8 Awesome Cross Body Bags For Travel – Your Best Companion


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Cross Body Bags For Travel
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When you are heading for a trip, you need some fashionable stuff hanging on you. You only see that anything you are wearing comfortable. A single trip needs many kinds of bags. It is not only the big and heft bags to stuff in your belongings and needs but you also need a versatile bag to carry it every where with you.

The best travel friendly bags are cross body bags. Cross body bags are the most fashionable and flexible to use bags. They suit up with all your casual and western outfits that you prefer for travelling.

We are here to give away the list of cross body bags for your next trip. There are some stunning brands in which cross body bags are best designed. The bags which take some good amount stuff and still look fashionable on you are the best. So, here you go such brilliant choices.

Cross Body Bags – Fashion And Comfort

1. Kate Spade New York Melisse bag


Kate spade design the bags beautifully and the pockets are right in place for every bag. The material of the bag is extremely soft to touch. There is plenty room inside for bags, if you want a spacious bag. There are variety of designs in the cross bag of Kate Spade. All the colours are fashionable and the trendy shades suits the designs.

These bags are the popular for travelling as it is easy to carry with your stuff. There are also different collections with some lovely variations.

2. Baggallini Helsinki travel bag


These bags are called as the best travel companion. If you want to know why is the best for travelling- it is organized with pockets and compartments. The best part of the bags is light weight material which makes it easy to carry and handle. Baggallini bags are also water resistant which is a bonus for travelling. To experience other significant features of these bags, you must get one. The brand keeps growing with the trending colours and fashionable designs.

You can also prefer these bags for office wear as they maintain the decent standards with colours and designs.

3. Michael Kors large East / West cross body bag


For travelling, you always want a large enough bag to store your belongings and small enough to carry. You have such kind flexible bags in this wonderful brand. You can choose a Michael Kors cross body bags which can go with all the outfits. It is worth investing in one of these brand’s bag. It can be your best friend of every trip.

If you are looking for a luxury brand and a stylish purse for travelling, then you will love this bag.

4. Travelon anti-theft quilted expansion crossbody bag

Travelon anti theft quilted expansion crossbody bag for women

The brand is one of the best, with stylish variations and security capabilities. You can protect your bag locking it with any stationery object. You need to simply lock with the straps of the bag. The straps of the bags are protected with stainless steel cables which make bag snatching difficult for thieves.

You have the passport slots and well fixed pockets. You can also carry a medium size camera in this super cool bag. In every model of the bag, you have dynamic colours which make it look stylish. On whole, it is worth investing in such brilliant bag.

5. Vera Bradley iconic mailbag


It is bag made out of cotton which is of lightweight. When you carry expensive and stylish bags while travelling, you are worried about stains. Here, you need not worry about the stains as it is machine washable. It reached your expectations in fashion and usage. You have the adjustable straps which makes it more flexible. The stylish and floral prints contribute the bag to be fashionable. You also have real decent bags in standard colours like blue and black.

The brand let you go stunning and girly with the variations.

6. Fossil Fiona large crossbody Bag


You have various patterns which make it an attractive bag. Mostly, the fossil bags come in standard colours and minimal prints. The beauty of the bag lies in the design and patterns. You get the gabs with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

7. LeSportsac essential crossbody Bag


You keep cross body bags aside with the thought that it strains your shoulder. But with this lightweight bag, you will never experience such difficulty. You can stuff all your needs and wear it longer time. You have adorable and stylish collection in this brand. The bags are quite roomy with inner compartments. You will love the pretty prints and designs on the bags.

8. Suvelle Lightweight Hobo Travel Everyday Cross Body Bag


A well organized and spacious cross body bags are available in Suvelle brand. You can use these bags for travelling and casual wear as well. You get in a chic way with practical use which can take the wear and tear. The bag straps are adjustable and easy to wear all the day long. The bag can carry a good stuff as the bags come with enough room and you can still feel light. It is a water resistant bag with nylon material. These bags are also easy to clean.

These bags are available in stunning colours.

Whenever you realize the best work of a cross body bag, you can look into these brands. A cross body bag can be a multi purpose bag which can be worn while travelling and also can be preferred for office wear. Let your causal wear also look fashionable with a stunning cross body bag.

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