15 Latest Bridal Outfits For Mehndi Ceremony


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The Indian weddings are incomplete without the ceremonies. The rituals and customs come in a bunch one after one. It is exciting for the bride to be as it is also the fashion time. Wedding ceremonies are significant for the new journey of the couple.

The blessings and wishes makes the occasion super special for the bride. Among the set of wedding ceremonies, mehndi is one of them. The Bride jumps up with enthusiasm to doll up. It is even more happening with the fashionable outfits and magnificent jewelry.

The mehndi wrap on hands and feet, graceful dresses, accessoires and the decor everything adds up to the celebrations. The bridal appearance for the pre wedding celebrations must be special as all the captured moments will be the memories after ages. She must feel as special as in present when she recollects it. Lets see the outfits which make the bride feel this beautiful and special on her mehndi ceremony.

Mehndi Outfits For Brides To Glamorous On In The pre Wedding Celebrations

1. Crop blouse and lehenga


Being a bride, you must take more traditional clothing inspiration. At the time of looking for an outfit for your mehendi- have a look on the latest ethnic crop tops. As you sight the crop tops, you will get an idea of the lehenga you want for your day.

The latest crop blouses are designed with stylish sleeve cuts. You an embroidered or sequined lehenga to pair with your crop top.

If you want to get the traditional look then choose colours like yellow, red or maroon. A fancy touch comes with a peach or cream colour lightweight lehenga. Now choice is yours!

2. Embellished sharara and kameez


Sarara is the most popular outfit for.women in North Indian weddings. It is an attire which decks up the bride with ethnicity. You must consider this outfit for your mehndi. It gives you the party and celebrations you need in a big amount on the day.

Lighten up with the colorful sharara kameez with the enchanting jewelry. Diamonds and pearl jewelry sets and many more accessories are suitable for sharara dress. Forest green, pink colours show off the sarara outfit well.

3. Fancy salwar suit


If you want to keep it simple like the beautiful decor around you, then wear a salad suit. You have various fashionable bottoms which come with a combination with kameez and dupatta.

Hold the dupatta with that bridal elegance. Anything of the outfit may attract you. Give your outfit a fashionable neckline which fits Indian dresses. The embellishments and embroidery designs prettify the outfit. Accessorize your mehndi dress with long earrings.

4. Georgette anarkali suit


We chose to list Georgette anarkali for mehndi as it has the party essence though it is lightweight. The flowing designs on coarse fabric stand out wonderfully.

Choose a light colour Georgette lehenga. The pretty chikankari work on the fabric looks spectacular. You would also want something like this for your mehndi occasion. If you were confused about your choice then bring all these combinations together to get ready as a contemporary bride on your lovely day.

6. Kurti with lehenga


It’s not kurti with palazzo for mehndi! You must style it by pairing an ethnic kurti with lehenga. You can choose a set of this outfit with trendy combinations. Kurti and lehenga are the two different attires but when you pair them, they look one as a whole outfit.

A styling passionate bride would have a number of fashionable ideas to accessorize this outfit. An intricate braid hairstyle or a puff hairstyle with loose curls are the tips we would give you for setting your hair.

7. High low kurti with palazzo


A gown that finished with the high low design is very much into fashion. It is a party where people wear ethnic outfits.

Palazzo with kurti is the mix and match outfit we would suggest for the modish brides. You want to stay in your comfort dress along with the glam. This is a natural dream of every Indian bride. She wants to carry ethnicity, elegance and fashion together. All this put in as a blend with this high low kurti and palazzo outfit.

A feathery silky dress with subtle design makes it a befitting outfit for mehndi ceremony. It brings you the festivity look. The asymmetric cut of high low designs and the alluring Indian designs on it makes it an Indo Western outfit.

8. Shirt and ethnic skirt


Do shirts look formal? Anyone who thinks that shirts are only sophisticated formal looks, we ask you to have a glance at the above ethnic way of styling a skirt. The one who always has an eye on trends and fashion updates would know that shirts are the best to pair with skirts. Not the western style but with an Indian traditional skirt.

For mehndi, a bride looks for something that is wearable all day. She wants to flaunt setting her hair and feel princely. So, skirts let you do all that you dream to do on mehndi ceremony day. Choose a plain white shirt and pair with an ethnic skirt. You can get a cotton skirt with embroidery or banaras skirt with Indian traditional motifs.

