15 Breathtaking Butterfly Tattoos For Women – Fashionable Wings


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Butterfly Tattoos For Women

When we were kids, we love to draw on papers and books. The love for art is flowing on body in the form of tattoo. So, the tattoo designs are several with fashion touch. The beauty enhancing tattoos are part of nature mostly.

If you are inspired with nature and it beauty, then you would go for a butterfly tattoo. It is a lovely idea to get inked with a butterfly tattoo. But don’t just go with boring designs. Add some beautiful twists and meaning to the beautiful creature.

Make your tattoo design dreamy with some creativity. We made a list of butterfly tattoo designs as it is trending. You are letting the butterfly fly with fashionable wings in the form of tattoo. To love your art, you must make it look best. So, here are the trending butterfly tattoo designs.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Colourful Butterfly Tattoo – On Hand


When your tattoo is colourful, why do you have to hide it?

Expose the colourful art getting it on your hand. You can get the tattoo with the combination of beautiful colours. Your hand look decorated with the colourful butterfly tattoo. The black outline with colours filled tattoo is pretty. You can get the tattoo on your

2. Butterfly Tattoo with Spiral Designs – On Back Shoulder


Butterfly alone may not look attractive for everyone. So, you must add some spiral designs to it. The joining designs make your tattoo look prettiest. It looks feminine when you add the twists to the butterfly tattoo. Butterfly with spiral designs fits perfectly on back shoulder. Your back shoulder looks attractive. When you wear off shoulder outfits, you are going to love the show off your butterfly tattoo.

3. 3d Butterfly Tattoo – Below Collarbone


A butterfly that looks real on your below collar bone is extremely lovely. You will want to wear this tattoo if you are a unique woman.

You no more need to catch the real butterfly when you see one. You can get the real looking butterfly with natural looking colours. The shades of the butterfly make your collarbone part attractive.

4. Butterfly Chain Tattoo – On Back Waist


When butterfly tattoo is too beautiful, a single butterfly is not enough. So, go with a butterfly chain and it will be perfect on your back waist. The way butterfly chain tattoo covers your waist will be lovely. You can have butterflies of different colours and shades. Enhance your beauty with a butterfly chain tattoo and it is a trending tattoo design.

5. Side Butterfly Tattoo – Back Neck

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Side butterfly is a unique tattoo design. It is also a trending butterfly tattoo which perfectly fits on your neck. You will love this design, if you want minimal designed tattoo. You can also keep it simple with less decoration.

6. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo – On finger Or Wrist


Tiny butterfly tattoo looks adorable. The detailing of the butterfly design is intricate which is pretty. You can get this tiny butterfly on your finger to adore every time. You can also get it on your wrist which is adorable as well. You are going to love your tiny tattoo for its cute size and beauty.

7. Black Butterfly Tattoo – On Front Shoulder


Black butterfly is going to look fancy without no colours. The full black butterfly makes you front shoulder look elegant. Once you get the tattoo done, take a chance and expose the elegant black butterfly. You are going to be obsessed with the black beauty and you will love it if you are fan of black colour.

8. Twin Butterfly Tattoo – On Arms


Wait for a butterfly tattoo on arms? Then how about a twin butterfly tattoo?

Let the butterflies spread on your arms to look fashionable. As you get to keep your arms open, you can get a broaden and elegant designed twin butterflies.

9. Butterfly Tattoo with Flora Fence – On Feet


Butterfly tattoo with flora fence is feminine. Feel feminine with the nature inspired designs. It will be the most stunning wrap for your feet with the floral designs around butterfly. You can see the above image, how the pink flora and butterfly are making the feet look elegant.

10. Butterfly Outline Tattoo – Back Neck


If the colour filled and shaded butterfly tattoo is not for you, then choose a butterfly outline tattoo. You can get this pretty looking butterfly outline tattoo on back neck. It is also befitting for side neck. Keep it simple but beautiful with a butterfly outline.

11. Butterfly Colours Splash Tattoo – Back Waist


Do you love colour splashing tattoo?

Then try it with a butterfly tattoo and you will fall in love with every shade of the tattoo. You can also get a theme and make your tattoo meaning. Look at the above tattoo which is of flora and butterflies. The nature inspired theme will attract you and this suits well on your side back. Colour splashing in tattoo is not messy but just captivating.

12. Splitting Butterflies Tattoo – Back Shoulder


When a giant tattoo is too breathtaking, you want it but at the right place on your body. Splitting butterflies is one such tattoo which spreads out on your back shoulder. It covers from shoulder to waist with tiny butterflies. You can see in the above image, the eye catching butterfly tattoo.

13. Butterfly Tattoo with Shadow – On Shoulder


A fashionable woman find the butterfly tattoo unique and amazing. It is a striking tattoo design that fits any where. But you can show off it clearly on your shoulder and the design is just picturesque. Choosing a tattoo design is easy the befitting area to fix the tattoo plays the bigger role. So, for such unique designs, choose a right body area.

14. Butterfly Tattoo with Stars – On Side Neck


Butterfly with stars is wonderful tattoo design. Sometimes, you choose the area for tattoo and then look for tattoo design. If you are just looking for a stunning and fashionable tattoo to get on your neck, then this can be your choice. Let your tattoo get some shine with stars around the butterfly.

15. Butterfly with a Phrase


Butterfly tattoo with a meaningful phrase is good to wear on your forearms. It is expressive and pretty tattoo design. You can also get a name or a statement along with a butterfly tattoo. Alluring tattoo with a butterfly is going to be your forever trending design. It is all about your expression and thoughts coming in art form.

You can go with butterfly tattoos choosing design or place first. We have given the befitting area for every butterfly tattoo design. The breathtaking butterfly tattoo designs are going to make you feel elegant and attractive. The colours and shades of the butterfly just come to make your tattoo breathtaking.

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