40 Stunning Indian Celebrities Without Makeup-Beauty Lies in Reality

Celebrities Without Makeup

We keep admiring the celebrities on screen mostly and some celebrities are more admired for their real life as well. Looking at the film actresses, every girl dreams to get such gorgeous looks. Young girls and women follow the styles and they love to grow up dancing and singing to their tracks.

For a few people, celebrities are also inspiring for everything they are. To admire the reality, you must have a big heart. Anyone can admire an actress on screen. But some of the actresses are grabbing attraction and love in real life as well. You must know the real beauty without makeup of your actress. They are pretty off screen than on screen. Maybe it just because we go with reality.

Here, you got to see the actresses who look flawless even without makeup. The prettiness never comes with artificial colours. These Indian actresses prove that appearance is beyond the makeup.

Indian Actresses Without Makeup

1. Alia Bhatt


Firstly, we must talk about Alias transformation to be an actress in such a big film industry. She makes a pretty and trendy appearance when steps out. When the actress knows the camera is on, she would be more conscious about her looks, But you Alia need not be conscious about her looks. She looks pretty even with minimal makeup or without makeup. She has an adorable face with attractive features.

2. Yami Gautam


Yami Gautam is a pink girl and she appears lovely any time. If you want to know the real shade of Yami, without makeup, you can look at the above image. Her proportionate face features make her look pretty even without makeup. She is equally beautiful without makeup. You can just admire her for her lovely smile.

3. Sonam Kapoor

Celebrities Without Makeup: Sonam Kapoor

The fashion ista of Bollywood is always a dazzler and she makes a pleasant appearance without makeup. Her properly and sharp features make her a real beauty. She is a diva with or without makeup. Sonam Kapoor looks like a girl next door without makeup.

4. Deepika Padukone

Celebrities Without Makeup: Deepika Padukone

The dusky beauty Deepika looks natural and beautiful without makeup touch as well. Her stunning looks don’t go off without makeup. Her face has the charm and glow which is natural and her fans admire her off the makeup as well.

5. Shraddha Kapoor


The most innocent looking girl looks prettiest without makeup. She makes a trending appearance and looks like a doll when well adorned. But there is other shade of Shradha which is simple and extremely beautiful. I feel her smile is the must-have makeup to look beautiful but the artificial makeup.

6. Katrina Kaif


Katrina is known for hotness in any outfit and every appearance. But to see the real beauty, you must look at her makeup off the look. She rocks without makeup as she is entered the film industry carrying the same prettiness.

7. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Without Makeup

We need not give an introduction to the beauty queen. She made godly appearances and grown with heights carrying her charm. She is always rocking and still a diva competing with newcomers. Her elegance is everlasting with or without makeup.

8. Disha Patani


She is newly named as a universal crush for boys in India. The tag she got from her fans is all true as she is a beautiful young lady. She stole the hearts in the very first movie of her even with the minimal makeup look. She deserves to go the long way in the film industry.

9. Anushka Sharma


When Anushka is off the makeup, we get to see her glowing face. Her complexion is flawless. She can grab the attention with her intensity in eyes. She is unstoppable without makeup as well.

10. Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan Without Makeup

Vidya always looked simple even with makeup. She is less seen or less appears with too much makeup. With no makeup, she looks natural and the same charming. In most of her movies, she made simple appearances as she mostly chooses causal women characters.

11. Ileana Dcruz


The Goan beauty set the trend with appearances and styles. She loves to show off her real and no make up look. Ileana keeps posting the no makeup looks in her social media accounts. Her every natural look is loved by her fans and admirers.

12. Kajal Aggarwal


Kajal Aggarwal recently posted one of her no makeup looks via Instagram. Her fans and followers loved her no makeup look. In the posted image, her natural freckles where seen which are beauty enhancing. She says- “True beauty lies in accepting ourselves for how lovely we are.” She is a lovely lady with almond-shaped eyes!

13. Samantha Akkineni


Samantha grabbed all the attention with her Telugu debut movie “Em maya chesave” and she never looked back. Her dusky complexion and glamour make her a star and she makes nicest appearances without makeup as well. She even looks glamorous in deglamorizing roles.

14. Tamanna Bhatia


The milky beauty needs no makeup to shine at any time. She can stun the same way without makeup even. Her no makeup looks are simple and glorious. Her pretty and proportionate features make her a lovely lady.

15. Trisha


She ruled the South Indian film industry and she is an ever gorgeous beauty. She makes simple but attractive appearances. Trisha has a perfect Indian face and a true charmer within makeup looks. The casual roles she plays in the moves show her no makeup looks better.

16. Sriya Saran


Sriya Saran is a beauty with glowy complexion. She always puts the sweetest smile on her face. For Shriya to look beautiful, she can just go with loose hair, a casual outfit and the evergreen smile. Her no makeup looks pretty and can still grab the attention.

17. Rakul Preet


The girl who is fitness freak updates many snaps during her gym which are of no makeup. She is a true star who grew with a passion for acting. Rakul shows her inspiring attitude and beautiful no makeup looks.

18. Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka’s glamour is the same on r off makeup. She looks stunning without makeup. One of the hottest Bollywood actress who stuns with her bold and brave attitude. We can say, attitude matters not the makeup when we get to see Priyanka Chopra without makeup.

19. Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor is the hottest actress and she is giving competition to the newcomers even after becoming a mother. Her elegance is can be seen without makeup. Her skin complexion and tone makes her one of the wonderful looking heroines in Bollywood.

20. Lavanya Tripathi


Her charm in no makeup looks is the same from her debut movie. She is one of the cutest actresses in Tollywood. Her smile is lovely with the dimple and spark in her eyes.

21. Anushka Shetty


She is known for woman-oriented movies and that is how she made it big in the industry. Anushka Shetty makes the elegant appearances and great moves even with no makeup looks.

22. Anupama Parameswaran


Anupama is natural and adorable in no makeup looks. Being the youngest actress in Tollywood, she shows off her enthusiasm to appear without makeup on her Instagram pictures. She looks coolest without makeup as she has a bright smile always.

23. Nivetha Thomas


Nivetha Thomas is a super girl who grabbed the attention of the crowd with performance in movies and her pretty appearance. She is the natural looking celebrity and the dimples she gets when smiling is the cutest above anything. The dusky beauty is admired by her followers for simplicity.

24. Rashmika Mandanna


The new cool actress in Tollywood often posts her no makeup looks. She turns gorgeous when she gives a wide smile. Rashmika got the fans and followers for her performance and charm.

25. Rashi Khanna


Her expressions are enough to look adorable and sweet smile is all she needed to look good. Raashi looks fashionable and a perfect modern actress who is flowing with success in the film industry.

26. Nithya Menon


She is meant to perform naturally and make natural appearances. Nithya Menon is one of the prettiest actresses who has big eyes and gorgeous curly hair. She is nice looking without makeup. An absolute beauty!

27. Anu Emmanuel


This young lady has the most attractive eyes. She is all chick and always ready to show up her makeup-free looks. The real shade without makeup is beautiful and makes sure wearing the cheerful smile which is her beauty asset as a heroine.

28. Pooja Hegde


She is rocking with her performance and giving back to back hits in Tollywood. So, definitely, your interest goes on how this cool girl looks off the makeup. She is naturally dusky and she looks lovely in the real complexion.

29. Kiara Advani


The Kabir Singh heroine is all over making her place in both Bollywood and Tollywood film industries. She looks the finest with no makeup looks and the coolest girl when she comes makeup.

30. Parineeti Chopra


Parineeti Chopra is adorable on screen but she is also cool without makeup. She has a face and pretty features. She made an entry into Bollywood playing a bold girl character in Ishaqzaade. She looked pretty in the movie with minimal makeup.

31. Sonakshi Sinha


Her smile makes her cute without makeup even. She is an actress who worked on her fitness and then made her mark in Bollywood. She keeps on posting selfies without makeup, on her Instagram account. She is lovely with simple and no makeup looks.

32. Keerthi Suresh


Keerthi Suresh has lovely features and her face is designed. She is admired for her looks and performance in the movies. She deserves to be admired for no makeup looks as well. The adorable face and cute smile are unchanged even without makeup.

33. Aditi Hydari


She is a delicate looking beauty with sharp features. Her sculpted nose and lips make her an attractive woman. She makes the dazzling appearances and loves to show her makeup off looks.

34. Praneetha Subhash


She is a beauty with big eyes and a perfect Indian traditional face. She is a total pretty girl without makeup. Her flawless complexion and attractive features make her look lovely.

35. Sai Pallavi


Sai Pallavi played mostly girl to next door characters in her movies and you get to see her without in movies. She is a classy beauty and can look naturally beautiful without makeup.

36. Nayanthara


Nayanthara is into woman-oriented movies and we always get to see her and brave attitude. But to see her real elegance, you can check out the above image. She made such gorgeous appearances and showed her real shade of looks off the makeup.

37. Kangana Ranaut


One of the dazzling actresses with gorgeous hair. Kangana is a woman with a stunning attitude and how she would not show her real look to her followers. You can see her no makeup image, where she is looking beautiful.

38. Radhika Apte


Radhika is one of the heroines who looks simply elegant even without makeup. Her pretty oval face shape and dusky skin tone are all perfect even without makeup. The spark is not to get off without makeup. The perfect Indian look makes her the most beautiful woman even without makeup.

39. Kriti Sanon


Kriti made all chic and elegant moves in the recently released movie “Lukka chuppi”. She has lovely features with an oblong-shaped face. Her wide gummy smile is enough to make her look bright and needs no makeup. She looks modest w=even without makeup.

40. Neha Sharma


Neha Sharma is a chic girl who often updates her no makeup looks via Instagram. Her personality and features are balanced which makes her a pretty looking actress. You can hit on her Instagram account to see her without makeup looks in which she looks adorable.

The actresses need to look best at their looks, we don’t get to see them without makeup. But the rare images without makeup shows us their real beauty. Makeup is an add on to the natural and existing beauty. It is not the ranking for their beauty but just a list of beauties without makeup including Bollywood and Tollywood.

Reality is always beautiful and not be faded!

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