9. Fluorescent lehenga outfit


Fluorescent is an inspired colour theme from nature. Many famous designers like Sabyasaachi and Manish Malhotra include the fluorescents in their bridal collection. For weddings it is more about the bride appearing in vibrant colours. I would mehndi is an apt occasion to show your love for light hues. These pretty coloured outfits are the best for roka function and other wedding ceremonies.

The ethnicity works out greatly with light colours. Silver thread or golden thread embroidery elevates on the pale colours. It adds a royal appeal with a mixture of style. If you want to have an idea about the fluorescent lehenga for mehndi, then take your sight to the above image. You will be able to relate about the style I was talking about. Ain’t it beautiful?

10. Floral printed lehenga


How is it to limit floral designs to a part of your outfit? For a festive day, house party or as a wedding guest it looks good. Now you are a bride and you need more flowers and colours to compliment your appearance. Keeping this in mind, we have listed the floral lehenga.

The flow of flowers on an ethnic outfit is extremely pretty. It is an eye catchy dress and it will be tough to take your eyes off it.The pastel coloured lehenga with natural looking flowers is as spectacular as shown in the image.Remember all this beauty works on organza fabric.

Several designers are keeping this in the up to date collection. When you are heading for your wedding shopping, do look for such designer floral lehenga.

11. Double layer kurti with bottom


Double layer kurti is the best ethnic dress for brides on the day of wedding ceremonies and rituals. It is a designer kurti with latest designs like slit, jacket style and knots styles. As it is a modern version of kurti, you will find trendy colour kurtis.

You can also customize the kurti as you wish. Generally double layered kurtis come in different colours and combinations. The inner layer and the top layers differ with colours and designs. So, consider the combination of colours that are put together for the outfit. You can try the double layer readymade kurtis.

Double layer kurtis are a fancy match with palazzo pants, cigarette pants. A partywear double layered kurti with gorgeous hairstyle and the traditional accessories is all together makes a stunning bride to be for mehndi ceremony.

12. Half saree


South Indian girls are familiar with half saree. It is a cultured outfit which is elegant when draped around. Anyways, you have variant draping styles of wearing a half saree. Embellished bordered and silky pallu adds elegance.

The timeless traditional outfit that is versatile to wear for festivals and wedding rituals. Accessorizing half saree is the prettiest part. Variant jewelry pieces are great to adorn your half saree look. You will feel traditionally styled while flaunting in a half saree as a bride to be. Being an attractive outfit is also easy to drape and style.

13. Cape style dress


Cape style dress is a piece that brings a modish look to Indian ethnic dresses. The routine looking Indian outfits are added with cape over for a stunning change over. For example, you have selected a blouse and lehenga which is not so special. For the fashion ladies, lehenga and salwar outfits are too routine. So, for all such brides, cape is the designer attachment. It looks stunning wearing a net cape over the crop top, blouse or choli.

I think cape style is widely accepted in Indian fashion. We don’t have to give any more ideas about it. If you need an illusion and not imagination of this style, then look it up and you will want to try it out soon.

14. Ethnic shrug over dress


Shrug is a western originated attire that turned beautifully into ethnic part of Indian outfit. It is a stylish addition for many Indian traditional outfits like kurta and lehengas. The clearly seen embroidery and chikankari work on the shrug beautifies it with Indian essence. If you want to stay away from the routine kurta and lehenga outfits, then simply add a shrug over your kurta or top. For bottoms, lehenga or cigarette pants are the right pairing.

You are loaded with fashion and super glimpse of Indian traditions. If you want to make this Indo Western outfit look more Indian, then accessorize with golden bangles and earrings. An embellished bindi, ethnic footwear are the other elements that add Indian style to your appearance in mehndi ceremony.

15. Pant saree


Modern women are distinctly used to wearing pants and draping a saree is a far matter for many. If you want to slip into pants and not drape a saree on your mehndi, then it is all fine. More than fine, you are choosing to be a voguish bride. You can wear the pant with the swage and add the style draping the saree along with the pant. Pant saree is the trendiest outfit that is a fusion of both pant and saree.

This Indo Western outfit idea let you be close to fashion and tradition. You can make your mehndi day a rocking party with this outfit. And it is not for a super traditional bride. All the beautiful traditional loving brides have plenty of options in this catalogue of mehndi dresses.

You have multiple varieties of outfits with the fusion of Indian traditions and western touch. Be enthusiastic to get dolled up and then you will walk like a queen to be. Bride to be is queen to be and such beautiful thought about Indian brides made us bring all these outfits into the mehndi catalogue.

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