How To Take Care Of Gold Plated Jewelry?


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Interest in gold plated jewelry is growing. Women are loving the gold plated jewelry over real jewelry. It is inexpensive and instant styling is something women are loving about this gold plated jewelry piece. As we buy it with all love and heart, we also want to preserve that beauty with care. Taking care of gold plated jewelry is simple with a few tips.

If you want to save that alluring gold plated jewelry piece, then you got to know the tips to do it. Though it is inexpensive, you value the design and your choice. A little harsh handling or negligence to take care can fade the jewelry. You need to know a few tips to protect the delicate gold shine on the jewelry.

Tips To Protect Gold Plated Jewelry From Fading

The tips to take care of gold plated jewelry include- ways to clean, store and handle. You may love the gold plated jewelry but somewhere you tend to take care of it properly. So, check how to be mindful while handling the delicate jewelry.

1. Avoid expose to heat


Don’t keep your gold plated jewelry exposed to humidity and heat. This will eventually fade the coating and shine loose. Also when you know that you will sweat too much, then it is better not to wear gold plated jewelry. Sweat dripping the jewelry also fades the coating.

2. Use perfumes before wearing the jewelry

Use-perfumes-before-wearing-the-jewelryWe all know that perfumes consist of harsh chemicals for fragrance. Exposing the gold plated jewelry to the chemicals can turn them pale. So, you must first use perfumes and let it dry on your skin then wear the gold plated jewelry. Wearing the jewelry first and then spraying perfumes is a direct exposure of chemicals which causes fading and loss of shine.

3. First apply the beauty products and then wear jewelry


Beauty products like powders, shades and lotions can be a cause of fading the gold plated jewelry. The chemicals in the products are the culprits that are affecting your jewelry. Moreover the moisturizers and creams leave the moist which fades them slowly. Not only this, the product residue will be stuck in the jewelry and the gold coating fades layering over and over. So, always remember to apply the beauty products and then wear the gold plated jewelry.

4. Don’t sleep with jewelry

Dont-sleep-with-jewelryRemember not to sleep with gold plated necklaces and earrings. In sleep, you may tend to sweat as the body temperature varies. This can soak your gold plated jewelry in the sweat. This can fade your jewelry and the stones that are woven into the jewelry. It is better to keep the jewelry away before going to bed to save their artificial shine.

5. Store your jewelry if not using

Store-your-jewelry-if-not-usingMost of the time, we tend to vaguely leave the gold plated jewelry on the shelves openly. And then wonder why the gold coating is fading off. It is because of the dust, moist and heat exposure over the delicate layering.

If you are not using the jewelry then you must be storing it safely in the right place. Misplacing the jewelry and exposing it to heat or moist for a longer time can fade the coating.

6. Don’t store jewelry with other metal jewelry


Don’t mix up your gold plated jewelry with other jewelry pieces. When you store the gold plated jewelry along with other metal jewelry, it affects the initial lustrer and brightness. Storing the artificial gold jewelry with other metals is similar to harsh exposure.

7. Don’t use any abrasive substances to clean


You can’t use any abrasive substances to clean gold plated jewelry in order to retain the initial luster. The harsh substances like toothpaste and chemical detergents can take away the shiny plating on the jewelry. You may want to clean the jewelry but not with harsh cleansers. You must choose the gentle cleansers which are specially made for cleaning the jewelry.

8. Clean with a smooth cloth before storing


If you want to clean the gold plated jewelry catching dust or dirt then use a damp cloth. Just wipe the jewelry with damp cloth. Store it carefully after cleaning with a cloth. The reason for this tip is, cloth keeps the jewelry safe without any discolouration, scratches on the gold plate.

9. Don’t place the jewelry on hard surface


Placing the gold plated jewelry on a hard surface can create scratches and it automatically fades. You must place gold plated jewelry only on smooth surfaces without tangling with other belongings. This can keep your jewelry safe. In tendency to remove the jewelry off you may place it in the wrong place. But see you are letting the sheen go away with gold plating of the jewelry.

10. Only store it in dry place


Don’t place gold plated jewelry in watery or moist places. Moist can fade the gold plate. When you let the jewelry stay in moist areas for a longer time, it will lose the shine. Always choose dry areas and especially a jewelry box dedicated for gold plated jewelry is much better to store. This is a tip to store gold plated jewelry.

If you have a collection of gold plated jewelry pieces then you would find this article useful. Taking care of jewelry is part of the love you showed while owning it or wearing it. Don’t let the shine and beauty go as it can be your memory.

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