Causes of Hair Loss After Weight Loss- 8 Tips You Must Follow For Healthy Hair


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hair loss after weight loss

When you aim and achieve something, that will be the happiest moment. Setting the goals to become fit is easy but achieving the same is harder than we imagine.

You feel great whenever you lose your weight. Mirror calls you many times to look at your transformation. Self love grows more and you will be obsessed with yourself and your appearance. Now, we imagined all the positives till here. In the course of losing your weight if you are losing your hair? It will be the nightmare and again sleepless nights will come back.

Have you noticed losing your hair due to rapid weight loss? And are you thinking that “No pain No Gain”? If you are thinking this way, it is the biggest mistake you are doing. You must know that weight loss can happen without hair loss.

As I believe in, explaining the causes and then give the solutions- Lets know what is the cause for hair loss with rapid and sudden weight loss?

Can Rapid Weight loss Cause Hair Loss?

Can rapid weight los

Yes is the answer for the above question. Rapid weight loss can cause hair fall. Before calling it hair loss, observe the hair you are losing everyday. If is around 50-100 hairs a day, then you cannot call it hair loss as it is quite normal. Your pressure and push to your body for weight loss may cause hair loss. So, here it doesn’t mean that you rapid weight loss is the only reason for the hair loss. We mean to say, it can be one of the causes for hair loss.

We will also give away the tips to grow your hair after weigh loss. So, continue reading…

How weight loss can effect hair loss?

weight loss can affect hair

Vitamins and proteins are the best friends of hair growth. While working on your weight loss, you disconnect the vitamins and proteins with your hair. Then, this will effect your hair and the loss starts. So, you must only set the weight loss goals with healthy food and exercises. You must have a balanced diet which is loaded with vitamins and proteins.

Remember that you are throwing a tough challenge to your body which is new and strange.

You must be polite while dealing with your body weight. Now, just recollect how all you were treating your body to cut down your weight. Let me also guess what all you did in the process of losing your body weight and causes along with that kind of treatment:

1. Depressed with your Body Weight

There are many symptoms of losing your hair and one of the major once is hair loss. You were just putting the physical difficulties on your mental health. This affects your hair quality and leads to breakage of hair. Your depression and over thinking may reduce the hair growth cycle and this will lead to the major cause for hair loss.

2. Skipping Meals

If you are thinking that skipping any of the meals can reduce your weight, you must immediately come out of that thought. Every meal of the day has its won significance. Often skipping of your breakfast can give you the results of hair loss. You may wonder at this fact but it is all true. Your empty stomach cannot give you the good results of weight loss. Coming to hair loss, your follicles get weak due to skipping your meals and there stops the hair growth.

3. Exhausted With Workouts

Till now, we heard all good and great about workouts. The other side of workout is stress which can cause hair loss. The tasks you are fixing to your body is a sudden change and it shatters in various ways. One of the ways it affects is hair loss as you are pushing your body beyond it’s capacity.

4. Poor Intake of Proteins and Vitamins

We are aware of few things which are good and bad for us. But we still tend to make the mistakes. So, you go with a dieting process to lose weight by reducing major amount of vitamins and proteins which are the keys source for hair growth. But why would care for hair when you have enough. It is the matter of concern when we are start losing something. The same happened with your hair.

This is how you treated yourself neglecting your health and hair care. All this just happened because you are much conscious of losing your weight than anything else. After looking at the causes, hope you realized that was the harsh treatment for long time and your hair and health are in emergency of your love and care.

Hair Loss with Weight Loss – Is it A Deep Damage?

Firstly, hair loss after weight loss is not hair damage and it is not a permanent condition. After reading this statement, you will have some relief out of your thoughts.

Lost hair can be gained back and here I would like to get that proverb “every problem has a solution”. There are stages for hair loss and growth as hair goes through a cycle. So, that way we can clearly say hair loss after weight loss is a phase but not a end. To understand this point how deep is the damage and whether it is permanent or temporary, you need to know the phases of hair growth.

Hair Growth Phases:

There are three phases of hair growth. The life cycle of hair goes through growth, fall and regrowth.

1. Anagen: Anagen is a growing phase and 80-90% of hair are of this stage. Anagen phase lasts for 2-7 years and it also depends on the length of the your hair. Some people in this stage can have long hair naturally and it is based on genetics.

2. Catagen: The first phase anagen ends and the hair growth stops. Catagen is the shortest phase of all three phases which lasts around 3 weeks.

3. Telogen: This is a shedding phase where your hair will released and takes rest for 3 months around. During this phase you will lose 50-100 hairs and it is not an abnormal condition. Then, after three month, your will return to anagen phase.

