Bollywood Songs every woman wants to hear from her boyfriend


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Bollywood Songs

Have you been in love? This could sound like a stupid question, but seriously, have you been in love? The kind of love that makes you smile every time you think of him? The love that you think will probably take you to another world when you are with that one person. The love that makes you do silly stuff for him? Or the love that you connect instantly when you hear a song? Well, if yes, then you are sure to read more about that in this article. Love gives you a perpetual high even without you being drunk. Isn’t it? All right, while I am blushing and am sure that you are immediately thinking of your guy, let’s look at the amazing soulful tracks that you wished he always sang for you.

Of course, music is the easiest relatable thing when you think of your guy. Isn’t it? So, here are the songs you might want to listen. If he is a good singer, ask him to sing for you! If he isn’t, still ask him, because they feel is just out of the world. So, here are 10 romantic Bollywood songs every woman wants to hear from her boyfriend.

Top Bollywood Love Songs

1Pehla Nasha | Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

Pehla Nasha

It has been 23 years since the inception of this movie and it made people fall in love back then and is still making people fall in love. The song is a beautiful mixture of lyrics, tune and gives you a totally different feel about love. To top it, if your guy sings it for you, aren’t you going to love it even more? The lines – ‘Usne baat ki kuchh aise dhang se’…’Sapne de gaya vo hazaaron range ke’ will automatically get you drunk on love!

2Jaadu hai nasha hai | Jism

Jaadu hai nasha hai

Words are not enough to explain how beautiful this song pans out if your guy sings this for you, mainly if it’s the night. A perfect song that explains how love can move to the next step of seduction. If you are making dinner, candle light dinner and then if he strums the chord and sings the song, then you would want to kiss him. Well, though this song is a female version, it would sound great when a guy sings it.

3Tum Hi Ho | Aashiqui 2

Tum Hi Ho

Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina…Har saans pe naam tera… Wah wah! The lyrics of this mesmerizing song from the movie Aasgiqui 2, sung by Arjith Singh will make you fall in love with the feel of falling in love. This song has proved to be the epitome of love and the feel will keep you fresh and enlightened. The beautiful lines, the rain, the guy singing are enough to feel treasured! Make a wish that your guy can re-create something like this for you.

4Tum Se Hi | Jab We Met

Tum Se Hi

If you are out on a candle light dinner with your guy, ask your guy to sing this song. Hold his hand and travel into the magical land of love just like how Shahid and Kareena travel in the song. The most romantic song ever sung, could send you goose bumps and make you feel all over loved again and again. ‘Har ghari saans aati hai’…’Zindagi kehlati hai’…’Tumse hi tumse hi’ – Aren’t these lines not enough to tell you that he loves you more than anything else?

5Mast Magan | 2 State

Mast Magan

Here’s a warning about this song – You hear it once and this will get stuck for so many more days! This beautiful song is enough to show how much he loves you and how much he wants to get married to you. If he sings this song, take it as a sign that he is super serious about you because ‘Jogiya jog lagake’…’Makhra rog lagaa ke’…’Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye’…’Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye’ says it all! Isn’t it just too ‘awww’?

6Tu Jaane Na | Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani

Tu Jaane Na

Yes, maybe sometimes your guy might not be the best singer in the world. He may shy off more than necessary and may be you also have a friend during the dinner. With a sore throat, he sings ‘Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya’..’Woh hai milta tumse hubahu’…’Ooo jaane teri aankhein thi ya baatein ki waja’..’Huea tum jo dil ki aarzoo’, that second you hear him sing the song, you are going to definitely hum it with him. You will go back home and secretly smile a million times for him singing it. You would probably tell him that he was better than ‘Aatif Aslam’ himself!

7Kabira | Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


‘Kaisi teri khudgarzi’…’Lab namak rame na misri’..’Kaisi teri khudgarzi’..’Tujhe preet purani bisri’… Kabira, maan ja! Everyone’s favorite song, no matter what! This is the best of Arijit and there is no better love song than this! Case closed!

-Pavithra Ravi

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