Fashion disasters girls can avoid


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Ever wondered how annoying it is to actually see people around you just not fitting in the right fashion category? Well, they look great, have a great body, but the lack of fashion is just infuriating and you end up feeling bad for them. There are a few disasters you can afford to definitely avoid and fashion stands as number one. The fat girl wearing a low waist, the thin woman trying a skinny jeans, or friends who think wearing skimpy clothes are fashion! Whatnot! Look and observe people around you and you will find disasters that lay there in plenty. The quirky hairdos, the weird color streaks, perms and much more.

Fashion trends  are changing by the very day and most people have gotten the idea that the more out of place they look, the more fashionable they shall seem. This bizarre idea has gotten hold of so many people’s minds that sees incredibly awkward outfits, everyday in your daily life has become a common occurrence. Sometimes these can prove to be good, but at other times they cannot be termed as anything apart from a fashion disaster.

If you have ever been to the mall on a weekend, you have undoubtedly seen some of the fashion disasters walking around there. People are funny to watch, especially when it comes to fashion. Have you ever wanted to go up to someone and say, “Honey, please let me give you a makeover!” simply because his or her outfit was so bad? Even the best fashionistas can make the occasional faux pas so here are some major fashion disasters to avoid.

Here are some fashion disasters a girl can definitely avoid

11. The Matchy match mess

Matchy match

Girls think matching everything will make them look extra-ordinary. Well, yes! All for bad reasons. Matching doesn’t have to be your motto in life. Do not be too obsessive about matching your clothes and accessories. Sometimes, a contrast combination works better than having things matched. It is good to keep things varied and different. Mix up colors, patterns and textures. As long as the pieces compliment each other, you needn’t have to bother about it being on matching patterns. It only makes it worse. Matching shoes, clips, bands, bags, shoes! It is just a NO!!

22. The accessory over kill

accessory over kill

When you are wearing a top or a jacket that is already studded, do not try to over accessorize yourself. Too much jewelry scream ‘I am a hippy from the 50’s’ and you do not want to be that. Do you? Let statement pieces make their own marks on you. Do not weigh yourself down with extra accessories. You in fact wear every single jewelaccording to the clothes you have than wearing everything for just one outfit.

33. The dark makeup

The dark makeup

Fashion is not only about the clothes you wear. It is how you present yourself on the whole. If your look is busted, who would want to look at the clothes or accessories you are wearing. The Jimmy Choo shoes would be wasted if you fail to carry yourself in a much decent manner. Do not wear oily or dark make up. This is a total disaster and people would be literally judging you if you pair up your dark eye makeup to dark lipstick. There is one point that should be understood and done with extra care.

44. Mix and match patterns

Mix and match

The mix and match patterns are never friends. Although you want to be extremely matching match, you should remember that it is not a great idea to pair the same kind of patterns because lets face it! Too many things are happening around one area of your body and it isn’t very pleasant to look at. When you pick up clothes, never try on plaids and stripes together. Disaster is for sure! Some patterns are sometimes complementary but some are just not worth trying out.

55. Pedicures


Pl-eeeaa-sss get your pedicures done! Like mentioned, clothes are not always your focus. Nails to shoes to tiny details should be given importance. Try to get your pedicure done at regular intervals. The disturbing nails might not go well with your beautiful shoes.

66. Bra attention

Bra attention

You don’t have to shout out loud that you are wearing a particular colored bra! Florescent, orange or pink, it is not always a great idea to show what you are wearing. It looks too trashy and tacky when you expose too much of yourself. Also, since we are on this topic, it is also advisable to wear bras at most of the times. You do not want your ‘girlies’ to hang around! Wouldn’t look sassy, at all!

77. The tight clothing fad

The tight clothing

Most of the times, the girls think it is good to wear clothes that are tight fitting. Avoid trying to look thinner by wearing tighter clothes. Inevitably, you will only end up with the dreaded spillage – a muffin top over your jeans or a spare tire hanging around your waist. You do not want to accent what you want to hide.

88. The white problem

The white problem

Well yes, it is true that white makes you look like an angel. But what’s with wearing a white top, skirt and a white shoe? Disaster! Never wear white shoes with white bottoms of any kind – pants, skirt, shorts, etc. If your bottoms are white, do not wear white shoes or you will look like an ‘Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’. Besides, a pop of color never hurt anybody. Try and choose colors in your clothing. Colors are the best way to explore.

99. Skimpy clothes

Skimpy clothes

After the tight clothing, there is another set of girls who want to wear only skimpy clothes. Cutoffs are the new fad now. Yes, it is cool, sexy and is every girl’s favorite look to sport. But too tiny cutoffs would be a major disaster which you should stay steer off. No one needs to see your butt cheeks hanging out and you should at least ensure that your cutoffs have more fabric than your bathing suit or beach outfit.

1010. Do not overdo the lipstick

Do not overdo the lipstick

Another problem with most women is that, they think wearing too much lipstick would help them accentuate their lips. NO! Wrong. If you think lips have to be focused only by wearing bold lipstick, you are wrong. Try to compliment it but not overdo it. Wearing lip liner shade that is too obvious and which does not sync with a shade of lipstick is the biggest fashion mistake. Do not spoil your look by choosing a wrong combination of lipstick shade and that of a lip liner. Make sure that the shade of your lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick color. Blend the two with a lip brush and get absolutely kissable lips.

All said and done, you know what looks great on you. Yes, there might be certain glitches at first, but you will get used to things when time goes. You should also definitely try whatever you want if you think you can carry yourself perfectly well. While most of these tips are a vague assumption from the visual appeal, women sometimes can pull it off really well. So do not stop yourself from trying out a new fashion fearing that you will make a fashion mistake. Let the fashion bug bite you. It will not be difficult to avoid faux pas and stay away from miserable situations because now you know how to chant the fashion mantra.

-Pavithra Ravi