Top 10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Must Know

Makeup Tricks Every Woman Must Know

You might love to do makeup, and also feel more confident in it. But, do you know or have you ever tried any makeup or beauty hacks to more intensify your makeup, and also save some money on makeup products, or have you ever used one makeup item in a multipurpose use? If no, then here are top 10 makeup tricks every woman must know, to not only save her time, but also her money.

Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

1Over lining the lips

Over lining the lips

Whenever you are over lining the lips try to only overline only the center part of the lips, and for the outer corners, just trace the lip liner along the natural line of your lips. Now, just make sure that your lips look much more natural when you are trying to make them look a little bit bigger by over lining them. Also try to recreate the same shape of your lip and this beauty trick, will help in looking much more natural.

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2Make lipstick more matte

Make lipstick more matte

To matte any lipstick, all you have to do is take a face powder. It can be a press powder or translucent powder. You can load it up on a fluffy brush and then just put that on the lip. This will just absorb any moisture or shine from the lipstick and then can make any lipstick matte.

3Getting rid of knots

Getting rid of knots

To get rid of knots in your hair, all you need to do is garb hold of all of your hair, and brush from the bottom. This way will ensure that all your knots are aptly brushed out, with less hair fall. Then when all the hair ends are brushed through, you can move up and brush the next section. Then go on brushing the rest of your hair pain free.

4Removing split ends

Removing split ends

If you have split ends, and you don’t want to completely chop off your hair, then all you can do twists you hair, you will see that all the split ends will just pop out with the twist and then all you have to do is just trim along. This process is especially good, if you have layers, and all the split ends are on the high layers of your hair.


  • Use a sharp scissors

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5Perfect winged eyeliner

Perfect winged eyeliner

If are someone, who always have trouble or struggles on getting winged eye liner. Then masking tape is the solution and will become your best friend. All you need is a strip of masking tape, and stick it to the back of your hands to lose the stickiness of it. Then just stick it on the bottom of your eye, to imitate the angle of the eyeliner. Now, all you need is the eyeliner of your choice, and then just draw your liner as you usually do. Only ensure that your eyeliner, has a nice clean and sharp edges at the bottom, then you won’t have to worry about it being wonky.

6Intensify eye makeup

Intensify eye makeup

If you want to intensify your eye makeup, but you don’t have any eye primer, then all you have to do is to take some regular concealer and then just pop-up over your eye lids. Just process will just make sure that the eye shadow sticks much better to your skin.

7Stick your hairstyle for long

Stick your hairstyle for long

If you ever find yourself, creating a beautiful hairstyle that is taking you forever,but only last for about five seconds. Then, you may be using your hair grips wrong. If you see a bobby pin, then you may notice that it has a got a flat side as well as a grip side. Most of the time, people take the grip and use the flat side along the scalp to pin, which make the grip side to the front.

But the actual part, that you need to do is to take the grip side, and put that to the bottom of your scalp and the grip side is going to keep your hair in place and make sure that it doesn’t slide out of your hair.

8Hacks for oily skin

Hacks for oily skin

Now, this beauty life hack is for most of you. Sometime when your face gets super oily, and you don’t have face powder on you, then it is a little disaster. So, this is a cool trick that you must know about. All you need to solve this issue is a bit of tissue, you can use some tissue paper or even toilet paper, and then just dab it on your face. This tissue paper is just going to blot of all the excess oil on your face, and leave your face much more matte.

9Talcum powder as dry shampoo

Talcum powder as dry shampoo

Some people don’t actually know, but talcum powder is basically the same as dry shampoo. You can use this to put on your hair, and it’s going to work just like the same as a dry shampoo. It is going to absorb the excess oil, in your hair and leave your hair looking much more refreshed and less shiny. Take a bit of talcum powder, and then just put them into your hair as you would with your dry shampoo. It works like a charm.

10Shadow the roots

Shadow the roots

Another hack that you can do with hair is, to take an eye shadow which you may use for your brows.Take that colour on your brush, make a parting on your hair and then cover up the roots temporarily of you find any white hair.If you have coloured your hair, then you can use that colour,shadow in your hair roots.

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