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office makeup

If you have perfected the smoky eyes, you know how to work the red lips, then you can never go wrong with your makeup brushes when it comes to an occasion. But when it comes to the perfect office look, you are kind of lost between demure and over the top. Since the evolution of the working women, workplace makeup has become both necessity and challenge. It is either do it right or have a bad makeup day look! It becomes so bad that you cannot un-do it because you


do not have time to re-do it. To carry a very appropriate, chic yet simple makeup look, here are some very simple and achievable makeup tips that every office going woman!

Tips On Office Makeup

1Use a Cream Foundation Close to Your Skin Tone

Use a Cream

Avoid the cakey, made up look at all cost. A cream base foundation or a good BB cream will give you everything you need to start with. It has sunscreen agents that cover your flaws without the puffy look and makes your face glow. As I always suggest, select a tone closest to your skin because you wouldn’t want to mix up two different colors and make a new color. It Is the face you will be applying to which will be exposed to various things like sunlight, moonlight or even office artificial lights. Also, always remember to evenly spread the cream towards the upward way to make it look complex yet easy to handle. Make sure you have a good dabber to start off your foundation. A good dab can always make it perfect and effortless.

2Pat A little Concealer

Pat A little Concealer

Use a concealer stick to cover the darkness under the eyes. Use in a small quantity as the make-up base has already done some covering up the work . Do you have to blemish or hide a scar or a pimple?. Make sure the tone of the concealer is not drastically different from that of the foundation you have used. If needed, smug it with your fingertip for flawless blending.

3Light Up The Eyes

Light Up The Eyes

If you have naturally defined eyes, then only a few strokes of mascara and a fine liner  would do the trick. If you have small eyes, then use a nude eye pencil for the lower lid and use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes. For big eyes you may use a touch of kohl or gel liner on the upper lid. Using a brown pencil or liner will give your eyes a softer and less dramatic and more professional look than charcoal.

4Add On a Natural Eye Shadow

Natural Eye Shadow

Ditch your party palette for a softer, warmer and a natural set of colors. Peach, brown and ash eye shadows are the most suitable for office makeup. Colors like cobalt and charcoal can also be used for the lids, but have to be applied lightly. Avoid glitter and go for matte, blend well with the rest of the eye make-up for an even look.

5Add Some Colors to Your Cheeks

Add Some Colors

Creamy blush could add amazing look to your healthy skin. Using a complementary blush will make your skin stand out. A cream blush is easy to apply, blend in with make-up and adds a nice creamy look. Though powder blushes are also good it may seem flaky at times, especially for dry skin.

6Options for Your Lips

Options for Your Lips

From colored lip glosses to nude lipsticks, the choices for your lips are endless. Natural orange, pink, peach, brown and even light red can complete and complement your office look. You can go with a simple nude lipstick to avoid any fuss. A peach lipstick and clear gloss also can add some oomph to your attire. Keep in mind the color contrast rules- dark eyes/light lips and make sure the contrast in sync with your clothing.

7Smell Awesome

Smell Awesome

Invest in a good deodorant and perfume. You may have a signature perfume that adds to your personality. Make sure you smell good during all time  of the day. Choose a fragrance that is not overwhelming, but lingering. You may change your perfume according to the season and climate. It is also important that you do not use too strong smelling perfume because you do not want to smell like a strong woman. Always make sure you are pleasant smelling in an office environment.

We are in our workplaces most of the time of the day. It is not only important to maintain a professional yet pleasing look throughout the day, but also feel great in your own skin. The right make up for office going women not only makes them attractive, but also boosts their confidence and helps them create a positive image in the workplace.

-Pavithra Ravi