How to know your date is a total turn off!


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You have been dating for just a while and are deciding if your date is a freak or not. What’s more, in concern would be, if he is a turn on or turn off. There are a few signs you get to find out if your first date is a total turn off. The date goes perfectly well, but you see certain traits of guys and find out in a quick snap if his traits push you off your edge or not. That happens to a lot of us, but the problem here is, there are some genuine things they do, which can be misconstrued. What are the turn offs, then? Find out by browsing the list of top 10 annoying turn offs. This is when you need to know, you can bid a goodbye to the guy and move.

9 Things That Show That Your Date Is A Turn Off

1. Drinking too much

Drinking too much

There are a few kind of guy you shouldn’t even be dating at the first place! If you are going out with a guy who drinks a tad too much, it is fine to ask him his habits and how many times he drinks. Though, this might sound creepy, guys generally do not know their limits. It is okay to drink at a bachelor party or a private party, but if he is constantly drinking in front of you or with you, that is a BIG sign, that you should just move on and wave him goodbye. This isn’t going to help you in any way since all you would be hearing is his drunk talks.

2. Dirty dancing

Dirty dancingOkay, this may not appeal to most of the girls unless the guy actually does it with her. But, if you have a date who comes to you for only dirty dancing, back off! Grinding up on a girl, isn’t a cool idea and you(girls) know it. When you feel that your date is grinding up on you or making inappropriate moves with you on the dance floor always, then it sure is a turn off. You wouldn’t want to have him just for that. You got to be aware of the fact that, he is just using dance to get closer to you, which is fine, but if he is using dirty dancing to get close, that is the sign! Once, twice is okay, definitely not more than that.

3. Clipped to Bluetooth

Clipped to BluetoothThis is a very annoying characteristic of guys that girls do not generally prefer. Right girls? Having a Bluetooth clipped to the guy’s ears, plainly means, he is over judging his presence in your world or he is just another workaholic. If it is the latter, you can work out ways of telling him that he can tone it down in public. If it is the former, you need to check if you would want to continue. This is a clear sign of his over intelligence coming into play. You wouldn’t like that! Would you?

4. Negativity

NegativityUmmm.. This is one other important aspect every girl should be considering. You wouldn’t want a lot of negativity around you even if he is praising you. If a guy comes off to be a very negative person about others, be sure he thinks the same about you. Because, it is obvious if he complains about everything he says, he will eventually start doing that with you as well. If he says, ‘Look at that girl, she has a bad back, nothing like yours dear’. There are 2-3 things to look into this. One, he is checking out the girl in your presence, Baam! Wrong! Two, he comments on someone else. Three, he is fake praising you. All three moves are wrong and you know the guy has to just be a douchebag!

5. Cheesy pick up lines

Cheesy pick up

Every guy dishes out some cheesy lines, no matter how many times you have signaled not to! It is like one of his innate traits which he can’t let go of. Doing it once or twice is fine, but do you think you can take it more than that. If the guy comes out to be flirting, it is fine. But if he is using the same pickup lines or cheesy lines again and again like ‘Where have you been all my life baby?’, or ‘My heart breaks even when you are not around’. Please, wave him a big goodbye! You do not need him because, he doesn’t mean it always. No guy does, actually. It is cute the first few times, but not anymore!

6. Excessive Swearing

Excessive SwearingGuys generally do not know when to stop. They just keep going on and going. It is a great turn off when you get to know that your date is swearing more than required. If he has a reason, then you can let go. If he is swearing because he thinks it is cool, then there are some serious problems with him. It is a huge turn off for you.

7. Bad friends

Bad friendsUnsolved issues are generally taken out to the friends. But if your guy’s friends are your issue? That is when you need to draw a line. If your guy is surrounded by men with strong accents(dirty), Bluetooth wearing workaholics, he is bound to be just that! This works as a major turn off. Birds of a feather flock together, Just reminding girls!

8. Bad breath

Bad breathThis is something that just doesn’t work out with any kind of girl. Girls, buck up! This is something that is un-hygienic and you got to start thinking what other parts are going to smell bad. This is one major turn off and you need not put up with it. Tell him to get a mint spray or gift him one. You might really like the guy, so though this turns out to be a turn off, you can avoid it by politely trying to make him understand. Works like a magic when you tell him in a polite way.

9. A kid

A kidNo, having a kid already is not a turn off. Using the kid to get attention is something that is a huge turn off for a girl. Single dad comes with a lot of baggage, immaturity and sometimes anger on ex. Though you can actually let go of all this, make sure he takes the relationship in a slow and steady manner and doesn’t use his kid as a reason.

Though these may be few turn offs, there are a few ways to regain momentum to your relationship and just ignore these small issues. If they go overboard, there needs to be a stop to it by either explaining or by taking appropriate actions. Read more on Interesting alternatives to do on a first date , if you want to find out more about your date!

-Pavithra Ravi