Different skirt types that you can wear


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Different Skirt Types

Skirts are the most feminine and the most beautiful kind of clothing that is most preferred by all the women around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are on the heavier side or on the thinner side, all that matters is the fact that you just have to pick the right kind of clothes and to make that happen, you need to know the different skirt types.

Skirts were never a new creation at all because it has been prevalent in the fashion intelligence from the 1800s. Every celebrity, model has been a huge fan of skirts. So many skirt types are a hit in the fashion market now, but there are some foreign skirts types are coming in India too. So, here are some different skirt types for women that you can wear whenever and wherever you want.

Different Skirt Types For All Women

1Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

The one thing that has not gone out of fashion is – Denim skirts. Denim skirts were a huge fad back in the 1960’s during the pop culture when the girls stitched their skirts using boy’s jeans. They made a fashion statement by just splitting the inseams and sewed it in a circle-triangular way so that it looked like a skirt.. Denim skirts are not a very girly choice because they give a nice independent feel. But, you can match it with feminine belt loops, headbands or t-shirts.

There are new types of denim skirts now in the market that have ruffles on it, they are stitched with lace and embroidery to make it more appealing to the younger girls. Denim skirts designs have made a huge popularity among girls.

You now have cheetah printed denim skirts, floral denim skirts, pleated denim skirts, plaid and distressed denim skirt, slim denim design, vintage inspired denim design, wrap denim skirt and so much more in the market. Some traditional designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Ann Taylor and J. Crew are trying their hands in making professional denim skirts for office. Denim skirts have come a long way from the 1960’s and are still rocking the fashion world with new trends. Make sure you choose the right kind for the right occasion to stun the right style.

2Long skirts

Long skirts

Wearing a long beautiful skirt is always the ‘it’ thing for a woman. The hemlines are beautifully stitched, that goes up to the feet and makes a very feminine appeal. Well, there are a lot of skirts that vary in sizes and textures. Long skirts are of the most famous ones in trend but the success of the skirt depends on the designer’s imagination as well.

While it is easy to pick the basic long skirts, there are some custom made ones that become the real winners. So, here we are going to discuss about the different hemlines in long skirts and the textures that designers use in stitching. Maxi skirts come in variations of color, texture and length. There are chiffon skirts, cotton skirts, leather skirts, knit skirts, wool crepe skirts, pencil long skirts, maxi floral skirts, tayla skirt and so many more options. There are a lot of designers who prefer long skirts for a casual evening party.

Not every party needs a sleazy dress to shout out loud about your fashion statement, right? Try the new line of collections by designers Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez and Gucci Clements
Ribeiro to experience the different styles and kinds. All you need to do is buy a perfect fitting skirt and embrace yourself!

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3Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are a huge fad in the fashion market now. Its existence came into light in the 1970s when the womenfolk wore it to show off their sleek and beautiful body shape. The skirt can go up to your ankle or even knee depending on the design of the skirt. The wonderment of maxi skirts is that, it looks great on everyone, regardless of your body shape.
If you are on the heavier side, don’t worry at all because maxi skirts look great on you. Maxi skirts can be one of the most wardrobe staple clothing when it is the summer or spring season. These skirts are easy to wear, versatile and definitely comfortable as well.

There are various designs in maxi skirts like the layered silk design, frill design maxi skirts, carve design maxi skirts, printed skirts, silk chiffon skirts, crepe maxi skirts, embroidery maxi skirts and so many more that are adorable cute and sexy.

If you have wanted to buy one, don’t delay at all because this winter can be a great way to start wearing them. You can try wearing the maxi skirt with a plain shirt and a scarf to go with. You can now cut all the cliché clothes and start wearing maxi skirts to make a different style statement.

4Skirt suit

Skirt suit

If you are heading to the most important boardroom meeting or a rehearsal dinner, then you have to make sure that you find the balance between a right blend of style and elegance. It doesn’t matter if you are making a formal appeal or a business look, skirt suit designs will give you all the reasons to be adorned. You have to just make sure that you keep your designs very minimal, simple yet elite.

