Things you should know about Permenant Hair Straightening


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Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening is an expense. No, not talking about the financial investment here! It is the commitment you do to your hair to take it through an unnatural – chemical ride which may backfire in some months. It is not about the discouragement here, but there are some things a girl/woman should know about permanent hair straightening. Though waves and curly strands are the talk of town, it is nothing like having a perfectly straight silky smooth hair for any occasion. It does not matter what you wear, it’s the hair that has to be perfect. Ideal for both swanky and causal events, this hair style is the best when compared to other tangling hair styles. But do you know everything about straightening? Well, learn these pointers before you straighten your hair.

What To Know Before Straightening Your Hair

1Be ready for the breakage to happen

Be ready

Over the years, not many know that no matter what, there will be an increase in your hair breakage. It is an obvious process when chemical or anything other than natural products are applied on your hair. Most relaxers use sodium hydroxide (lye) or a close chemical cousin. Don’t be fooled by ‘no lye’ promises. This can never happen since they have to make your natural hair stick straight which is rather a strenuous process. Most of the professional do not consider telling you that this process causes hair breakage. Instead, they give you a temporary solution. They ask you to come every quarter to prep your hair, which again is just because your hair will roll back to the normal texture.

Any kind of relaxing or smoothening of hair should always be applied to hairline last. But even after repeated warning of hair damage, not many professionals follow this. The hairline has the most number of baby hair that grows. So you should be careful to apply it last to avoid long time drying. If you are going for a straightening, tell your professional what you just read and never allow them to touch the hairline first.

2It is not one for all

one for all

When you are in a fancy world and in a straightening rush, you generally do not think of the various options a parlor can offer you. The hair straightening cream can be customized according to each hair texture. A professional parlor will give a detailed study of the hair damage so far, texture, best product that can be used, elasticity, porosity and the good health of hair parts. They even go down to suggest you various ways to straighten just one or two parts if your hair is healthy enough.

There are products you can use to customize your hair straightening mixture. But not many know that, there is an option like this. Go through with a thorough process on what the professional suggests and consult with them if it would be best for the texture you have.

3Check for hair tools

Check for hair tools

You may discover that there are some basic formulas that work best for you and your hair. You may want to do it regularly. Great! But if you go to various salons with various professionals, make sure the hairstylist’s hot irons are not aged and damaged. Old tools are a turn off and will burn your hair and make it literally damaged and burnt. So run if the heating tools are too old fashioned. Also, get to know the after process of straightening hair. Do listen to them carefully on what are the various ways to keep your straightened hair nutritious. For the first few days, you cannot take a head bath nor can you touch your hair with other heating tools. Beware that if you do not follow, you may end up making a huge mistake. Never experiment or play with their advice.

4Your hair is never going to the same, again

never going to same

Your hair will not be the same, quite again! Yes, would you be OK with multi-textured hair? Are you ready to straighten your hair every few months or go for endless touch-ups? Do you want to embarrass your friends and loved ones by carrying shower caps in public because your frizz is so difficult to manage that you can’t even fathom the idea of getting caught in the rain? ALL FOR PERMANENT STRAIGHTENING. This is your new life. It may be fine by you. It’s not normal when other notice it. After a few straightening techniques, you are going to hate it if you have to worry about your hair, every time you want to enjoy the rain or go on a walk because, if you sweat, your hair is going to become frizzy. So yes, your life is never ever going to be the same.

5Speak about your hair history to your professional

Speak about hair

It is important for your hairstylist to know your hair history. This is one of the most important part of your straightening process. Tell your stylist the truth, the number of experiments you have done with your hair, the number of color techniques you have tried and your young age enthusiasm that you showed to your hair. This could help him understand your texture and what could be done if you have already spoilt your half hair. Speak the truth. Never play when it comes to hair because anyway they are going to find out.

6Tell yourself that you are making a big-ggg commitment

Tell yourself

Yes, the extra g’s in the statement is defined to stress on the point that, this commitment is quite a huge one. Whenever you make life changing decisions, like love, low carb diet, hairstyle change, you got to ask yourself few big questions. Only if you can answer the questions, can you even go ahead. Are you ready to take on the extra work? Are you going to be happier with straightened hair? Or should you just work with what you’ve got?

It is always good to answer few personal questions and then go ahead with your hair changing decision. For some reasons, straightening might be good or bad, choose what you love and make all the difference. It just takes few questions and a good parlor to change the way you look. It is always advisable to take a few classes on how to maintain a good and healthy hair. You sure can pull it off, but make sure you know everything before you do it!

-Pavithra Ravi

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