15 Pretty Latkan Designs for Bridal Lehengas


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A designer lehenga with a modern designed blouse and still there is something else to add. If you are thinking it’s a dupatta then you are wrong. Anyways, dupatta is an integral part of traditional legenda outfits. But there is something else that became integral with lehenga recently. It is latkan that beautifully hangs on either side of lehenga.

Latkan is not a strange accessory or new accessory. It is there from ages as part of lehenga outfit. It is only now that it has become a more stylish part. Latkan is a loved attachment and especially for bridal lehengas.

A bride knows how to keep her bridal accessories in place. It is all ready to be dolled up with all the traditional accessories. Then she will hook the latkan too as an attachment of elegance.

Latkan Designs For Bridal Lehengas

To be honest the traditional jewelry and accessories come in various styles. Fashion is an element that keeps traditions alive. So, let’s see how fashion influenced the latkan styles for bridal lehengas.

1. Mirror work latkan


Most of the traditional accessories are designed with mirrors. The beauty of traditions is too perfect with mirror designs.

You can choose the multi layer latkans. Look for gold latkans with mirror designs for your bridal lehengas. It brings the ethnic style that a bridal outfit must look like. The mirrors reflect the gold shine and make your style noticeable. You feel elegant while you walk around.

2. Tassel hanging latkan


The delicate tassels are always for a feminine style. You may want to look bold in your formal wear and stylish in western wear. But as a bride, all you want is looking traditional and flawlessly feminine. So there comes the tassel latkan to add some feminine style to your bridal lehenga.

You can choose the contrast colour latkan to style your bridal lehenga. You can also choose the iconic colour combinations which throw the traditional and modish look. Like silver colour tassels for pink lehenga. Look for such pairings for your bridal lehenga.

3. Simple gold latkan


The latkans with less embellishments and light hangings are pretty too. These are the simple latkans that are good to attach with heavy bridal lehengas too.

There are several designs of simple latkans. Ethnic threads with tiny beads or tassels and dangles. We have mentioned a few styles and also attached a few pictures to show you how simple latkans look with bridal lehengas.

4. Pearl embellished latkan


Pearls know how to attract a woman! The shine and the pretty shape. Pearls fit into fashion like an insuperable part. And why not for latkans!

If you are wearing the bridal lehengas of these colours then choose latkans- burgundy, gold, yellow. The beauty of the pearls work differently with different colours. Your bridal lehenga would look styled with pearl latkans and traditional too.

5. Cushion styled latkan


If you prefer customized latkan then you can go for cushion design. It is a heavy and pretty latkan with tiny cushions. The cushion design latkans accessorize your lehenga in a traditional way.

Cushion latkans with bride and groom names are trending for bridal lehengas. You can make it look ethnic with embroidery designs and patching the ethnic motifs. If you are looking for outstanding and grand latkans then these are the best choice for your unique taste.

Many modern brides are falling in love with these designer latkans. The cushion latkans are lovely to go with fancy or traditional bridal lehengas.

6. Golden beats latkan


A golden beaded latkan is a multi purpose accessory. Gold accessories can be paired with every ethnic outfit. You can also wear it along with your bridal blouse or lehenga.

It prettifies your lehenga with swinging gold beats. It becomes an outstanding accessory with style and ethnicity. You have plenty of styles in golden beaded latkans. It is up to you to choose heavily embellished or simple golden latkans. Try to keep it suitable for your bridal lehenga.

7. Heart shaped latkan


Brides right the groom’s name with mehndi. This is not only a tradition but also a message of love. After all you both are starting a beautiful new phase. So, keep giving your message and show your love.

Your latkan can also do the job for you. You can have a customized latkan in heart shape for your bridal lehenga.

8. Lace latkan


Lace design is the most popular for outfits and jewelry. The intricate lace design is impressive. It looks extremely alluring with detailed design.

Lace design hangings with sleeks ethnic threads is an alluring attachment for bridal lehengas. For your visual idea, we have not only described it in words but also made an attempt to show the design with the image. Look at the lace layan for bridal lehengas.

9. Jhumka latkan


How much do you love to adorn your ears with jhumkas? Love for jhumka earrings made it into thousands of designs. It is an eye catching design that always fits the traditional dresses.

Accessorizing your lehenga is when you want to make it look like bridal. The bridal lehengas are traditional with zari borders, ethnic colours, motifs and a lengthy dupatta. To all this, jhumka latknas are a charming attachment with ethnicity. It is much like attaching a jewelry piece to your bridal lehenga. Jhumkas are pretty with lehenga dresses and it looks as alluring as earrings.

10. Pom pom latkan

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Pom pom is an adorable design which is great to add with traditional dresses and accessories. If you love adding more colour to your lehenga then you can get colourful pom pom latkans. Pompoms are a delightful combination with beads and pearls. The captivating design and colours make your lehenga look modish and adorned.

Women generally add the extra accessories to look extraordinary. This is one of the designs that make you look extra special with multi colours and unique hangings.

11. Chain dangle latkan


The dangles bring the elegance to your bridal lehenga. You can choose the chain dangle latkes which are attached with embellishments like beads, stones and pearls. The sleek dangles are the perfect to wear along with lightweight lehengas.

These are also minimal designed latkans that are not heavy, They do the styling that you want adorning you gracefully. Have these latkans for your lehengas which can be attached not only for wedding but also for later times for other occasions.

12. Cute bicycle laktan

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A wedding fantasy for many couples is to go for a bicycle ride. If you have such crazy fantasies then you will adore this latkan. The latkan looks like a miniature cycle. It is a contemporary designer latkan which suits the fancy bridal lehengas.

It is a unique latkan with other cute elements like umbrellas. You can check out the sample designs of this latkan. The colours of the latkan elevate the design. It shows off your modish and crazy idea of accessorizing your bridal lehenga. The fancy girls would love to have such accessories with their wedding outfits.

13. Butterfly latkan


Butterflies are the sweet creatures with colourful wings. Depicting the beauty of a butterfly, many accessories are created. Latkans for bridal lehenga with pretty butterflies is the captivating accessory.

The bright coloured butterflies with embellishments like pearls and stones look nice. For the above given latkan, it is designed with zari work. It is an attractive multi colour latkan with different colour butterflies.

14. Bird latkan


The tiny birds peeking alongside your lehenga look spectacular. This is a customized design many modern brides loved to attach with their bridal lehengas. If you want to get a unique customized latkan then this is a smart idea.

You have plenty of elements to make the latkan look super special. Sequins, stones and embroidered bird shapes look great to pair with your bridal lehengas. You will love wearing your bridal lehenga with such lovable attachments.

15. Floral latkan


Floral designs go where fashion goes. Outfits, accessories and hairstyle, everywhere floral designs would be the overtaking fashion element. It is all about the pretty floral shapes. And floral designs add the feminine essence along with ethnicity. That is how floral designs are into bridal accessories too.

You have various floral designed latkans. Lotus, roses and sunflowers are the mostly found designs. You can also look for latkans with floral embroidery. We have attached the images of floral latkans.

Brides love to add everything that makes them look bridal, special and eye catching. Hope you have also loved to see the latest designs latkans for bridal lehengas. We have shown you multiple designs of latkans-adorable, unique, beautiful. Choose the designs which your eye catches and flaunt with grace.

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