11 Fabulous Indian Bridal Hair Accessories You Will Absolutely Love


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Indian bridal hair accessories
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Every bride wants her wedding day to be the most beautiful and perfect. She would go through every little detail a million times, just to make it perfect. It starts right from the outfit, the hair, jewellery and even the bridal hair accessories. Indian bridal hair accessories have been popular for a very long time now.

From simple flowers to hairpins and Matha Pattis,  the hair accessory trend has only got more stylish by the day. you can now spot so many offbeat Indian bridal hair accessories that brides are willing to sport, and we are simply amazed at how instantly it glamorises the simple demure bride look into a high end fashion statement.

If you are one of those women, who want to wear offbeat Indian bridal hair accessories, here is a guide to all the different types of Indian bridal hair accessories and how to wear them.

11 Kinds Of Bridal Hair Accessories

1. Maang Tika

Maang tikaOne of the most common Indian bridal hair accessories is the maang tikka. Every Indian bride wears these simple yet elegant wedding hair accessories that make the bridal look complete. we feel that without a maang tikka and Indian brides look is not complete.  this versatile accessory comes in so many variants like gold, pearls,  diamond, Kundan and many more. Avanti car is one of those wedding hair pieces that can be a simple hair accessory as well as huge statement piece. You can turn it up or down according to your preference and the look that you’re aiming for.

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2. Matha Patti

Matha PattiMatha Patti is also like a maang tikka but it is accompanied with two sideward extensions which are heavily embellished and contain the same intricate design of the maang tikka. it is a complete one piece accessory and it looks completely elegant and traditional.  for ladies who are wearing classic Indian bridal wear, this can be one of the great hair accessories for bridal lehenga. Top favourite among the Indian bride’s hair accessories, a Matha Patti is a favourite traditional Indian bridal hair accessory.Keep your hands simple and make sure that you wear a smaller bhindi with an elaborate Matha Patti.

3. Borla

BorlaA Borla is basically similar to a maang tikka, but it is a typical type of maang tikka that usually Rajasthani women wear. It is a conically shaped hair accessories for brides which usually contains intricate work on the ends and sides of the cone.  A Borla can be a great wedding hair jewellery for women who want to keep it minimal. it is a simple hair accessory that will go with almost any Indian outfit or even heavy bridal jewellery. it is one of those hair accessories which will look good on every face type and outfit.  it is easily customisable, in the sense that it comes in various encrusted gemstones that can be matched with the colour of your outfit.

4. Jada Billa / Embellished braid

ada Billa / Embellished braid

A Jada Billa is more common in the South Indian brides. these are hair accessories for brides who have long hair and they weave it into a braid. The jada is basically an embellished bridal hairpin that has intricate design or gemstones over it. The braid is decorated with multiple jadas throughout the length. the finished product looks like a complete golden or floral braid. This is an absolutely stunning way of styling long hair for Indian brides. if you are wearing a see through dupatta this can be a superb way to turn a simple braid into a more bridal braid.

5. Passa or Jhoomar

Passa or JhoomarDefinitely one of my favourite bridal hair accessories, jhumar or passa Is a hair accessory which is worn on one side of your hair. This is easily one of the most important Indian Brides Hair hacks for the shorter length of hair. If you have shorter hair and you still want to look festive and wear heavy bridal jewellery, Just pair your heavy Kundan passa with your perfect bridal lehenga, and nobody would even realise your short Hair.  this can also be a great accessory to wear on your sangeet function.  Jhumar can be a great way to tone down square face shapes.  it pulls the attention towards your hair and makes your face less obvious.

6. Single side

Single side Not every bride wants to do the traditional lehenga and traditional jewellery on her wedding day. some brides like to take their bridal look slightly up a notch by wearing it with very offbeat bridal hair accessories or jewellery. A single side headband can make just the right statement. A bride can look really glamorous and fashion forward with this hair accessory. If you’re wearing your hair half up and half down, or completely open, this can be perfect bridal hair accessories to pair with. Another really great bridal hair accessories for people who have broad face shapes.

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7. Flowers

FlowersWearing flowers in your hair is the most age old wedding hair jewellery used by Indian brides. no matter how simple flowers can look it can serve as perfect bridal hairpieces for every type of Indian wear. Indian bride wears flowers in at least one of her where is wedding ceremonies. there’s something really magical about putting a bunch of Red Roses on the side of your bun and covering it with a sheer dupatta.  this is a very cheap and budget friendly Indian bridal hair accessories and you don’t even have to worry about buying it in advance. flowers can serve as an easy quick fix for ladies who forget to buy something special to put on there beautiful hairdos.

8. Juda / Bun Pins

 Juda / Bun Pins

A juda pin is basically and embellished wedding hair clip that can be worn over a simple bun and turn it into a more dressy look. Juda pin can be a very simple way to increase the style quotient of a simple hairdo.  if you have very long hair and you wish to make a bun out of it a Juda pin or bun pins can be a great way to make it slightly more bridal.

These juda pins are the classic hair accessories bridal occasions need.For a simple bridal hair accessory use a Juda pin. Co-ordinate it with your dress colour and make it look beautiful.

9. Jeweled Hair clips

Jeweled Hair clipsA jeweled  wedding hair clip is a perfect way to style your hair and keep it subtle.If you are wearing a gown for your wedding, or your cocktail and Sangeet you can just use these jeweled  hair clips that serve as perfect hair accessories bridal gowns need. this can be up great hair accessories for wedding since they can be used a simple few hair clips on your bun, how to make it more heavier, you can clip a few of them in a bunch together. Make sure U match the colour of the clips with your outfit to make it more coordinated.

10. Head bands

Head bandsA headband is a perfect example of offbeat Indian bridal hair accessories that have become popular in the recent times. You are a fearless bride, who wants to make a perfect fashion statement and doesn’t want to look anything close to traditional, this is what can make you stand out. these headbands come with a lot of embellishment, embroideries and encrusted gemstones.  they are a perfect way to make any simple outfit completely transformed into a fashion forward ensemble. Choose these Perfect Indian bridal hair accessories for occasions That need you to stand out.

11. Tiaras

TiarasThere’s something about tiaras that has a girl excited no matter her age. If you are looking for some hair accessories to go with bridal anarkalis, dresses for sarees, A nice bejeweled Tiara can be a perfect way to complete the bridal look. we still come in an array of colours, gemstones and finishes. If you are keeping your hair open a Tiara can be a perfect bridal hair accessories to complete your entire look.

With the mix of some traditional and some offbeat Indian bridal hair accessories, this list is the only guide that you will ever need to find your perfect hair  bridal accessory for your wedding. Try out different accessories from this list and find which ones towards your style the most. we hope you make the most prettiest bride.

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