Genius ways to save money when you travel abroad

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Traveling somewhere outside your city may seem difficult with the planning, budgeting and so many other expenses. But, there are a lot of techniques in which you can make sure to utilize so you’re your trip to overseas or abroad can be a smooth one. Yes, if you are having children with you and traveling abroad with them, or even if you are traveling alone, you can make it affordable. Wondering how? We are here to give you genius ways in which you can save money, decide and analyze your options while traveling alone or with your family. Planning a well budgeted holiday will make your life easier. So, here are some ways to save money while traveling or you can follow when you plan your next holiday!

Top Ways to Save Money While Traveling

1Choosing your air fare

Choosing your air fare

The airfare cost keeps varying not just with the time of year, but even by the day of the week that your trip begins. Tickets could be purchased somewhere between 50 and 100 days before your departure. Expenses can be reduced as much as 20 percent by selecting flights that depart on a Thursday and return on a Monday. Airlines generally offer prices that are way discounted during the month of September, but you might be required to travel relatively quickly in order to take advantage of this option. Off season traveling could be an easier way to cut costs since airfares are less during those seasons.

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2Be a Frugal diner

Be a Frugal diner

You may want to explore and check out new restaurants, especially if you really enjoy the cuisine that your vacation destination is known for. You can actually save money if you know what you want to eat and where you want to eat. If your vacation is all about eating and exploring the cuisine, then checking out places where you can get cheaper food without compromising on quality will let you save a lot of money. Planning primarily eliminates all your worries about spending extra money.

For instance, you will get to find a lot of cafes, street vendors and also high class restaurants in the same area. You may want to skip the high class restaurant and eat amazing food in the streets buying from the locals. It tastes better and we can speak for the experience that you will gain from eating and exploring from street vendors. If you want to save even more and still have a good experience, you can always find local grocery store and buy ready made food. That makes it easier. You may use this idea for either lunch or snacks.

3Cheap transportation helps

Cheap transportation helps

Cheaper transportation will help you save a lot of money. Instead of taking the car directly, try to travel in local transportation that is offered in the country. For example, if you can invest 10$ for bus card in Singapore, you can travel up to 8 to 9 $ and up to 3 to 4km, your fare is just 0.77$! Isn’t that easy access? Think about all the money you will save and the distance you go up to. Also, if you stay in a place where you have the freedom to explore and shop nearby, walking is the best way to go around and check for places all by yourself. Commuting in places abroad shouldn’t be difficult if you don’t have a fixed destination in mind. Even if you want to travel by car, think about renting a cheap car rental. Again, researching all this in prior works better!

4Knowledge on currency

Knowledge on currency

Currency keeps changing according to the country you are in! So, make sure the exchange rates are in favor of you. The rates keep changing every single day, so make sure you exchange your money when you find the rates higher in the country that you are traveling to. According to the exchange rates, you can plan your vacation in prior. If you want to travel to Bali or Indonesia, know that One rupee INR is 200$ in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is an underdeveloped country, the exchange rates aren’t high at all. But, if you want to travel to Singapore, Rs 48 is one dollar in Singapore. So, understanding your currency before travelling is important. Knowing your currency will help you save money abundantly.

-Pavithra Ravi

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