Other Causes of hair loss in common: As weight loss is not the only cause for hair loss, you must look into other causes as well. So, the foremost thing you need to do is observe the cause for your weight loss. There are also some causes that end up the hair growth and few causes are temporary. Some of the other causes of hair loss are heredity, thyroid, aging, pregnancy and styling & usage of heat appliances.

So, it is better to know the cause and then go for the right treatment or remedies.

Tips for Hair Growth and Hair Fall after Rapid Weight Loss:

You must follow these tips making your hair and health as your first priority. Push your priorities of slimming and weight loss to lower level and focus on hair health. Following these tips for hair growth will not result you in weight gain but will give you overall health and fitness as well.

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1. No more detaching of vitamins & proteins from your diet

detaching of vitamins

You must take the diet that is packed with all the vitamins and proteins. To grow your hair which is lost due to sudden weight loss, you must focus on the vitamins-B7(biotin) and B12(Cobalamin). So, never again get any ideas of detaching vitamins and proteins from your daily diet. You can have foods like eggs, leans meats, soya beans, milk and spinach that are filled with proteins and help you in hair growth. If you are taking such food during weight loss process, you will not face any hair loss problems.

2. Stress is the culprit, I must say this

Stress is the culprit

The emotional stress you are taking by setting the weight loss goals is affecting your hair health. So, you need to manage your stress levels. You must know that stress will only results you health effects and hair loss like problems. It is crucial to learn and understand the techniques of managing your stress. So, keep yourself happy and stay optimistic in the journey of weight loss.

3. Regular Hair Wash is Required When You are Sweating Out

Regular hair wash

What can be the link between heavy workout and hair wash? If you are confused with this question- I would like to give you the answer. So, heavy workout gives you excess sweat. You may love to sweat out but the sweat on your scalp will slowly lead to hair loss. The sweat settled on your scalp will make your hair strands weak and it reduces the life span of your hair. So, you need to shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week when you are sweating out with heavy cardio exercises and gym time.

4. Save Your Hair By Nourishing it Well

Save your hair

I completely agree that it is all about the intake through diet. But it is also about the outer nourishment you are giving to your hair. The proper care and conditioning focus for hair can retain the volume that you lost after weight loss.

How to nourish my hair after rapid weight loss?Deep oil conditioning 2 a week

  1. Deep oil conditioning 2 a week
  2. Massage you scalp
  3. You must use chemical free shampoos.

5. Drink Water-its Not Less Than Oxygen

Drink water-its

If oxygen is a need to survive then sufficient water is a need to stay healthy all the ways. The fact is, dehydration can be a lead for hair loss. As your hair needs enough moisture to stay away from split ends and breakage, you need drink water. So, a person needs at least 2 liters of water to have proper hair growth and strengthened hair. You can also get rid of hair problems like dandruff which is an annoying condition.

6. Lack of Sleep is Lack of Many Things

Lack of sleep

Your sleepless night can be the cause for hair loss. Your lack of sleep will gradually weakens your hair and then your hair start to fall drastically. This can be a direct or indirect effect of insufficient sleep. It is better you call it as a direct effect on hair as your hair goes through a process during sleep. The process during sleep is helpful for hair growth by generating epithelial cells. This directly shows the impact on hair follicle and stops hair growth when you are not allowing the process to happen normally.

7. For a While Switch to Cardio Exercises

switch to cardio exercises

If you are on heavy workout plan then you must it out We know that workout is an effective way to reduce weight but it is good to be under control. The more of your energy will be taken off with heavy exercises, as a results your hair may get thinner and weaker. As you cannot stay away from workout completely, you can switch to cardio exercises for a while. Along with that you need to need to take the measures like proper nutrition, enough sleep and drinking water.

8. Self Care and Love

Self care and love

Last but not the least is to show to love and care yourself. Many of the youngsters are concerned about their appearance and giving the unexpected challenges to their body. Your aims of slimming and goals of fitness in wrong ways are affecting your health. So, I want to say that you must love and care yourself to lead yourself in a right way. Give your body and the system some time to blend into your dieting habits and workout timings. Your sudden challenges are warning you indirectly with hair loss like symptoms.

Follow the diet plans and workout plans which can give you all positive results.

When you are working on something, you need only the positives as output. But when it is giving the negative results, you must run out of that way immediately. So, drop all the ways you were following for weight loss which caused hair loss. Look for the better and execute the best, there you will see the success. So, we have brought you the tips for hair growth and follow them for best results of hair growth which you lost with rapid weight loss.

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