Pregnant Mother’s Beware, Before Doing These Things


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Shouldnt Do during pregnancy

Being Pregnant is one of the most important parts in a women’s life. Becoming a mother is the most joyous part, which a woman eagerly awaits throughout the nine months of pregnancy. When you are becoming a mother for the first time, all you wish for is the well-being of your child and the proper nurture of his/her health. But do you know that whatever the mother do during the pregnancy, can affect the child throughout his/her life.Many things that you do during this time of the pregnancy, is what the most valuable and important part of your baby’s life. So, here are few things that you must avoid during these crucial months of pregnancy if you want a healthy and fit life of your child.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

1Do not smoke

Do not smoke

You probably know this point that smoking during pregnancy can cause many problems like, premature delivery and early rupture of membranes in the mother. It can also direct the restricted oxygen intake of the fetus, and affects the organ development, which can also increase the risk of congenital defects and reduces the size and weight of the fetus.

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2Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption

During Pregnancy, nobody knows how much drinking is too much, and there are no definite guidelines on consuming alcohol. However, many observations and studies have concluded that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in birth defects like poor growth, learning disabilities and mental retardation. In fact, some say that excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy is also associated with a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby.

3Hot baths and sauna

Hot baths and sauna

During pregnancy, excessive use of sauna, steam, and heated pools aren’t good. Excessive use of hot water, in the torso region, can result in uterus getting overheated and can result in fetal death. A study also indicated that excessive exposure to heat through the sauna and hot baths, especially during the first trimester can increase the risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

4Extreme exercises

Extreme exercises

A moderate amount of exercise during pregnancy is always encouraged. Extreme exercising, which leadsyour heart rate to exceed 160 bpm can result in less oxygen to the baby, which can also lead to fetal hypoxia, that is, the oxygen to the fetal brain is restricted and can also result in brain damage.

5On your feet 24×7

On your feet 24×7

If you are standing for long hours then it can result in the varicose veins as well as edema, abnormal accumulation of fluid, in the feet. So, it is best to sit, rest and lie down, when you are pregnant.

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X-rays must be avoided during pregnancy, unless the abdomen is protected on a lead apron, because the exposure of the radiation to the fetus can also contribute to birth defects. Radiation can also lead to genetic damage, malignancies in the fetus and intrauterine death.



Stress can trigger various types of problems, and can also be bad for the mother as well as the baby’s health. Some studies have also shown that babies can actually experience the negative emotional environment. Some studies have also said that pre-natal stress due to strain in relationships can also alter mental development and can also make the child fearful to some extent during childhood.

8Unbalanced diet

Unbalanced diet

Not eating properly or not having a balanced diet can result in the non-optimum fetal development, and can also be bad for the mother’s health. Postpartum pregnancy, she can have difficulty in shedding kilos.

9Don’t Eat Unpasteurized Milk Products

Don’t Eat Unpasteurized Milk Products

Calcium is indeed a very important product for growing babies’ development. But, mothers have to be careful how they get their calcium. Drinking raw milk is not at all recommended for the expecting mothers. Raw milk is unpasteurized, which is, it has not been heated to kill bacteria that can make you ill. Raw milk can contain Listeria, bacteria that can lead to illness, miscarriage, and sometimes even life threatening consequences.

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