors to affect health. It can be a big factor in not just reducing weight but also for gaining weight. Stress can hamper your health in all aspects and prevent you from achieving your goals, this can further trigger more stress and hamper your motivation. Take time out to relax and exercise. Your body will slowly unwind and start reacting to your food and exercise routine better without stress.

7. Include more carbohydrates and fats.

Include more carbohydrates and fatsThe most important nutrient responsible for gaining weight is carbohydrates and fats. People who want to lose weight, restricting carbs and fats can be a great way to achieve their weight loss goals. But otherwise, carbs and fats can help you achieve your ideal weight. Make sure you include some amount of carbs and fats in your diet throughout the day. Even in snacks you can consume good fats and keep your weight gain consistent. Diversify your sources of carbohydrates and fats so as to not consume just bad fats or only plain carbohydrates. You can include potatoes and starch in your diet too. This will be other great quick ways to gain weight.

8. Get enough sleep.

Get enough sleepSleep is an essential for every human’s body. For an average healthy individual, 8 hours of sleep is the minimum required every day. It can really alter every aspect of your life and you can very well see that. A good sleep with enhancing your performance mentally and also physical health. A disturbed circadian rhythm is responsible for a lot of health complications and it can also prevent you from gaining weight due to stress and imbalanced hormones. Sleep is the only solution to reducing the tiredness of your body and providing it the strength it requires.

Easy tips and quick ways to gain weight

For people who want to gain weight and really fast, here are some quick ways to gain weight in a healthy manner and maintain a perfect balance between muscles and fat. While some people have easy weight gain tendencies, for some people it is the other way round. If you too are finding difficulties in gaining weight, make sure you follow these simple weight gain diet tips and other simple ways to gain weight quick and easy and never worry about the lean frame ever again

1. Drink whole fat milk. Along with the calories, it gives you calcium to make your bones strong, and also vitamin. A and D. A glass of fresh creamy milk to fight away the problem of weight.

2. Eat more peanut butter. A teaspoon of peanut butter has 100 calories, so for that instant boost of weight, you know exactly what you have to do. Just slather a good amount of a fresh hot golden toast and forget your weight issues with this goodness.

Eat more peanut butter3. Fruits contain a lot of natural sugars. Some foods can help you put on weight for everyday consumption. Eat a lot of Custard apple, Papayas, banana shakes etc. For that little heavy body.

4. Avocados are another food high in calories. A single avocado can have around 200 calories. Other than calories, avocado is a great source of Vitamin E, folic acid, and potassium.

5. Eat fat heavy foods like Butter, ghee, and cheese.But make sure you portion ghee and butter as they contain saturated fats. A lot of this cannot be very healthy for your body at a later stage in life.

Cheese has a naturally high amount of fats, that can make you gain weight naturally.

Cheese has naturally high amount6. Use a bigger plate. Yes, as absurd as it may sound, using a bigger plate can increase your food intake as a bigger serving of food can also look small in a large plate and your mind will subconsciously eat more.

7. Don’t smoke. Smoking has been known to reduce weight in some people and it can also be extremely unhealthy for your lungs. For better health keep the smoke away.

ealthy weight gain dietJust concentrate on enjoying the process of having a healthy weight gain diet with all the foods in the world, without any restrictions, do not stress if you don’t see instant results. Every body has a different body and the results may vary.Just remember that a lot of people would love to be in your shoes when it comes to eating all that variety of foods. Keeping this is mind follow these simple tips and know how to gain weight in a healthy manner. Keep your exercises going and take time to indulge in your favorite body relaxing activities. We are sure your journey would be one delicious one.

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