Natural Beauty Tips for Nails

Natural Beauty Tips

Do you feel that your nails are weak and chip easily? Fingernails are made up of proteins called keratin. If a regular nail care routine isn’t followed nails do tend to become dry, brittle and out of shape. Brittle nails are majorly caused due to lack of protein or moisture in the nails. If your diet lacks Vitamin A your body will be unable to process the protein, which is important for healthy nails. Lack of calcium or reduced Vitamin D levels can also weaken the nail. parts. Washing hands often, drying them under blowers, or exposure to harsh cleaning products can also cause damage to nails structure and make them brittle. Women who clean dishes or wash clothes with bare hands run the risk of having excessively moist and soft nails which are prone to tearing. If you always wish to have beautiful long nails that don’t chip at the corners here is the natural beauty tips for nails.

Natural Beauty Tips

1Don’t Bite Nails

Don't Bite Nails

Biting nails can damage them. When you bite the ends of the nails, the top portion of the nail bed is exposed to bacteria or fungi. It will then cause infections, which can spread to the entire nail. So, try to control the habit of biting.

2Do Filing Properly

Do Filing Properly

Filing of nails is good because it helps to keep your nails in a good shape. However, be sure filing is done in one direction only and not back and forth. It not only enhances the beauty of hands, but it protects the fingers from hangnails and infections.

3Never Pull Hangnails

Never Pull Hangnails

It is not only painful, but it creates a high risk of spot infection. Do not pull off, but cover them with medicated bandage. It will help to minimize the risk of infection and fingertip damage.

4Maintain Proper Moisture

Maintain Proper Moisture

Our skin and nails need constant hydration. While applying hand cream, ensure that you rub a generous amount over fingernails to prevent nails from cracks, breakages and brittleness.

5Keep Hands Dry and Clean

Keep Hands Dry and Clean

Whenever you wash your hands with water, wipe it thereafter because if your hands are wet, it will have an exposure to bacteria, fungi and other strong harmful organisms.

6Avoid Chemicals

Avoid Chemicals

Applying a thin coat of nail polish can strengthen the nails but overuse of these chemical colours and removers could harm the nails. Removers contain acetone which is harmful to nails. So, try to use acetone free formulae. This is most important natural beauty tips for nails.

7Keep your Cuticles

Keep your Cuticles

Cuticles should not be cut because it may damage nails as well as the sides of the nails. It is better to push your cuticles back in a very gentle manner at 45-degree angle.

8Protect and Preserve

Protect and Preserve

Try to use gloves for household work as this will prevent nail dryness and exposure to chemicals. For some time you may feel discomfort, but you will be habituated after a few days.

9Use Healthy Supplements

Use Healthy Supplements

Try to consume Vitamin C and calcium to keep your nails healthy. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen in the nail bed. Try to have citrus fruits like orange. This will give you an adequate amount of Vitamin C.

10Use Lemon Pulp

Use Lemon Pulp

Lemon is good for nails. Cut one lemon in two and rub it on to the nails instead of acetone contained nail polish removers. There will be two benefits, first is that nail polish can be easily removed and secondly, it will make your nails shiny and healthy.

11Massage Your Nails

Massage Your Nails

Massaging your nails will help them to grow faster. You have to massage the outer portion of your nails daily just before going to bed. This will help to improve the blood circulation.

These natural beauty tips for nails will help you keep your nails strong and away from all kind of nails related problems.


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