Amazing personalities you should know about a Leo girl


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Know about a Leo Girl

Leo girls are generally very bold in their approach and they are one of the best signs that gives you what it takes. They demand respect and are also compassionate when it comes to showing their love to the people they adore. Since Leo is all about fire, lion and brightness, these girls are generally very bold and bright in nature. They like to explore their arena and be strong in what they think. They are strong headed people who believe more in themselves that in anyone else. They like to lead their life the way they want to. Well, if you are a Leo girl or if you have a Leo friend, then check out for a few familiar traits.

Here are some of their amazing personalities that you might have not know about a Leo Girl.

Top Things to Know About a Leo girl



You don’t know how, but she makes you give her your respect. You will be one of the first ones to give her your respect and attention. She is definitely an attention seeker, which means, she doesn’t crave for it but will make you look at her no matter what. It is something that’s he owns and knows how to do it without even having to tell her anything. Her actions speak louder than her. So, you end up giving her all the attention she needs. She is very subtle, so you won’t even notice as to when she demands all your respect.



She is one of the most forgiving persons and you will love her for that. If you have made a mistake, but take ownership for that, then she will genuinely forgive you. She may keep things in her mind for a long time, but she also knows that it will affect the way she thinks about you. So, eventually she herself will take the right decision and forgive you. Although, this trick might not workout always with her. You can’t keep saying sorry every time after a mistake. She may forgive, but she may hardly forget.



She has her own set of lifestyle goals. She is classy and trendy and she makes sure she has her niche fashion style attached to her. She is not one of those who runs behind luxury, but she is definitely one of those who creates her own wardrobe.

A Leo girl is one who likes to take control over her fashion sense from the knowledge she gains in reading books or by browsing channels. She doesn’t follow the herd by wearing the same kind of clothes that everyone else is wearing. She has an eye for fashionable-trendy stuff that will look great on her, no matter what!



Since she owns the lion symbol, she might come across as a very strong and rough person. But the truth is that she doesn’t really feel all that rough and tough all the time. She is indeed a very sensitive person by heart, but puts up a mask to cover the sensitivity in her. She loves to treasure all the small things in her life and she likes to put a smile at atleast one person. She is extremely gentle with other’s feelings and gets very sensitive if someone hurts hers too.

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Well, it is kind of very difficult to dig out the real Leo girl from her because she comes across as a person who doesn’t really open up. While that could be true at some levels, if she knows that she can share things with you, then she will give you the best kind of advices and romantic ideas to make your day better.

She is amazingly romantic and adventurous which is something that could be perceived the other way around at first. She acts aloof, but she doesn’t like to be alone. She is hopelessly romantic in bed and in life, so if you have any date questions or if you want to know how to make your day go better with your boyfriend, go straight to your Leo friend and ask her help.



She is a very determined and ambitious woman who likes to stick to what is called her rules and her way. She likes to go according to what she thinks is right and doesn’t listen to others most of the times. She likes to take the blame and the appreciation of herself when she decides for herself. She is a very ambitious girl, so she likes to follow her dreams with utmost commitment and responsibility. She has her goals fixed and she exactly knows what to do to achieve that.

7Outgoing and fun

Outgoing and fun

If you get to know the real Leo girl, you will start loving her even more because she will be the most outgoing, creative and adventurous girl you would have met by far. She would love to take you out for drinks, flirt with a few guys and still manage to be in her limits. She likes stuff to explore, so she is one of the best win woman if you are looking for one.

8Straight forward

Straight forward

Well, it all sums up to this. She is a very straight forward human being and likes to be respected for the person that she is. She is very beautiful at heart, so if you give her the truth, she will give you the love and affection that you might need from her.

On the whole, a Leo girl is extremely composed, lovable and compassionate once you get to know her. She is a hard shell from the outside, but is definitely a softer version of her inside. So, if you haven’t found her soft spot, you just have to hit the right chords to let her open up to you.

-Pavithra Ravi

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