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Well, who wouldn’t love to see Randeep (Ranbir + Deepika) + Imtiaz Ali + A.R Rahman’s combination? It could be one of the best ways to tell movie buffs that they should just stop everything they are doing and head to the theatres right now! Well, everyone definitely would have had that amazing experience or a trip with friends or alone which would stand as a memory in our head forever. Well, looks of Tamasha gives us the same feel. It looks like a basic storyline with a lot of songs, dance and finally giving an Indi-twist. We know how the director can position himself in the minds of the people. Of course, haven’t we already seen that in Highway? There are a million reasons to watch Tamasha, but for now, we will write down maximum 5 reasons why you should go and watch Tamasha in theatres this evening!

Main Reasons to Watch the Movie in Theatres

1Ranbir Reloaded

Ranbir Reloaded

We all know what hell of an actor Ranbir Kapoor is, mainly after the blockstar like Rockstar, Barfi, yeh Jawani and so many more that we can keep counting. He is a magnificent actor who can face the camera like nobody else can with the confidence and all the charm that he has got for himself. If he is going to play the naughty dichotomous character of fighting between what he wants to do and what the society asks for him to do, why wouldn’t that be one good reason to go and watch Tamasha in theaters? Nobody would want to miss his amazing acting, fast steps and his moves in the streets of Corsica! Right?

2The Queen of Beauty

The Queen of Beauty

Deepika has been ruining normal life for girls in reality with her stellar looks, amazing physique and her acting performances. Every guy is in love with her and every girl envy’s her looks and beauty. All said and done, this gorgeous lady has just not conquered the beauty world but also the acting world. The flawless acting and her introduction in the trailer has given us the confidence that this is going to be yet another super hit, sexy acting by her. The intensity, emotion and her bold attempts in character choosing is one other reason why everybody has to watch the movie. Plus, why wouldn’t anyone want to watch when everything is loaded and is a huge positive?

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3The Dream Director

The Dream Director

Imthiaz Ali is all about creating magic that too especially when it comes to a travel subject. The actor is great in showing how a travel can change someone’s life. He explores new lands, takes love as his core concept with a twist and gives us a fresh product that no one can ever think of. Don’t we all love to see what he has in store for us mainly because of his eye for detailing and his beautiful narrative style? His brilliant script mixed with a lot of ideas of his own gives a new blend and texture to the entire movie. The director’s cut is something that every fan waits for and he delivers it perfectly well!

4The Chemistry

The Chemistry

It is just not possible for anyone to think of a better pair than Deepika and Ranbir. May it be in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani or in this, we have always wanted them to be the dream couple even in real life for the chemistry that they have. It is such beautiful and you feel like falling in love with them all over again. That is the chemistry that makes you want to watch the movie over and over again. The romance, dance, fun and everything that they show is beautiful and you want them to relive your dream through their eyes.

5Lovely Music

Lovely Music

No one can even touch that area when the maestro has got it all. There is no doubt that the god of music can do magical music and that is one other reason why this is a must watch movie. The soul is brought out in every song, mainly “Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai…” that just makes you fall in love with him and his magical talent. You will be blown away with the melodies in Tum Saath Ho and Tu Koi Aur Hai and not want to come back to reality. This is the best medicine you can have and nothing else is needed for you to get up and going. Now we just have to see how the music blends with the amazing visuals that is being provided by the team.

All said and done, every single thing on the list includes pain, hard work and commitment. So, if you want your weekend to be fun, enjoying and happening, this is the time for it to go and catch the movie in theatres soon!

-Pavithra Ravi

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