18 Heel Sandals For Women- All-Time Fashion


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Do you love wearing a variety of footwear? Of course, it will be your answer. Every woman’s footwear rack would be arranged with different styles of footwear. A pair that matches a western outfit, a pair for an ethnic outfit. The list is too big. But definitely, you would have heels in the list.

Women fall for heels even they fall with heels. To be honest, heels are not for daily use. But the best footwear for special occasions. So, for special times, you need the best heels. The pencil heels are not the only option anymore. You have a list of trendy heel sandals.

Here, we are giving you the types of heel sandals which are trending. The heel sandals that make you look chic. From this list of trendy heel sandals, some are my favourite. Let’s see what you is your choice.

Heel sandals for modish women

1. Kitten heel sandals


Kitten heels are tiny and with the shortest length. Many of the beautiful sandals come with kitten heels. This type of heels gives you the party style. These heels are good for women who are trying heels newly. Women who want to get the chic style but don’t want the extra height can opt kitten heels.

2. Stilettos

Stilettos come with the longest heels. To wear stilettos, you must be able to handle them. If you are not comfortable or habituated to wear the highest heels, you don’t better opt them out. But for women who can handle the stilettos can walk with elegance. The extra height with these heel sandals makes the woman go stunning.

Stilettos are good occasionally and not for often or daily wear. Too much height must not be your all-time choice.

3. Ankle strap heel sandals

Ankle length strap heels are fashionable and unique. Your heels with strap style look cool. The ankle strap heel sandals are good for formal events as well. If the straps are well designed, then you can pick the sandals for as partywear as well. However, it is a classy style and you look ultra-posh with a pair of these heels.

4. Wedge heel sandals


Every modern girl grabs on wedge heels when its party time. Wedge heels are well accepted in fashion. It comes in two different styles. Shoe wedge heels and sandal wedge heels. Both the heels can style you well. All you need is the idea of wearing it comfortably. You can get that striking attitude when you wear the posh-looking wedge heels. A must try and must-have heels for a modern girl!

5. Cone heel sandals

Cone heel sandals resemble the cone shape. At the sole, the heel is wider and ends pointy. You can choose both high cone heels or short. The cone heel sandals are great for party and formal wear. When you are wearing a gown, cone heel sandals can be your end option. It looks stylish wearing the cone heel sandals.

Mind when you choosing high cone heels to carry it well.

6. Open toe heel sandals


Open-toe heels are highly fashionable but just with open-toe style. If you want a different style of footwear this time, you can go for open toe heel sandals. Mostly, sandals come in the same style. This is a unique style with a peep toe and different heel sandals.

7. Spool heel sandals


The upper part of the spool heel is a bit flatter and the edge is flattened as well. The rest part of the heel is thinner than start and end parts of the heels. You can look at the image attached, to know how to spool heel sandals look like.

The spool heel sandals are not that familiar like other heel types. These sandals are more formal than party kind. The sandals with spool heels look stunning and you can pair them with the outfits like formal pants, trousers or cropped pants.

8. Lace-up heel sandals


Lace-up heels are beautiful heels. You can also get a funky style with lace-up heel sandals. Lace-up heels are part of girly stuff. The lace-up style lets you get into Boho style. The style that you are going to love for instant parties and day outs. It is a good choice for women with

9. Mid-block heels sandals


Sometimes, a woman wants to look stunning with heel sandals. But they may not dare to go for too much of height. So, they can simply go for mid-block heels. The taller women don’t need high heels. Then, they can choose mid-block heels which are a wise choice.

10. Comma heel sandals


You know how a comma looks. The comma heels are pat to be compared with comma shape. That is how the heels got the name comma. The heel comes with a proper curve. The base of the heel is slightly wide and the rest part is slim. It is a unique style of heel. If you are choosing a pair of sandals with comma heels, then you must be an expert in handling heels.

11. Well designed heel sandals


New kind of footwear gives you a new style. Well designed heel sandals make you feel all new. The heels decorated with wonderful designs. It is one of the unique footwear that a woman must try. Designed heels sandals are a smart choice for parties and special occasions.

Every modern woman must give a try for fantasy heels- it would be lovely footwear.

12. Flare heel sandals


The end of the heel is flattened and it looks stylish. The sandals are fashionable but less familiar. When you want a break routine heel styles, you can try flared heels. The flatten edge of the keeps comfortable compared to high heels and stilettos.

Even if you are not good at walking with heels, you can start with flared heels. It will be a good start for you the heel is flared. You will have an easy balance with flared heels.

13. French heel sandals


French heel is similar to spool heels but with a small variation. A little shorter length than spool heels. This type of heels makes the sandals look trendy. French heels can be part of both formal sandals and party wear.

If you want to change your footwear with a fashionable and unique style, then you can for this.

14. High heel sandals

High heels are well preferred by women from ages. High heels are meant to go a long way in fashion. A modern woman can try the high heels which are stunning with chic designs.

The heels are attractive in sandal style. If you are a woman who can carry yourself well lengthy heels, then high heels can be your thing for every special appearance.

15. Platform heel sandals

The sandals are differently designed with an extra plateau in the front part of the sandals. The height whole sandal is well balanced and it is comfortable enough to wear on. The sandals look extremely fashionable and also a unique style that you must try.

Platform heel sandals with extra heel and extra comfort compared other edged heels.

16. Cuban heel sandals


If you want to take a break from high heel style, then Cuban heels can be your next options. Sandals with Cuban heels look nicest and fashionable. The heel is a modified squared shape where the base is wider.

Many fashionable sandals are coming with Cuban heels. Cuban heel sandals look striking with all kind of outfits.

17. Slingback heel sandals


Slingback heel sandals are easy to slip in out your foot. The sandals look stylish with a slingback and heels. When you find the slingback heel sandals, don’t refuse the style. Though the slingback stylish is routine, it is running in fashion. So, it is pretty footwear that adds style to your chic look.

18. Cut out heel


These sandals are for an uncompromising chic look. The cut-out heel sandals come with the cuts and mostly covered with straps in different styles. A pair of these sandals can go with multiple western outfits. It is one of the classy styles of heel sandals.

You can make every style possible with

Every type is a must know and few are must-try. So, now you are just pending with fixing on your favourite heel sandals. As you need to go with comfort than looks and fashion, we have mentioned everything every type of heel. Hope it gives you a better idea of the heel types.

Rock on with your favourite heel sandals.

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