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wedding dress styles

Figuring out which type of wedding dress you need to get is a big task. You may not have all the time and patience to try each and every type of dress. The best way to know what dress you want is to do some homework before shopping. Getting the perfect dress is like a dream, every girl waits to look like a queen on her wedding day. Here is a simple guide for wedding dress styles, which will help you to determine your wedding dress type. Just go with your instincts and pick up the best dress style and look amazing on your big day.

How to determine wedding dress styles

1Decide the length

Decide the length

Before surfing through the internet for different pictures of wedding dresses, you need to decide what length should your dress be. If you want a floor length wedding dress or a short dress. There are different lengths, the mini length, knee length and below the knee length. Determining the length would help you know which type of skirt you would want. I would personally prefer a long length skit, it gives a classy and elegant look also emphasises the bust area.

The length of the skirt will also help you decide if you want a long trail to you dress or not. Having a long trail for walking down the aisle would give the dreamy fairy-tale look. While having a trail on a short dress would also look smart and peppy.

2Decide the skirt type

Decide the skirt type

There are different types of skirts, which can confuse you while shopping. Knowing these types would make your task easy. Ball gown skirt, Straight, column, sheath skirt, A-line skirt Flared skirt, Trumpet skirt and Mermaid skirt. The ball gown skirt, gives you a proper ball room type look just the one like Cinderella had.

The ball gown dress would look good on slender or pear shaped body. If you have a large bust size, this dress type would give you the hourglass shape. The straight skirt, has a narrow shape, the dress hugs your body and shows all the curves you have got. If you are a slim person with wonderful curves this type would look good on you.

The A-line skirt, I call it the versatile dress types. This suits every body type. It can just look perfect on any one, no matter what body type they carry. The flared skirt. There are chances that you might get confused between the flared, trumpet and mermaid skirts. The flared skirt starts its flare in a flow right from below your hips. The trumpet skirt, gives more of a dramatic flare from the mid-thigh. The mermaid skirt, hugs your body till the knees and then flares in a flow from there giving you a fish tail look.

3The Back design

The Back design

The back of your wedding dress is equally important. You can select either a backless or a dress with back design from different wedding dress styles. If you want a backless dress, know different neck lines available. There is- halter neckline, cross-back neckline, sweetheart neckline, strapless neckline, thin strapped neckline and key-holed back.

If you want a dress with a designed back, then select the way you want your back to look. You can go for laced fabric, according to its design. Remember that, on our wedding your back will have more exposure. From the time you walk down the aisle and throughout the wedding ceremony. And also while you have your first dance, right after the wedding ceremony.

4Decide the sleeves

4. Decide the sleeves

You can have a fully sleeveless dress or a dress with full sleeves. There is a range of choice for you. There is off shoulder for the brides with great collar bones to show off. Dresses with thin straps as sleeves also look elegant and fashionable. If you want to have a full sleeved dress and yet show your skin, laced material would be the best. There are capped sleeves and one shoulder sleeved dresses that gives you a trendy and different look.

5The waistline

The waistline

There are four types of waistlines. You need to know your body type and accordingly choose a dress. The natural waistline, the line is above the hip bones and the belly button. The no waistline, would be a straight dress without any divide for a waistline.

The defined waistline, is like the natural waistline which shows the divide using a different design or a bow. The raised waistline, sits right below the bust, it is also called the empire waistline. This allows you to have a neat and elegant look.

Once you have determined all the above points, you would have picture of what type of wedding dress would look the best on you. Shopping accordingly would save you a lot of time and effort. You can just design your own wedding dress using this guide for wedding dress styles. Always know that whatever body type you have does not define a dress. The way you would carry it would define it and expose your real beauty. Be confident and look great on your day because, that one day is going to be all about you.

By- Roseleen Aind

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