9 Types of French Manicure With The Methods-You Got a Lot To Experiment

French Manicure
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The fashion variations attract you and you tend to try any new style. It is always good to be what you want to. The way you wear on the accessories and your styles also impact and reflecting your personality. So, keep on experimenting on your style. One of the styles that you must experiment is French manicure. It is a trending art of decorating your nails classy.

You have different designs to decorate your nails. But you need to choose design that suits your nails. The manicure also should fashionable and alluring. French manicure can be an idea that styles your nails and suits you as well.

You can do the french manicure at home. You need not go to salon to do French manicure. You can get the perfect manicure even at home with various types and methods. Here you have the types of French manicure and the possible methods for every lovely type.

What is French Manicure?

I fell in love with the nail tip designs. But I didn’t know that decorating and covering the nail tips and ends is called as French manicure. Just like the name, this manicure is interesting to do at home.

How to do French Manicure in Different Methods?

1. Simple French Tip

Simple French Tip

You can keep the French manicure simple but extremely beautiful. When you look at this simple French manicure, you will want it immediately on your nails. Highlighting the nail tips with a white gel can give you simple French tips. Just highlighting the nail with a white gel can make your nails attractive and this is unbelievable until you try it.

Method 1-With Tape and coin

  1. Take a coin and place it on the tape. Draw a half circle on the tape.
  2. Then cut the tape with the drawn line shape. Stick the tape on your nail on which you want a French mani. Press the tape properly on your nails.
  3. Now, take your favourite nail polish and apply on the nail tips. Don’t worry the polish is scattering.
  4. Wait for few seconds and then gently remove the tape off the nails.
  5. To seal the applied polish, just apply top coat gel.

Method 2-With Strips

  1. Take a base coat nail polish to all your nails. Then apply nude nail polish.
  2. Peel out the nail strips and place it on your nails.
  3. Choose your favourite nail polish and start painting your nail tips.
  4. Wait for your nails tips to dry and then remove the strips off your nails.
  5. Then apply shiny and glossy top coat to all your nail tips.

Method 3-With Rubber band

  1. Apply a base coat nail polish to all your nails.
  2. Take a broader elastic rubber band and cover your whole nail with the band leaving the tip.
  3. Holding the band tightly with other hand, paint your nails with your favourite shade.
  4. Take the rubber band off your nail gently without disturbing the applied paint.
  5. Then apply a top coat to all your nails.

2. Colourful French Tip

Colourful French Manicure Tip

Colouring your nails is routine but just the tips is unique. Let your nail tips get the multi colour design. Colourful French manicure looks funky. When the French manicure is colourful, it replicates like a mini rainbow as it is beautifully curved. You can also have the themes of colourful French manicure.

Method 1-With Tape

  1. Apply a base coat nail polish to your nails.
  2. Then place a tape press it tightly on your nails.
  3. Vertically pant your nails with each colour.
  4. Let the applied paint dry before removing the tape off your nails.
  5. Then apply a base coat to your nails.

Method 2-With Mixed Nail Coats

  1. Choose your favourite combinations of nail polish. Place a plastic sheet and drop the nail colour on the sheet.
  2. Take a thin brush to mix the colours. Leave it to dry for 3-4 hours or overnight. (It liquid nail polish forms into a peel after getting dried)
  3. Peel the dried polish off the plastic sheet and cut the formed nail polish with curved shape.
  4. Place it on the tips of your nails and then cut the extra nail polish peel.
  5. Now, apply a glossy plain top coat on your nail tips.

3. Reverse French Tip

Reverse French Tip

Reverse French manicure is a trending design. This adorable design can be of many variations. It is classy design that you can wear any time. This is also called as half moon design. It replicates the moon crescent and you can make it attractive with colourful polishes and embellishments.

Method 1-With A Thin Brush

  1. Apply a base coat nail polish to your nails.
  2. Choose a nude colour nail polish and colour your nail leaving the crescent shape.
  3. Then let the applied nail polish dry.
  4. Now, take a nail polish of contrast colour and apply on the crescent shape.
  5. Apply a top coat nail polish to all your nails.

Method 2-With Glitter

Apply a base coat nail polish to all your nails. Let the polish dry.

Then give touch of glitter powder on your cuticles.

Apply a top coat to make the manicure look flawless.

Method 3-With A Sticker

  1. Place nail stick on the cuticle.
  2. Then apply a nail polish leaving the sticker. You can also choose a matte nail shade.
  3. If you are choosing a glossy nail polish, then apply a top coat.

4. Metallic French Tip

Metallic French Manicure Tip
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Metallic French tip is a extremely stunning. Your nails go shiny with the metallic texture. The glossy look the French tips is fantastic with vibrant colours. You can have metallic French manicure with even on matte nails. Metallic French tips is all about golden, silver and bronze shades.

