Top Telugu movies with morals


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It is very important for a movie to entertain and educate its audience. Inspiring the audience with a message hidden in the movie is what Telugu movie is known for. The industry that has produced such amazing talents like Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, N.T.Rama Rao and so many more has its name for morality and good movie sense. Though we have seen greater movies, some telugu movies have a great inspirational touch to it and give out a great meaning towards life. So, today we are going to see top Telugu movies that have morals, in other words tollywood movies that have taught us morals.

Top Telugu Movies That Inspires Its Audience

1Aa Naluguru

Aa Naluguru

Every movie wants its hero and its main cast to be a decent person. Well, this movie for a change asks all of us to be a decent human being. This movie is uniquely important because of the way it has been handled. It is one of the best movies that inspires you to be a greater person in life. The crux of the movie is all about the society gathering together to bid a goodbye to a good man who dies. It is a movie that respects death and the natural causes. Every man wants to be remembered in the fondest way, even after death and this is what the movie talks about too. The moral value that it teaches audience – There are no shortcuts to success and if you want to be an unforgettable person even after death, you have to kind and true to your heart and to humanity



Vedham is a new age film that shows us that there are mistakes that people do all over the world. It is just how you can come out of it and become the bigger person in front of everyone else. A thief who pretends to be a rich guy, a budding rock star and a prostitute who work in different places and are totally unrelated come together by unforeseen sequences. The movie is all about love, money, mistakes, compassion, wild encounters and what happens at the end. You end up connecting to every single one in this movie because you tend to relate to their situations. This movie is very good to be true and is one of the classic hits in Telugu cinema. This movie’s moral is very simple – Every person needs to be given a worthy chance to achieve greatness and when given, he definitely will do so!



The Leader is a movie that focuses on how a politician who is true to his heart and people struggles to achieve a good name and to stay put in his position. What are the difficulties he goes through to keep his good name in the political business. Well, this movie is all about values and morals. Who wouldn’t like a movie made by a director who has a child’s laugh. Well, that said, this movie is no joke at all. It has serious consequences and twists of reality because of which it was in the controversial sector of news for a long time. Even seeing past all the media hype about the movie, the movie stood for its reality and its close links to the reality of how politics work. The moral it gave to the audience is that – Its very much strongly shows how corruption in Indian politics affects even the best of us.

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This movie is a classy attempt that has a different genre to it all together. When directors are more interested in love and crime, this movie takes a toll in the old age area. The plot of the movie is damn simple and shows how companionship is very important. An old couple and all the beautiful instances that they undergo in their old age is what the movie is all about. You can’t help but fall in love with the actors/couple of the movie to whom you will start relating if you are of their age. If you are much younger, then you will learn a lot of tips from this movie. The tips that the movie gives are not at all preachy and turn out to be quite interesting too. The movie is all about this couple and so you have to watch it for the beautiful cute SPB-Lakshmi duo. The moral it teaches its audience – Love doesn’t expire like any other thing. You need to get used to each other and cross the bridge together without leaving the other person behind.

5Yevade Subhramanyam

Yevade Subhramanyam

This movie is one of the most lovable movies in the recent times that not only has the correct plot, but also has a sensible screenplay for it. It shows that everything cannot be turned into business, but you also need to have a close acumen for business. It shows that there are 2 different types of people in your life. One that helps you through the financial situations and one that helps you find out who you are in life. It is a beautiful movie that lets you understand why people are extremely important in life and why you shouldn’t let go of the best people who have helped you throughout your tough times. The moral of this story to the audience is that – a journey definitely has a contentment and life is all about that and soulful quest and finding out who you actually are other than just being behind money.

These movies definitely teach you morals and values. There are many movies for fun, but not many movies for morals. These Telugu movies are definitely going to blow your minds and give you a new perspective towards your life.

-Pavithra Ravi