8 Skin Care Benefits Of Acupuncture


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Benefits Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been a popular massage technique since ancient times. This Chinese therapy, is popular for many reasons. Acupuncture therapy have benefited people, who have many other health concerns, they has noticed the proper skin healing from the treatment. This leads to the rise of “Acupuncture facials” which also combines the whole body rebalancing with the targeted needle stimulation for glowing skin. The lesser known fact is that this technique can be used to address the specific, as well as pesky cosmetic issues. It can also heal you from sagging skin, breakouts and a more balanced body. So here, are some ways on the 8 benefits of Acupuncture for skin, and why you must go for it.

Beauty Benefits Of Acupuncture



A face which is swollen, is a sign of a much larger issues, like allergies, digestive problems, or poor lymphatic drainage can be the cause. Acupuncture can not only correct it, but also can heal it from inside. When the needles are inserted, they cause micro-trauma throughout the body in different points corresponding to different bodily systems.

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2Clear Up Acne

Clear Up Acne

Another benefits of Acupuncture, is its effect has a way of rebalancing as well as calming the breakouts, whether they are chronic or even caused by monthly hormonal fluctuations. Acne is a reflection of digestive system and internal heat, Acupuncture can adjust these premenstrual breakouts through treating the rising heat in the body during certain time of the month.

3Calm Rosacea

Calm Rosacea

Rosacea, is also a similar disease like acne and it also need similar treatment in adjusting the internal balance. In Chinese medicine, rosacea is often referred with digestion and by clearing up the internal digestive issue, it can really help in minimizing the redness as well as irritation on the skin. More benefits of Acupuncture, then you can think of.

4Brighten Dull Skin

Brighten Dull Skin

Acupuncture, can really boost the lackluster of the complexion, directly by triggering the healing process in the face as well as indirectly, by re-calibrating bodily systems. By putting the needle on the skin, it is stimulating the skin circulation, lymphatic drainage, as well as collagen production. Sometimes, dullness can be because of the lack of energy flowing throughout the body. It can help in raising the energy and the balance.

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5Tighten and Tone

Tighten and Tone

Whether it is because of the gravitational pull on the legs or for even slack on the facial skin, a few needle prick can also help in firming things up. This amazing benefit of Acupuncture, is in the therapy for muscle toning as well as deeper tissue toning in the body. It can help in relaxing the deeper tissue, muscles, which are too light or tighten the one those are loose. It is good for lifting as well as sculpting the jawline and the cheeks and even lifting the eyebrows.

6Reducing furrows between the eyebrows

Reducing furrows

The furrows in between the eyebrows can relate the energy of the liver meridian. The furrows are quick, and visible way for an acupuncturist to assess the state of the liver and the intensity of the stress.

7Acupuncture addresses the whole face

Acupuncture addresses

Unlike the botox injections, and many other facial treatments, cosmetic Acupuncture can help in improving the health of the skin and then gently brightening as well as firming the surface, rather than just addressing the wrinkles and fine lines.

8Habitual expression lines

Habitual expression lines

One of the best benefits of Acupuncture, is that it can pathway the extend from the toes to the top of the head. Acupuncture, can point on the body as well as relate to the face in such a way that it can transform those habitual expression lines to give more calmer as well as relaxed appearance.

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