15 Easy Ways To Over Come Shyness With Your Boyfriend


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Every woman is not an outspoken and easy going kind. Some woman love to keep their feeling to themselves. Be it any reason but they don’t reveal their feelings and qualities. They feel conscious of feeling awkward and making others feel awkward. Are you a shy girl and shy baby with you boyfriend too?

Being a shy person, relationships don’t work great. And when a woman is shy, man just waits her to reveal the real feelings and qualities. If you are trying to open up but failing to, then you must find some workable ways to over come shyness.

If you want to over come shyness with your boyfriend, you must try these ways.

How to over come shyness with your boyfriend?

1. Develop the bond first

Develop-the-bond-firstUntil you develop the bond you cannot make that big move of over coming shyness with your boyfriend. It is not easy for a shy person or an introvert to be open minded with anyone at once.

You must work on over coming shyness by being an approachable person. While you are developing the bond, you slowly over come shyness with your boyfriend.

2. Check yourself for being shy


You may have many good and bad qualities. But every quality in you has a reason behind it. Your strengths and weakness are based on your experiences. So, before working on to over come shyness with your boyfriend- you need to know the reason behind your shyness.

It is just like knowing the symptoms of a disease. Until, you find out the symptoms, you cannot have right treatment. Hope it is clear for you beautiful lady!

3. Don’t under estimate yourself


When you under estimate yourself, there you stop from doing everything. This will even stop you from sharing what you feel. Hitting on your weaknesses will stop from over coming shyness with your boyfriend.

You must gain the confidence on your actions you are doing and words you are speaking.

Remember that a man falls in love over and over again when he find his woman confident.

4. Just be yourself


You actually don’t need to be someone else. You must be yourself before anything. Your reality is the beauty. Though you have some imperfections, you need not be worried about them. You can just be confident managing your insecurities and elevating your strengths.

When you show your strengths, people don’t focus on your weaknesses. So, you must know what to elevate and what to manage cleverly being in love. You can be yourself and still over come shyness with your boyfriend.

5. Be relaxed

Be-relaxedYou must be relaxed when you have are having a conversation with your boyfriend. You must also work on your anxieties. Forget about making things awkward. When you are too conscious about someone’s reactions, you will make it ever more awkward.

Just go with the flow and make it all comfortable for you both. When you are enough relaxed, you do it all right. Your smiles and looks are enough flatter the man. Relax, go and smile!

6. Accept his help

Accept-his-helpYour boyfriend may help you to over come the shyness in you. Then, you must also make some efforts. Other wise, his efforts will go waste and he may lose interest or expect no more from you.

Agree, that you cannot open up with very first attempt. But your efforts and interest can only make it easy to over come that shyness with your boyfriend.

7. Keep sharing little things

Keep-sharing-little-thingsYou only share every little thing with someone close to you. This is a lead that you are giving to your boyfriend to come closer to you. You also feel comfortable when start sharing little things.

It is like preparing yourself for something new and big. You will find many ways to over come shyness with your boyfriend, once you start sharing everything with him.

8. Prepare and rehearse your conversations


As you a shy person, you cannot be spontaneous to make loving and sweet convos. So, you will need some preparation to have a good conversation.

You can talk to yourself and rehearse what to talk with your love. You may not do it all as prepared but it will work to an extent. Being a dumb girl is worse than speaking little and something really sweet. Once you get the confidence that you are leading it right, you will be free to over come shyness with your boyfriend.

9. Ask him some questions


Are you just answering sweetly for your boyfriend is asking? Oh no! That is not the way. Never mind!

When you are asking questions, you will know the person better. It will be easy for you top open up and over come shyness with your boyfriend. Just listening doesn’t work all the time in relationships.

Just make a move by asking some simple questions. If he is an extrovert, he will take care of making it funny, romantic and an opened up convo. But again ask some sensible questions.

As him something interesting like-

What made you fall in love with me?

10. Try with your humour

Try-with-your-humourIf your boyfriend is fun loving, you can try with your humour. Say something that you both can laugh over. This will help you to open up with time and over come the shyness with him.

You will start being yourself, when your humour is appreciated. Laughing over and over is the best appreciation. Your humour can also become his favourite quality newly!

11. Give him a proper eye contact

Give-him-a-proper-eye-contactGenerally, women don’t give proper eye contact to the man they love. But you also cannot totally keep your eyes off him. Giving an eye contact and blushing is different. But not giving eye contact properly makes everything uncomfortable.

When you are giving a proper eye contact, he will able to read your hidden feelings for him. This is a beautiful way to over come shyness with your boyfriend.

When you just want to be reserved, you are not letting him be the way he wants to be with his girl. You are restricting him wit your shyness and reserved behaviour. So, the only way to hint him that you are trying to over come shyness is, give a proper eye contact. Then, you can slowly work on other ways.

12. Let him touch

Let-him-touchWhen you are in a relationship, don’t run and escape from touches. Touching and something physical makes a pair to come closer.

You are not asked to accept touching until you are comfortable. So, you must first make yourself comfortable to let him touch. Once, you are ready to get closer with your boyfriend, you must let him touch too. This how you totally over come shyness with your boyfriend.

13. Bring out the hidden feelings


Fine fine! Being an introvert or a shy baby, you cannot speak up your hidden feelings. It is not possible to open up over night. But also don’t say that you can never be that open minded woman with him.

You are just losing the time taking too much of time to open up. Some of the feelings that you have for him are to be shared. This makes you a open minded woman at least for him and with him. You will also learn how to over come shyness with him, when you share feelings about him. This is an adorable thing that you are making efforts to over come your shyness with your boyfriend.

14. Show it with expressions and body language


You must be knowing the importance of expressions and body language. When you cannot be best at speaking to over come shyness, then try it with your expressions and body language.

Show it with your friendly expressions and body language. You can make it approachable and much welcoming with just your facial expressions. Be a mini expression queen! And he will fall in love with you again.

15. Let him take for an outing


You also need time to over come shyness. Not that time to work on your shyness but time together. So, you can ask him for an outing. When you hang out, you will have better chances of over coming time.

You may time to speak and chat on phone and social media. But it keeps the distance that makes you a more shy person. So, you must just accept to go out and hang out together to over come your shyness with your boyfriend.

You will know love the way everything flows when you trying to over come your shyness with your boyfriend. You can let the process of over coming shyness with him be a little slow. But don’t drag it too much that loses interest in waiting for you to over come the shyness with him.

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