Makeup Tips For Brown Skin


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Brown Skin

Brown Indian skin tone is a complexion which looks like, it is being dipped in a luscious caramel with a hint and a touch of chocolate. Every skin tone is beautiful, and it is very important for all of us to love our skin for what it is. Your main target must be to make your skin look more flawless and makeup always looks best when it appears to be natural. The correct foundation, blush, powder, in relation to the skin can enhance the beauty of the face. So, here are some makeup tips for brown skin tone that can really make your face look more accentuate, flawless and beautiful forever.

Makeup For Brown Indian Skin

1Prep your skin

Prep your skin

Always try to start by prepping your skin, before any makeup goes on. You can start with moisturizers like Kiehls ultra facial moisturizer. Using moisturizer can give the foundation something to move within or blend easily. So, just massage properly with it.

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2Applying foundation

Applying foundation

After the prepping is done, you can apply foundations like M.A.C face and body foundation C7. It can feel like a tinted moisturizer, but when you try more to rub it on between your fingers or hands, the foundation builds up and the coverage gets heavier. So, just take a little bit of this foundation on the back of your hand and mix it with Illamasqua liquid foundation RF240, which is also quite thick and rich foundation. By using a brush no 45 by Sephora, stipple them together and dab it on your face and then buff the foundation into your skin.

3Conceal right

Conceal right

After the foundation is done, use concealer around your eyes. Do it in the corner or around your eyes and maybe in a few spots, if you have blemishes. Use a M.A.C brush no. 217, now take NARS cream stick concealer ‘Caramel’ and draw line under your eye, blemishes, or around your lips, if required. Then, just try to blend with the brush properly.

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4Powder well

Powder well

Well the concealer has blended properly in the skin, try to use prep and prime transparent powder by M.A.C with a brush no 4SS by INGLOT on top of it. Take some of the powder in the brush and dust of the excess, then base it off the under eye, around the nose and on the T-zones of the face.

5Bronze up

Bronze up

When you are done with the powder, use the bronzer to add warmth as well as shadow to your face. You can use the bronzing compact ‘casino’ by NARS, with an INGLOT brush no. 24SS. This brush has one blunt side by which you can buff any hard line and another side by which you can add contour or blush. Just take some bronzer on one side and brush off the excess, now start from the top of your ears, which is under the cheekbone and slowly slide through and stop there. Do not go all the way to the nose, and now go back and forth with that line. After this, blend the bronzer into the ears, so that hard line do not show off. See whatever is left on the bronzer and move in to the perimeter or the hairline and put some product there. So, that it can look like the natural progression of skin into the hair.

If you have a sharp nose, then do not concern contouring any of it, and if you do not then you can focus on that. But, for a sharp jaw line, take the product again and start from the ears until the chin

6Blush it up

Blush it up

Now, you can use blush by Giorgio Armani second skin blush. It is a cream blush which is quite strong. So, take a little bit on your finger and make sure you do not have too much by rubbing it between your fingers and then smile a little bit and pat the blush there on your cheeks. You can even put a little bit on your lips if you want just for a hint of colour.

So, here you go, the basic makeup glow to get that flawless skin on your Indian brown skin, which can make you an on the go to any party at any time.

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