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Ayurveda For Radiant Skin

Feeling wonderful and looking good, is an inherent desire and need. Looking radiant everyday is becoming an ultimate goal for every woman. But, due to the pollution and daily stress, the natural aging process is taking a heavy toll on your skin and hair. All around the world, we are witnessing, a natural and organic revolution to end your woes to skin and hair. Ayurveda can genuinely reducing the chemicals, which we are using from our body inside and outside.

Ayurveda restores the balance in your body and is also the ancient practice of the elements. Its formulas will not only help you wellness of your hair and skin, it can also make you healthy by rejuvenating them. It is one of the most natural forms of care, that can make you look beautiful from inside by cleaning it, and feeling fresher.

This Indian science was created more than 5000-year-old, and was meant for beautiful skin, healthy body and calmer mind. It has many wellness and health properties for skin problems like pimples, acne and aging skin for adults. Ayurveda is also a long run solution for hair, skin and overall wellness.

Ayurvedic remedies can help in getting maximum results, for skin care with no or minimum side effects. This efficacy of Ayurveda depends on the materials used. Using natural and Ayurvedic products, isn’t enough, but you have to be particular about the source they originate from. This can be helpful in knowing how much it can help you on your beauty and wellness journey. Here are the few tips on Ayurveda for Radiant Skin also that you can try for glowing and healthy skin.

Tips from Ayurveda

1Keep your skin clean

Keep your skin clean

When we use or consume products, that have toxins and chemicals, it can harm your skin more than you can realize. This type of damage is very silent and can affect your skin as well as health, in the long run. This makes you more prone to allergies and skin problems. So, it is very important to regularly clean your body from outside as well as inside. You can clean your face with herbs like neem and nutgrass for oily skin, and rose or honey for dry skin. They can deeply clean your skin, by removing grime and dirt, which can block out the pores. Along with these try to drink plenty of water, and detoxify by eating herbs like Guggul and Triphala.

2Heal your skin

Heal your skin

Ayurveda believes that beauty problems are health anomalies. Therefore they seek to heal them rather than artificially repair them. For example, Turmeric has a lot of medicinal as well as healing properties. It also is being used, in many Ayurvedic formulas. It is an age-old tradition, to have turmeric with milk, to heal any form of injury. Even the external application of turmeric, can heal or help repair skin damage, that has been caused by harsh wind or sun. Aloe vera, in Ayurveda, can soothe irritated skin and Manjistha, can restore radiance from the skin. To help heal the cracked lips, you can use Ghee.

3Nurture and protect yourself

Nurture and protect yourself

Healthy skin can be the best defense against external as well as the natural process of aging. However, with some right habit, we can look best, on all stages of our life. If you follow an ideal regime, it can boost your immunity and can help in replacing elements, that is lost during the course of your daily life. Oils play a very important role in your body. Oils are full of natural fatty acids and minerals, it can restore vitality, suppleness to the skin as well as strength to the hair. Oils, like almond, sesame, and coconut are the most beneficial. Whereas other herbs like, amla and tulsi, is full of natural antioxidants, that can boost your immunity. You must include them in your skin care as well as dietary regime.

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4Pump Up

Pump Up

To prevent from cold Vata, exercising is necessary for accumulation. Even doctors advise on exercising to keep joints and muscles, toned as well as healthy. It can help you to sweat out toxins. Exercising can also help in blood circulation and digestion, which can give you a healthy blush. Choose the type of exercises you are comfortable with and also that can make you feel good as well give energy, without exhausting you. It can be anything, from jogging, walking, yoga, boxing, dancing, etc. You must enjoy and have fun working on it.

5Determine Your Skin

Determine Your Skin

First try to determine your skin type, before you need Ayurveda to work out. Ayurveda considers the energies that make each individual, they call it doshas. There are three types of doshas; Kapha, Vata, and Pitta.

Basically, everybody has all these doshas, but normally one or two dominate them. These doshas, determine one’s proportion to their likes and dislikes. Don’t worry about your doshas or skin type because these proportions are not constant. They change with time and external factors, like climate, diet or lifestyle.

Here are few ways you can determine your skin type. If you are not very sure, then you can take help from an Ayurvedic expert.


  • Vata; if you have small fine pores. They are basically cool to the touch, and vulnerable to dry, windy weather. For Vata skin care, try drinking plenty of lukewarm water. Include olive oil or ghee, in your diet. Try massaging with lukewarm oil. Try eating plenty offruits and green leafy vegetables, drink milk as well as get enough sleep.
  • Pitta; If you have enlarged pores, on some part of your face, that is, the forehead, nose, and chin. It is generally warm to the touch and is quite prone to moles and freckles. For this type of skin care, Apply sunscreen, whenever you go out in the sun. Use fennel seeds and licorice, on your diet. Eat fruits, and natural skin care products to moisturize. Try avoiding spicy and oily foods, synthetic cosmetics and tanning therapies
  • Kapha; If you have enlarged pores. It is generally thick, oily, and more tolerant. Limit your intake of oily foods and sweets. Exercise, and massage with lukewarm oil for proper blood circulation. Try to Exfoliate your skin, once a week. Include ginger and pepper, in your diet.

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