9 Captivating Indo-Western Outfit Ideas For Women


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Mostly women have bundle of dresses but dilemma becomes the best friend before getting ready and stepping out for an event or a party. This happens because we want to stun the crowd by looking unique in all and don’t want to put on the repeated look. Agree?

Indo-western Fashion is a blend of multiple wondrous stuff. To describe in simple words, Indo-western outfits- are a combination of Indian and western designs, patterns and elements. Dresses of Indo-western are sensational and popular in a wide range. Presently, several famous designers have also started to design Indo-western outfits for women and many female celebrities are making style statement wearing Indo-western outfits.

Indo-Western Outfits for women:

The well-known designers like Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla and Sabya Sachi, have designed various Indo-western outfits for women. Obviously! Designers are the creators of any kind of style and rule the fashion world at first step.

When its casual outfits, women are habituated of handling the outfits well. What if it is Indo-western outfits for women. Pick any of the ideas of Indo-western Ideas for women and reach your fashion goals.

Here are few Indo-western outfits designed by our popular Indian Designers:

By Sabya Sachi

Image source: weddingstylestory.com

By Neeta Lulla

Image source: fashionlady.in

By Manish Malhotra

Image source: anindianpotpourri.blogspot.com

1. The outfit should be easy to handle: A dress looks beautiful when you handle the way it should be handled or we can say the way you carry the dress. The choice of dress is crucial.

We can’t keep controlling the dress all the time in the crowd and it looks awkward when we do so. No worries, when its Indo-western outfits for women. You can appear stunning with easy handling dresses even in Indo-western outfits.

2. The outfit should be comfortable to move and walk: You may doll-up like a princess but sometimes it may not be that comfortable as it is appearing. Making a comfortable selection of outfit is as crucial as appearing comfortable. Isn’t that right? Indo-western dresses got many varieties to wear. Where you need not compromise your fashion goals at any cost being comfortable. Pieces and fabrics together also can make an awesome Indo-western dress for women.

3. Women prefer dignified and descent appearance: Fashion is appearing the way you are with some extra decorating accessories. Wearing an Indo-western outfit you can justify your fashion sense at the same time follow your culture. When you have to attend a formal event or an interview you want enough formal appearance. An indo-western outfit is nowhere less in fulfilling your wish to appear.

4. Pairing colors for Indo-western Outfit for Women: Indo-western outfits are all about combinations. A perfect merge of colors or shades makes the Indo-western outfit look dazzling. You can splash out with the exposure of shades with women Indo-western dresses. An outfit no more needs to be matching from top to bottom, it can be a contrast of colors, especially for women. Women appear pretty with multiple colors even.

Kinds of Indo-western Outfits For Women:

1. Casual Indo-western Outfits For Women: You also have casual Indo-western outfits for women. Indo-western outfits are not only meant for parties and weddings. Now you get a thought how casual Indo-western outfit looks like and will it be all good to wear? Undoubtedly it looks cool and as casual as you want to step out. Check the below image wherein Anushka Sharma is looking pretty in a casual Indo-western outfit.

Image source: bollywoodlife.com

2. Party wear Indo-western Outfits For Women: When a party comes your way, suddenly you want a new look which is out of the box! Indo-western outfits will satisfy your desire of new and unique appearance. Grab the ideas of Indo-western outfits for women. Party Indo-western dazzles as in the below image. Isn’t it fabulous?!

Image source: designersandyou.com

3. Ethnic Indo-western outfits For Women: We get to attend occasions where we need to put on a traditional attire. When it is ethnic wear, it needs to represent our culture. Then what if it is Indo-western? Is that your question? Indo-western outfits are not to step back for an ethnic look. Wearing an Indo-western outfit in traditional way is feasible and well followed. Have a look of the image below. How elegant a traditional Indo-western outfit for women looks!!

Image source: Youtube

4. Formal Indo-western Outfits For Women: Indo-western outfits are not only suitable for parties and big events. Wearing Indo-western outfits to college, work place or any formal event is also an accepted fashion. If you still doubt wearing a formal Indo-western outfit, just take a glance of the below stunning women in following image.

Image source: bewakoof.com

Ideas of Indo-Western Outfits for Women:

1. Denim Jacket on kurta: Denim jackets are the coolest attire to wear. Women look dynamic wearing denim jacketsThe prettinessss of Indian elements on kurta and stylish denim pairing with it, is awesome! Look at the image below how attractive the women is looking wearing deanim jacket on kurta.