For a special occasion like your relative’s rehearsal dinner, you can choose a richer fabric and better cuts. There are a lot of designs in skirt suit designs that make you rise to the occasion and wear it. When you go for an elegant design, make sure you choose the fabric right. A richer silk material or a satin design would make a better appeal and the right fashion statement.

Choosing an A line skirt with a buttoned blazer will make a comfortable look for office situation. But a beaded shining and shantung skirt would be more appropriate for a wedding or an elite party. There are floral suit designs, stripped suit designs, shimmer designs, short sleeve designs, knit jacket designs, dyed jacket suit designs and so many more in the line. The secret of wearing a skirt suit is just three words – SIMPLE, UNIQUE and ELEGANT

5Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts

Miniskirts are not a recent fashion development at all. It has been existing right from the time civilization has existed. The only difference between then and now is the trend change and the design change. Back then in the 1800s, women used to believe in wearing clothes according to their beliefs which didn’t allow them to wear clothes that went up to their thighs. However, the concept of style and fashion grew in the later stages and gave birth to the concept of miniskirts.

Now, the trend is totally different and women can wear whatever they want. Miniskirts have also taken its change in shape, style, color, design and texture. There are a million kinds of designs in miniskirts and they vary from texture to style. There are tweaked miniskirt designs, lacy miniskirt designs, flared plain skirt designs, wool designs, striped miniskirt designs, cotton twill miniskirt designs, pleated and printed miniskirt designs and so many more.
Someone once said, ‘What is old is new again’. So was the case for miniskirts as well. They make a remarkable appeal now in the 21st century that brings back the designs of 40’s and 50’s. A lot of brands like Gucci, Dior, Bloomingdale, etc have picked up the old trend to give a new blend of miniskirts to the womenfolk to embrace their fashion intelligence.

6Poodle Skirt

Poodle Skirt

A very different attempt in skirts is the poodle skirt which is a wide swing felt skirt of a solid bright bold color that displays a design which is transferred to the fabric. The poodle design back then was mostly the dog design that the designer in the 50’s adapted to their skirts. This kind of skirt originated from the USA that became super popular amongst the teenage girls.

Poodle skirt is still one of the easiest and simple designed skirt that you can make it at home. The materials are readily available, so you do not have to worry about making it. The poodle skirt is the 1950’s favorite clothing and made a huge buzz then and even now. It has circled embroidery, which has a small opening on the head of the circle that grips to your hip, and a umbrella kind cut towards the bottom of the skirt.

You can add sequin embellishments and choose your favorite color like pink  or blue to make it. Those days, people stuck to dogs as their design, but now a lot of them have incorporated flowers, flamingoes, cars, Barbie dolls etc into their skirts. You can dress your baby girl with a beautiful scarf that matches the skirt to complete her look!

While the year is coming to an end and it is freezing out there, we are also going to suggest a good collection of winter outfit that you can wear

7Cute winter outfits

Cute winter outfits

It is already snowing and freezing out there and you can very much halt for a second and think! Wondering why? Wearing an oversized sweater and jeans can be a very boring combination. There is so much that you can combat this winter blahs with cute winter outfits that are perfectly in style. Get your creative juices flowing as we suggest some of the cutest dresses this winter for you to wrap yourself with.

Consider more than the basic when it comes to dressing for winter. Yes, it is important to cover yourself up with layers of clothes, but what about the off-beat accessorizing and the consideration of texture, color and size? Your winter coats are going to be your dominant clothing in your wardrobe, isn’t it? Why not make that better and interesting? You can give your jackets and boots a try this time around the year!

Don’t go for jackets that are only black or brown in color. Instead pick ones that are in pastel colors so that you can work on the jeans you are wearing. Clothes that are different and offbeat  like printed trousers, floral scarf, sweater vest, a peplum top, and of course denim leggings can make you look extremely chic, beautiful and trendy!

With these collection and our suggestions, you can rock the end of 2015 like none other and enjoy the New Year with lots of fashion and trendy clothes.

-Pavithra Ravi