Crop tops are for everyone


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Crop tops are for everyone

Crop tops are one of the most flattering pieces as they draw the attention towards the thinnest part of every woman’s body! The area in the middle of the ribcage, between the breasts and the waist. Whether you are thin and tall fit and trim or curvy and pear shaped, you can always wear crop tops.

Crop tops for girls – Regardless of size and shape, everyone can wear. It is just not for skinny people or tall people. Many women have this feeling, that they do not work for crop tops. We are here to help crush that fear out of you.

Fashion Guidelines To Use A Crop Top

1Thin and tall girls

Thin and tall girls

If you are thin and tall, do not fear of prints. Wear crop tops of floral, big prints and bright colors and pair it up with knee length skirts or midis or with high waist loose pants. You can also wear the same color from head to toe. It gives the effect of minimizing weight and not making look shorter.

2Fit and trim girls

Fit and trim girls

If you are trim, fit, and a gym going girl/woman then you can totally follow the crop top trend without tips and tricks. You will look best in crop top that is mid length and not just cut under the bra length.

3Pear shaped girls

Pear shaped girls

If you are particularly bottom heavy, balance the proportions using print work. A statement crop top will be the perfect match to a plain, black culottes for pear-shaped ladies, as the eye will be drawn up and away from your bottom half.

For top-heavy girls, follow the opposite, look for the plain crop tops and printed trousers.

If you want to highlight your assets, wear lightweight jacket, which will not only streamline your figure, but also look trendy or simply wear a blazer to minimize the look.

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4Curvy girls

Curvy girls

Wear a crop top that hit right at your waist and pair it with a body-con pencil skirt, just below the knees. Opt for a plain crop top with printed bottoms and coordinate with high heels and statement jewelry.

5Rectangular shaped girls

Rectangular shaped girls

If your look is fit and rectangular, then crop tops that are too short, would give you a boyish look. Instead, opt for a vintage look like ‘longer and looser’ and pairing it with high waist body-con pencil skirt or high waist tight pants. Add hat for a greater vintage look.

6Shorter girls

Shorter girls

If you are a bit on the shorter side, look for a crop top that has a lifted hem at the center, it gives the illusion of longer legs. Style it with a pair of slacks or high waist pants with vertical stripes. You can also go for the same print from head-toe that puts in elongated frame.
Choose perfect high heels to complete the look.

7Athletic girls

Athletic girls

You have a super sporty fit looking body, feel free to show your skin. Wear a crop top of sports bra length, and match it with a baggy trousers or boot cuts.

8Big busts girls

Big busts girls

You can actually cover busts as much as required with the trendy crop tops. Try to opt for a classic white button shirt under a black bustier, you can go with any combination and pair the set with comfortable boyfriend jeans, a great black sandal, and you are done.

9Apple shaped girls

Apple shaped girls

You happened to carry weight in the stomach area, but do not let that stop you from opting a crop top. Balance the body to hide your tummy by choosing a top in darker hues or cutouts around the neck and shoulder. Make sure your body is covered with top and the bottom or give a space for peeking a tiny skin.

10Inverted triangle shaped girls

Inverted triangle shaped girls

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, then go for a halter crop top which balances the top and bottom as it minimizes the width of the chest and torso.

-Nilkisha Uddagiri

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