Image source: raisemehigher.com

2. High Low Kurta with Slawar/ Doti Pants: High low kurta is of western kind and pairing it up with doti or salwar pants is ultimate Indo-western outfit idea for women. This is one of the comfortable outfits of Indo-western. You can also pick a kurta and doti from your old collection to make this outfit ready for you. You will appear as stunning as Alia bhatt, in the below image.


3. Kurta on Long Skirt/ Lehenga: Long kurta and lehengas are such classic attires to wear. They put on a contemporary look. Pairing a kruta with long skirt or lehenga is a brilliant idea of Indo-western outfit for women.

Kurta on long skirt/ lehenga can be a outfit of party, ethnic or casual. You can check the below image to get a better idea of the outfit. Kareen Kapoor, is dressed up with kurta on lehenga and we cant our eyes off her appearance!!

Image source: thedelhibride.com

4. Front Slit Kurta and Jeans: Kurta and jeans are very common Indo-western outfits. Even after being this common, they trend to run in today’s fashion. The fusion of kurta and jeans is stylish, comfortable to wear as casual outfit.

You can wear a plain or printed floor length kurta and pair it up with 3/4th jeans. It is better to chose the contrast colors to look as beautiful as ladies in the below image.

Image source: Youtube

5. Indo-western Sarees: Sarees now are trending with jackets, capes and shrugs than saree alone. The very new form of saree is taking forward the Indian tradition and western mark. Here we have kinds of sarees of Indo-western outfit ideas. Check out the ideas of Indo-Western sarees for women.

Saree with Jacket: As you know sarees are an evergreen fashion for Indian women.

Just add on a perfect fitted jacket on saree and there you get the elegant and graceful look. Take a glance of Saree with jacket, the Indo-western outfit on women, in the following image.

Image source: shopify.com

Women fashion icon, Sonam kapoor is sizzling in Saree with jacket, an Indo-western outfit idea for women.

Saree with Cape: Cape on saree enhances the beauty of saree. Cape suits saree extremely. Cape fabric should be suitable to saree fabric and texture.Cape on saree looks as pretty as in below image.

Image source: indiabazaaronline.com

Belted Sarees: This Indo-western outfit is simple tie up on saree. Sraees are ruling Indian fashion since several years and still continuing to. On such ruling fashion of sarees, add on some essence of a western look. Indo-western outfit of sarees with belt looks stylish and unique enough. Wearing a belt on saree is a flattering way of wearing saree.

In the below image Genelia Dsouza, posed wearing a belted saree, an Indo-western outfit idea.

Image source: bollywoodvogue.com

6. Shirt and Crops Tops on Lehenga: One of the running trends is shirts & crop tops on lehenga. This is a lovely fusion of Indo-western outfits for women. Wearing ethnic crop top and heavy designed lehenga with Indian patterns makes a lovely outfit. In the below image, you have three different varieties of lehenga.

You can wear a shirt or a crop top with western patter and pair it up with lehenga with Indian motifs, as shown in the below images.

Image source: Youtube
Image source: blingsparkle.com

7. Jacket/ Shrug on Gown: Gowns look beautiful on women. A gown with a smaller design and a jacket with heavy embroidery will be fantastic fusion. It can be both shrug and jacket with light design and can still work great as any Indo-western outfit idea for women. Here is a image where Dhami Dhrasti wore a simple and still graceful outfit.

Image source: shimoro.com

8. Peplum Top with Palazzo: Peplum is a pretty looking top generally worn with jeans. But now it is a fashion to wear peplum top with palazzo as one of the Indo-western outfits.

Peplum top should be of silk with more of Indian essence and a classic palazzo to team up with. The combination of two looks as below.

Image source: keepmestylish.com

9. Off Shoulders: Off shoulders blouse on sarees or off shoulder tops on long skirts can be worn. Off shoulders are western type of outfit, pairing it up with Indian bottom is complete Indo-western outfit idea for women.

Image source: bookmyshow.com

In the below image, Actress Amrita Rao is showing how a off-shoulder can be Indo-western outfit idea for women.

In the following image Shilpa Shetty, wore a off shoulder blouse on saree.

Image source: outfittrends.com

Indo-Western Outfits for women, are out of passion towards fashion. The fusion of Indian and western culture and designs, gained huge adoption. Indo-western outfit ideas can be designed at own interest and love towards fashion. Hope you liked the ideas of Indo-western outfits for women.

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