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hangover mornings

Hangovers are very common and are something that doesn’t really need a lot of attention unless it starts to hurt. If you sleep for long hours and drink some water, hangovers are meant to be gone. But, if you are feeling something in your stomach and you are not able to think and feel normal, then there are certain things you can do to make that go away. Well, you should also know that hangover brings in a lot of stomach and headache the next morning, especially. You will feel tired and you will feel like your stomach is blowing up in multiple sizes and someone is hitting your head with a hammer. That is the downside of having an amazing previous night experience.

Drinking always doesn’t make you feel this. It happens only when you tend to drink too much raw drinks without mixing it with soda or water. That is when the raw alcohol gets into your body and mixes with your cells and creates a buzz. The more you drink, the buzz gets higher. That results in you getting a little out of pace. If you feel all this, then the next morning is definitely bound to be a hangover morning. If you or your friends are undergoing this then there are some best cures for hangover mornings.

Some Best Cures for Hangover Mornings

1Water to the rescue

Water to the rescue

Water acts as the main ingredient in keeping you sane and steady. This is because, more drinking leads to dehydration and that leads to stomach or headaches. So, if you drink lots of water, the hangover will reduce since you will start to hydrate properly. The party can be fun, but the next day can ruin everything for you. So, if you want to stay buzzed and still not have a hangover morning, then you must drink lots of water or water with lemon juice. There is no limit on water drinking because that is what will get you back into being a normal person the next morning. If you are not able to drink water during the party, then come back home and before hitting the bed, you can drink at least 3 glasses of water to prevent the crazy morning. But, if you fail in any of the above, you have to drink a lot of water the moment you get up in the morning.

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2Toast bread for breakfast

Toast bread for breakfast

The only reason why you end up feeling aches on both your stomach and head is because you haven’t had anything the previous night and the stomach acid fills up your stomach creating aches. The best cure for this is that, you should eat something as soon as you get up. Don’t fill your stomach with maggi or something semi solid. It has to be dry and the best thing you can think of is bread and jam. Toast the bread and eat it. If you don’t have bread, go for biscuits because even they give good resistance. Once you eat a couple of bites, you will feel normal and the aches will vanish.

3Yogurt or curd does the magic

Yogurt or curd does the magic

If you don’t have the toast and you don’t feel like eating something very dry, you can try yogurt or curd. If you have flavored yogurt, then good! Otherwise, you can use curd + salt in a bowl. The good thing about yogurt is that it has a lactic acid present in it and the bacteria will help in better digestion. You can even make buttermilk if you want to. Add some water to the curd, salt and some lemon for better digestion.

4Mint/Ginger tea

Mint/Ginger tea

Mint tea not only works in hangover mornings, but generally even for stomach aches. So, if you have mint tea, then it is the best way of reducing the burns or pain in your stomach. You can prepare a warm mint tea for yourself and drink it warm. Don’t let it cool because both your throat and your stomach need some warm liquid to go inside and heal the pain. Ginger does greater help too when it comes to stomach pains. If you don’t like to eat ginger in any form, you can always prepare ginger tea and drink it hot. Strain the ginger water and add some honey if you want for better results.



Do you know that when you consume alcohol it takes out all your vitamins and minerals? Not just that, it also takes out the water in your stomach resulting in severe stomach aches. The most important vitamin it takes out is Vitamin B. This is why you need to compensate the vitamins. The vitamins are present in bananas. Eating a ripe banana helps because bananas have vitamin B in it and is generally a great source of medicine for stomach upset. It is better if you buy bananas and store it if you know you are going to drink in the nights.

6Vomit it out

Vomit it out

Yes, vomiting is a pretty gross idea but let us all face it. You will feel much, much better if you vomit everything out and that is the best way to reduce the hangover. If you do not vomit, the problem is that the toxins stay in your stomach and don’t get released at all. Yes, it is dirty and not nice. But it is just momentary. Once you vomit out everything, you will feel much better and your body will be relieved. Do you know why you vomit? That is because your body is not accepting the toxins that you have taken in, that is why it keeps rejecting in the form of vomiting.

However, the best cure is the fact that you should control drinking and start thinking of a healthy way to kick your life. If you can control the drinking, you don’t even have to think about all of this in the first place. Nevertheless, if you couldn’t stop yourself and had too much fun, then these remedies can help you immediately.

-Pavithra Ravi

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