Summer Workout Routines For Women


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Summer Workout Routines For Women

It is the high time you change your lifestyle and get your body ready for a smoking hot beach body. If you want to get a hot bikini body this summer season, you might have to shake the muscles to get a sizzling shape. When the body is not feeling challenged, you tend to burn fewer calories and the body metabolism results in flatline — which is exactly what have to avoid when the goal is scoring a bikini bod. In order to burn more fat as well as build more lean muscle, you might need to throw the body into a curve ball. So here, are few summer workout routines for women that every women must try to get ready this season.

Workout Routines For Women

1Sumo Deadlift Shuffle

Sumo Deadlift Shuffle

a. First grasp one end of a dumbbell with both of your hands.
b. Arms must be hanging straight in the front.
c. Remember to stand with the feet in a shoulder-width apart, toes must be turned slightly out.
d. Now step the left foot out to the left side, bending the knees as well as pushing the hips back to lower in a squat until the other side of the dumbbell hit the floor.
e. Now explosively try to push off the left leg and bring the feet together. Try to repeat with the right leg.
f. Now remember to continue alternating.

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2Dumbbell Pivoting Goblet Squat

Dumbbell Pivoting Goblet Squat

a. First stand with the feet hip-width apart.
b. Then hold one end of the dumbbell on both of your hands in front of the chest, and the elbows bent.
c. Bend the knees and then push the hips back until the thighs are parallel to the ground.
d. As you are standing, pivot from both of the feet 90 degrees from the right.
e. Rotate back to the center and then quickly complete another rep, rotating from the left.
f. Remember to continue alternating.


You can just sit back on a chair or a bench and can pause briefly at the bottom of the squat. This also guarantees that you can develop the glutes.

3Dumbbell Shotput Press

Dumbbell Shotput Press

a. First hold the dumbbell in the right hand, that is, just above the shoulder.
b. Try to place the right foot two feet in the front of the left, and the knees bent slightly.
c. Now drive through the right heel and then press the weight overhead, by pivoting the feet to the left and then turn towards 180 degrees.
d. Reverse this move and return to start.
e. That is one rep. Remember to switch sides halfway through the set.


Try to make it hard and build more muscles in the thighs, by just bending the knees deeper from the start.

4Split-Stance Alternating Bent-Over Row


a. First hold a dumbbell pair and then stand with the left foot, two feet in front of the right feet.
b. Now hinge forward from the hips and lower the torso toward the floor, and the dumbbells hanging under the shoulders.
c. Try to pull the right dumbbell toward the chest; then lower the right arm while rowing from the left weight towards the chest.
d. Remember to continue alternating.


Now remember to alternate the places, as it can increase the demand on the core and the lower back to stabilize as well as fight with rotational forces. To make your move easier, try to raise as well as lower both the weights together.

5Dumbbell Walking Halo

Dumbbell Walking Halo

a. Hold the dumbbell horizontally in front of the chest.
b. Then step forward with the right foot and circle your weight clockwise around the head.
c. Now take a step with your left foot, moving your weight counter clockwise.
d. Remember to continue alternating.


You can make it harder by walking lunges instead of taking the regular steps

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6Dumbbell Skier Swing

Dumbbell Skier Swing

a. Hold the dumbbell pair in the side and stand with the feet hip-width apart.
b. Then push the hips back as well as bring the weights slightly behind yourself, then by quickly thrusting your hips forward as well as squeezing the glutes as you swing the dumbbells above the head.
c. Then again return to start and continue in a fluid motion.


Your knees must never go beyond the ankles, and they should also bend slightly (as you will push the hips back). The movement and the power must come from the hips as well as glutes.

7Dumbbell Blast-Off Push up Hold

umbbell Blast

a. Get in a push up position, with your hands resting on the dumbbells and the feet little more than the hip-width apart.
b. Push the hips back until they are near the ankles, by keeping the body low and the back flat.
c. Then quickly push through the toes back to the start pose. That is just one rep.

8. Dumbbell Rotational Lunge

Dumbbell Rotational Lungea. First hold the ends of the dumbbell in front of your shoulder height, as well as the arms extended.
b. Now step the left foot back, by bending both of your knees as well as lowering the dumbbell outside of the right hip.
c. Then pushing through the right heel, return to start.
d. While repeating, step the right foot back and move the dumbbell to the left hip.
e. Remember to continue alternating.


Try to keep the belly button forward, which can help to make the core work extra hard.

89. Dumbbell Side Plank Archer Rows

Dumbbell Side Plank Archer Rows

a. First get in a push up pose with the hands resting on the dumbbells as well as the feet little more than the hip-width apart.
b. Row your left weight on to the side of the chest while rotating from the left in a side plank.
c. Then reverse to return to the start pose. Then, switch sides halfway through.


While doing each row, try to squeeze the shoulder blades together.

910. Dumbbell Drop-Step Overhead Ax Chop

Dumbbell Drop

a. Grab an end of a dumbbell with both of your hands and then hold it overhead, by standing tall with the feet hip-width apart.
b. Then step the right foot back, by rotating 90 degrees towards the right, and then lowering the dumbbell behind the head as you bend over the knees.
c. Try to push through the right heel to return to the start.
d. Then repeat, by stepping back with the left foot as well as pivoting to the left.
e. Remember to continue alternating.


Do not try to lower into a squat, but you can bend the knees slightly.

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