Leading Bollywood Actresses who have gone missing from Cinema

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The land of dreams is the other name of Bollywood. A lot of people come from different parts of the world only to be a part of Indian cinema and entertain the audience. We see a lot of new faces every year and Bollywood has been very encouraging in terms of helping the budding artists. Audiences have accepted a lot of new faces and helped them push through the battle and struggles. Bollywood Cinema is surely a powerful place.

Here, we list down Top actresses who wooed their audiences with their looks, acting and professionalism but didn’t last for long. They went missing without a trace on where or what they are doing now! The tinsel town sure miss these lovely ladies and so we take this as an opportunity to bow and dedicate this article for them! Here’s to the leading Bollywood actresses who have gone missing from the Cinema.

Top Actresses Who Never Appeared After a While



Mamta entered the Bollywood industry at the early age of 20s and rocked the Bollywood industry as she worked with the Khans of all time. Aashiq Awara opposite Saif was her debut movie and she got a smashing entry into the cinema world. Both the lead actors won a lot of awards for their debut movie and she climbed the ladder of success with ease. The downfall of this pretty actress started happening after her bold attempt on going shirtless for a magazine cover. She fell in love with a drug supplier and spoilt her career. After she rocked the world with the Saif, Aamir and Shahrukh Khan, the loving lady went missing. We miss you Mamta!

2Kimi Katkar

Kimi Katkar

Kimi Katkar was the sex siren of Bollywood without a doubt who nailed the 1980’s-1990’s era with her bold attempts in the movies she chose. Though her cinema life was short lived, she played many important roles. The movie Jumma opposite Amitabh Bachchan was her famous role and she is still remembered for the role she played. She then married Shantanu Shorey and went missing from the movie industry without a trace. We would love to see you act in movies again Kimi! Like the one in Tarzan!

3Anu Agarwal

Anu Agarwal

This beautiful missie rose to fame with her debut called Aashiqui. The famous director Mahesh Bhatt convinced her to act in movies while Anu Agarwal had no plans of making her mark in the Bollywood Industry. The film offers poured and she set her feet with the first movie Aashiqui. But unfortunately, the beautiful actress’s life didn’t turn out to be the way she expected after she met with an accident in 1999. Her one side of the body was paralyzed and she was down with memory loss for a while. Sadly, she had forgotten her memory and all her stardom was crushed in just a few days. Now we have no idea where she is or how she is. Hope all is well with Anu Agarwal!



This Light-eyed beauty came into the industry with a movie called ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ which got her great reviews on her bold attempt. Dance Dance with Mithun Chakraborthy was her another movie which got her ravings on the attempt of movie choice. Though she made a bang with her debut, she did not make a great comeback in her other films making her lose track. All thanks to the underworld alleged relationship she had with Dawood Ibrahim, she lost her charm and acting chances and now is nowhere to be found.



The year of 1980-1990 was the golden year for the actress Farah! She worked with almost all the top actors of Bollywood and won the hearts of lots of people. Her best films were Imaandar, Naseeb Apna Apna, Love 86 and a lot more. Nevertheless, she got married to Dara Singh’s son Vindu Dara Singh, who hailed from the Cinema family as well, but discontinued her career in acting and became a full time wife. She cut all her movie and social circuits from then on and now we are unable to trace her presence.



One of the most talented and beautiful actresses of them, Meenakshi Sheshadri was the first and the youngest girl to be crowed the Miss India at the age of just 17. Her versatility was then proved in acting when she acted movies like Hero, Damini which was a woman centric movie and other ones in many languages. She also made a powerful appearance in the movie ‘Ghatak’ which was released in the year 1997. Though, she stopped acting in movies post her marriage, the beautiful actress still teaches dance and music classes in Texas and gives several stage performances. We sure miss her innocent smile and attractive eyes.

-Pavithra Ravi

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