10 Bridal Lehengas By Manish Malhotra- Dream Like Bridal Fashion


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10 Bridal Lehengas By Manish Malhotra- Dream Like Bridal Fashion
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The fashion creators and rulers always set the fashion on fire. The fashionable outfit and accessories give birth from the creativity of fashion designers. The brilliant fashion designers of India are fond of working on bridal lehengas. One of the famous fashion designers in India is Manish Malhotra.

Manish Malhotra being a celebrity designer, he don’t cross the border of designing only for models and celebrities. He keeps himself involved in making bridal lehengas.

The fashion designers are the personalities who must promote the Indian traditions through their designs and creations. Manish as a fashion designer is doing it all right. You got to look at the dreamy bridal lehengas designed by him.

Bridal Lehengas By Famous Designer Manish Malhotra

The bridal outfits and accessories have a separate collection. The bridal collection is has the craze that is different from other routine fashion stuff.

Fashion designer working on bridal lehengas is not just part of their profession but a demand from the fashion industry. People are looking for special outfits that can style and give them a bridal makeover.

We have collected a set of amusing bridal lehengas from the most famous fashion designer- Manish Malhotra. You can check how is experiments on bridal collection and what makes his bridal lehengas so viral.

1. Gold in red bridal lehenga

Gold in red bridal lehenga

Red is an ultimate colour that says it is bridal. But Manish Malhotra never fails to add the extra ethnicity to red bridal lehengas. The motifs he chooses on to go with red lehengas make it a bridal outfits.

Bridal lehengas flares and touches the floor. The designs that designer Manish Malhotra makes the flared and long lehengas fashionable and elegant.

You can look at the red bridal lehengas in the above images. The motifs and designs that are detailed with intricacy are doing the talking of bridal style. The motifs that Manish give on red bridal lehengas are elephant, lotus which are closely related to Indian ethnicity and traditions.

2. Pink lehenga woth gold work

Pink lehenga woth gold work

Pink and silver is the lovely combination for bridal lehengas. Before saying this, you must look at the pink lehenga with golden work. You will search for the compliments and words to praise the designer.

The light pink lehenga with golden floral designs is making the lehenga look extremely ethereal. Seems that the real bride loved the lehenga and she posing with a bright smile.

Manish Malhotra designed for multiple brides with this brilliant combination of pink and golden.His idea of making the lehenga spectacular with unique designs and combinations worked brilliantly. Do you also feel the same?

3. Ivory lehenga with gold touch

Ivory lehenga with gold touch

Ivory is the colour that we look up to for a fancy outfit. Here, you can see the traditional ivory lehenga which is part of Manish Malhotra’s bridal collection.

The golden works makes the lehenga traditional. You can look at the border of the lehenga which is extra broaden. This is a lehenga that comes to break the fashion stereotypes of traditional bridal lehenga. The red and golden colour can only give a lehenga bridal look? We can say know to this statement after looking at the above birdal lehenga.

4. Red and white bridal lehenga

Red and white bridal lehenga

Red and white is a routine combination for women outfits. Manish Malhotra making a bridal outfit out of this routine combination is great. This combination of red and white on the lehenga is extremely pretty.

The white floral design which goes intricate on red lehenga is simply attractive. A bride who love to stay in fashion along with traditions would love to wear such kind of lehengas.

5. Pink lehenga with silver showering

Pink lehenga with silver showering

The bridal lehenga that is worn by Isha Ambani is still doing the fashion talking.The pink lehenga is designed with the white work intricate work.

Not only lehenga, the blouse is also pretty. Though pink and white is a monotonous combination- the designer made the bridal lehenga look special with the designs.

The art and skills makes it a fashion inspirational bridal lehenga.

6. Mustard green bridal lehenga

Mustard green bridal lehenga

Are you not a fan of mustard green colour? Then, you will become now!

The msutard green bridal lehenga can steal your heart. This bridal lehenga with pink floral designs is unique. The border of the lehenga is beautiful with golden fabric. The combination of mustard green, pink flora and golden border is this attractive.

The combinations that we cant even imagine are brought together for a bridal lehenga. This makes the designers- the fashion creators. Whats say?

7. Fuchisia Pink bridal lehenga

Fuchisia Pink bridal lehenga

Fuchsia pink lipstick is stunning on brides. Now, forget the the lipstick shade and look at the bridal lehenga of the colour. Bridal lehengas coming in red, gold and yellow is known and widely seen. But this fashion experiment is not to miss by the modern brides of India.

You can see the golden connected flora on the lehenga. And simply pairing the lehenga with a golden blouse makes it a stunning bridal lehenga.

Every bride would have a dream bridal look. We would also imagine ourselves in the dream outfits.

8. Royal blue bridal lehenga

Royal blue bridal lehenga

Every brides strikes a fashionable pose in such bridal lehenga.

The royal blue bridal lehenga makes the brides appear all royal.

The combination of designs on the lehenga are perfectly sequenced. In this lehenga Manish Malhotra included the golden designs of different size and shapes. Every designs includes the designs but setting the design to make lehenga look charming is only possible for the fashion experts. We can say this is one of the best bridal lehengas from the collection.

9. Peach bridal lehenga

Peach bridal lehenga
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Peach is colour that sets the fancy display of an outfit. Adding the traditional designs to this trending colour made a perfect bridal lehenga.The intricate design on lehenga covered he peach lehenga beautifully. The flow of floral designs went non stop right from waistline to bottom tip of the lehenga.

This bridal lehenga is extremely dreamy and a looks like a fairy tale for Indian brides.

10. Gold flow bridal lehenga

A bridal lehenga without golden work and embellishments is incomplete. And how about golden lehenga filled with golden work. This may not sound great, let your eyes see the most graceful bridal lehenga form the above image.

A fashionable blouse and traditional bridal lehenga becomes bride’s love when it is designed this way. The golden bridal lehenga is no less to beat the beauty of jewelry. The bride’s jewelry and lehenga competes when she accessorizes her final bridal look.

The bridal lehengas from Manish Malhotra’s collection are well crafted. An Indian bride who cannot compromise on tradition and fashion will love these bridal lehengas. The fashion experiments by Manish Malhotra are quite impressive and accepted all over. Now you know the reason why his bridal lehengas are gaining huge love.

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