What all to consider while planning your Honeymoon


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In our Indian society, it is either the groom making arrangements for the honeymoon or the bride’s gift the package as a send-off to their dear girl. But now things have changed and everyone prefers going in their own money and mainly splitting their money. With all the hush hush of the marriage, you may never give your honeymoon the best thought. But, remember that your honeymoon is one of the best times and it’s never going to come back if you don’t plan it properly now. It is worth planning your honeymoon since you would have to put on your thinking caps and decide a lot of things. There is going to be a lot on your plate and you may slip if things go till the last minute. You sure don’t want all that drama. Right? To get you started on all this, we have a few essential pointers you should keep in mind while planning your honeymoon.

Points To Remember While Planning Your Honeymoon

1How long can you go off work

How long can you go off work

Your honeymoon will mostly depend on the number of weeks you can take off from work. It also determines the number of days you want to allocate just for your honeymoon. It is important to plan how long a honeymoon you want to plan and from when you both can start. It may happen that you want to take an extra few days for the honeymoon, but your better half might want to take offs right before the wedding to be more prepared. Discuss before you go ahead applying for leave. It is always better when things are figured out before jumping into a conclusion..

2Choose where you want to go

Choose where you want to go

It is always better to decide together where you both want to go. Yes, there are a million options thrown up to you when it comes to searching on the net, so choose the best option. Think of places you would want to go and have always dreamt about. Remember to consider your fiance’s suggestions as well while planning. Do you want to go out of the country or any place nearby to avoid spending too much. Work out your options according to your comfort. Pick a place that would suit the dates you are traveling. Like March to May would be great for one place and another place would be awesome during December. Do you want it to rain or do you want to feel the autumn rush? Depends on when and where you are going.

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3Be realistic about how much you can fit in

Be realistic

Trying to pack too much for your honeymoon might get a little too tiring for you. We are not talking about the dresses here, we are talking about your itinerary. If your honeymoon is going to be action packed with a lot of trekking and adventurous sport, we are going to stop you there and say – wrong choice! A lot of couples actually underestimate the tiring days you are going to face during the days of your marriage. You could always go ahead, chill the first few days of your honeymoon, and keep the adventurous encounters towards the end of your vacation. That way you get time to rejuvenate yourself and then jumping into the exciting events.

4Just after your wedding or a few days later?

Just after your wedding

Once you figure out on your idea and the place you want to go, it is now time to plan the ideal time to go. Try to give yourself a day’s clear break before you head off to your honeymoon. You may end up being exhausted from all the wedding work. The post-wedding hum will be missed unnecessarily back at home. You don’t want to leave when your entire family is there back at home. Right? Use your day after the wedding for resting and enjoying with your dear ones. You can choose to rest, enjoy with your family, and be with them. You never know when you would get to spend time with your dear ones after this. Choose going on the honeymoon after a week, which would be ideal.

5Book your tickets and resort

Book your tickets

You can plan and get a good haggle on your package deal if you try for it. Consider more than just one option for booking your travel or stay. Booking flights in prior would help you save a lot of money if you try to book eleven months in prior. If you are going on a package where everything is included, ask for an overall discount from your travel agent.

6Save your holiday money

Save your holiday money

The best option when you are going on a honeymoon is to use your credit or debit card instead of carrying all your cash. Exchange your money to dollars, euro or whatever foreign currency, according to the country you are traveling to. Try to use your debit cards whenever possible, either for purchase or swiping. Money can be saved for other things like tipping, travel in the country and food purposes.

-Pavithra Ravi