Method 1-With Tape and Coin

  1. Take a tape and place a coin on it. Draw a half circle on the tape with help of coin.
  2. Then cut the tape with the drawn line. Stick the tape on your nail and press the tape properly on your nails.
  3. Now, take your favourite nail polish and apply on the nail tips.
  4. Wait for few minutes and then gently peel off the tape from your nails.
  5. To seal the applied polish, just apply top coat gel.

Method 3-With Rubber Band

  1. Apply a base coat nail polish to all your nails.
  2. Place an elastic rubber band and cover your other part of the nail leaving the tip.
  3. Hold the band tightly with other hand, apply your favourite nail polish at the tip.
  4. Take the rubber band off your nail gently without disturbing the applied paint.
  5. Then apply a top coat to all your nails.

5. Ombre French Manicure

Ombre French Manicure
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You know that neutral shades make the nail art magical. Ombre French manicure is blend of two pale shades. The nails look adorable with this design. It is extreme simple idea of French manicure. If you want to keep the manicure light and simple, then you can choose this type of manicure. You can also adorn your nails even over Ombre French manicure and it looks super cool.

Method 1-With Sponge

  1. Choose nude colour nail polish for base coat.
  2. Cover the skin around the nail with a nail glue. This is a step for perfect French manicure.
  3. Then take a piece of sponge and apply any colours on the sponge.
  4. Now, gently dab the sponge on the tip of your nails.
  5. Repeat the steps for all the nails.
  6. Apply a top coat nail polish on your ombre French manicure.

Method 2-With Glitter

  1. Take any two glossy nail polishes. Paint your nail fully with one of the colours and let it dry.
  2. Then you must apply other nail polish on half of your nail. Let the polish dry before proceeding with further mani.
  3. Now take a glittery nail polish and dip a thin brush into it.
  4. Spread the glitter nail polish on to your nail tip with small and thin strokes.
  5. Give a final touch with a top coat.

6. Geometrical French Tip

Geometrical French Tip

Geometrical designs are in fashion all over. So, you must take the chance of going fashion with geometrical French mani. Your nails look super fancy with the geometrical French manicure. The simple but fashionable nails are much possible with geometrical designs. This is a design that suits your casual and western outfits.

Method 1-With Tape

  1. Start with base coat on your nails and let it dry.
  2. Cut the pieces of tape in the desired shape and stick it on your nails.
  3. Apply a different colour nail paint left part of nail. Wait for the paint to dry.
  4. Then pull of the tape gently and apply a top coat.

7. Embellished French Tip

Embellished French Tip

When you want well decorated nails, you must go for the embellished French tips. Embellished French tips can be glittering and shiny in classy way. You can go with embellished French manicure for special occasion. Your nails are going to be the decorative and adorned part when you choose embellished French mani. You shape you nail tips in a pretty way using minimal embellishments. If you want less embellished French mani, then adorn with few embellishments.

Method 1-With Stones

  1. Apply a base coat polish on your nails and let it dry
  2. Create border line on your nail tip with a nail polish.
  3. Then stick stones on your tips with a thin tool.
  4. To lock the stones, apply a top coat. You can choose a glossy top coat for flawless look.

8. Angled French Manicure

Angled French Manicure

Angled french manicure is an easy and wonderful idea. The angular shape of the nail tips is lovely. You can choose a single colour to make the angular shape on your nail tip. You can also choose any two colours to form a angular shape on your nails. Your nail shape can be framed in a unique way with angled French mani. You can also do reverse angled French mani.

Method 1-With an angled brush

  1. Paint your nails with a nude colour as a base coat.
  2. Take an angled brush and give the slant strokes on you the nail tips.
  3. Over the applied nail polish, give a final touch with top coat.

9. Dotted French Manicure

Dotted French Manicure

You can also get the dotted French mani. Dotted nail art is a popular nail art which is tried by causally. This casual and simple nail art can look unique when it is designed on the nail tips. You can dot your nail tips with multi colours or a single colour. This is a pretty French mani. You can dot your nails unevenly which looks natural and you can also dot in a desired shape. In the above image, the reserve French manicure is designed with dot into a triangle shape.

Method 1-With Dotted Tool

  1. Apply a thin layer of nude nail colour.
  2. Take the dotted nail tool and dot on your nail tips.
  3. After the applied nail polish is dried, apply a top coat.

Method 2-With Sticker

  1. Apply a base coat nail polish on your nails. Let it dry.
  2. Stick a nail sticker on the nail tip.
  3. On the rest part of your nail, do the dots unevenly.
  4. Take the sticker off your nails and paint a different nail colour on the tips.
  5. Then apply top coat of the nails.

All these French manicures are super cool and much like a playful activity. You can play with the props and colours that you choose for your French manicure. Experiment the new colour combinations and designs on your gorgeous nails.

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