Tips For Glowing Skin Using Strawberry Face Packs


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Tips For Glowing Skin

Strawberries are mostly associated as an European fruit. Back in Roman times, they were being used and after that were cultivated for the first time as a garden fruit in France in 18th Century. However, they are also present in South American cultures earlier, but in Europe, it is basically thought as a native to that region.

There are many health benefits that is related with strawberries like it can help to improve eye care, help in proper brain function, give relief from the high blood pressure, arthritis, gout as well as various cardiovascular diseases. The presence of impressive polyphenolic, as well as antioxidant, content in the strawberries, make them a very good product to improve the immune system and prevent against many types of cancers and reduce the signs of premature aging.

Strawberries are being extensively used in the food, that includes ice creams, jams, squashes, jellies, syrups, baked goods, confections, chocolates and sometimes even in medicines for an extraordinarily rich flavor, taste and color. They can be consumed fresh. All fruits and very particularly berries are very rich in exotic colors, as well as antioxidants, which also means that they are a huge boost to the health and protect your organs from all the toxic attacks.

Nutritional value

Strawberries in addition with the antioxidants, they have many types of other nutrients present like, vitamins and minerals that can contribute to your overall health. These also includes folate, manganese, potassium, dietary fiber, as well as magnesium. It also has extremely high content of vitamin C! Together, these components are very much responsible for an overwhelming health benefit of the strawberries.

Tips For Glowing Skin

1Clean the skin & prevent from acne

Clean the skin

Strawberries have alpha-hydroxy acid, which are an important substance that can help to eliminate the dead skin cells and clean the skin.

According to some studies, alpha-hydroxy acids have shown to reverse signs of aging. In another Japanese study, alpha-hydroxy agents are shown to improve and rejuvenate the photo-damaged skin.

Strawberries also contains salicylic acid as well as ellagic acid, which are a very well-known agent for reducing the hyper-pigmentation and the dark spots. Salicylic acid is also known for its ability to remove dead cells from the skin and tighten the skin pores to prevent from further acne breakouts.

Strawberries are also known for its excellent source of vitamin C, which can clean the skin and keep it more healthy.

How to use

Make a face mask by using strawberries and honey. Strawberries, because of its mildly abrasive nature, have a lot of exfoliating properties that can help to remove the dirt, excess oils, as well as the dead cells from the skin. Honey can also help to clean the skin and counteracts strawberries abrasive nature.

What you need

  • Two to three ripe strawberries
  • One tablespoon of honey

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What to do

  • Put strawberries into a small bowl and then mash them properly.
  • Now, add the honey and stir till you get a very smooth paste.
  • Now apply this mixture on the face and the neck and then gently massage for about two minutes.
  • Then leave the face undisturbed for almost about fifteen minutes, after which wash it first with some warm water, and then with cold water.

2Improve the complexion

Improve the complexion

Strawberries have an amazing skin-lightening properties, that can attribute the presence of ellagic acid into them. This acid, can help to eliminate the blemishes and the spots. The presence of antioxidants present in the strawberries can protect the skin from the UV damage. Strawberries also have vitamin B complex, carotene, glucose, and amino acids, which can help to improve the complexion.

How to use

Strawberry juice will go a very long way to provide with an amazing radiant skin.

What you need

  • Three to four ripe strawberries
  • Muslin cloth

What to do

  • Properly mash the strawberries, till they get juicy.
  • Then filter this juice using a muslin cloth.
  • Apply this juice all over the face and the neck.
  • Try to leave it undisturbed for almost about twenty minutes and then washing it off with cold water.
  • Remember to repeat this process thrice in a week for more results.

3Tones the skin

Tones the skin

The presence of antioxidants in strawberries can give them amazing toning properties. The manganese that are present in the strawberries helps to tone the skin, by keeping it more healthy as well as radiant.

How to use

Strawberry juice, when it is combined with rose water, can give an amazing mask which can help to tone the skin.

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What you need

  • Four to five raw strawberries
  • 100 ml of cold rose water

What to do

  • Take some strawberries and then grind them to extract the juice properly.
  • Take a couple of tablespoon of strawberry juice and add rose water. Rose water can act as an amazing cleanser. It also have many anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce skin irritation.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and then apply it on the face as well as the neck.
  • Try to do this every night before you go to bed. For best results, avoid using this toner as a night cream.

4Protect the skin from UV rays

Protect the skin from UV rays

Strawberries have anthocyanins that can help to protect the skin from UV rays, anthocyanins are pigments that generally render the strawberries their amazing red color. Strawberry extracts can also help to enhance the cell and decrease the damage of the DNA.

As mentioned, the antioxidants in the strawberries can contribute to the UV protection abilities of the strawberries. The presence of ellagic acid into the strawberries has an amazing ability to eliminate the free radicals, thereby preventing the pigmentation which can be caused because of the sun damage. This fruit has also been foundto work well against the sunburn.

5Anti-aging properties

Anti-aging properties

The powerful antioxidants can protect the body from many oxidative damages and can also stall the different signs of aging like, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, etc.

As a matter of fact, strawberries have a very huge higher amount of vitamin C than the oranges or the grapefruit. This nutrient helps to fight free radicals, which are found to damage the cells and break down the collagen, which results in fine lines.

Strawberries are considered as a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that play a very prominent role in staving off the aging signs. The presence of anthocyanins in it can help to protect the skin from many oxidative stress, thereby slowing down the aging.

What you need

  • 1/2 cup of raw strawberries
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • Two teaspoon of milk cream

What to do

  • Try to mash these strawberries very thoroughly.
  • To it, add honey and milk cream.
  • Mix the ingredients until it is a paste.
  • Apply the paste in circular motions on the face and the neck.
  • Keep it on for at least of 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • You can also use this mask twice every week.

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