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They say ‘health is wealth’, which is very true, but not many people truly appreciate their health until it is in some serious jeopardy or if they have caught something that can’t be treated at all. Have you been in that position before where you didn’t care to do anything until you had to do something? Maybe like someone who knows it isn’t good to smoke, drink or engage in illegal sex, but still do it for the fun of it? May be you are also okay with occasional drugs and stuff like that when you know it could be health hazards. But wait, we are going to tell you something – if doesn’t mean that just because it isn’t physical and you can’t see it, it is all fine. If you get to be diagnosed with something in the later stages, you are going to suffer a lot more than you expected. There are certain health benefits that you have to take care of, before it gets crazy and totally out of control.

You might have heard about people who go for annual checkups, monthly basis checks, have a clean health benefits and lot more. Well, we aren’t trying to scare you or make you do something that you don’t want to. It is to bring awareness about what you have been missing out on and how not missing out on it is going to help you in the future. Here we are going to tell you some of the important health benefits that are extremely good for your health and something that you should consider doing it on a longer basis because if you don’t do that, you are going to lose your health which is something very important.

Here Are Some Of The Health Benefits You Should Follow

1Annual check ups

Annual check ups

Annual checkups are extremely important because they tend to possibly catch every little health issue you may have in one check up. Yes, the process may take hours, but it helps you bring to light some issue that could potentially turn into a life threatening situation if left untreated. It is better to start dealing with the situation sooner than later. There is nothing called ‘it’s never late’ when it comes to medicine and medical issues because if untreated, you may be in a lot of danger. Do all your basic tests like blood checkups, sugar levels, cholesterol levels, your thyroid tests, cancer exams etc. Some tests are dependent on age as well. You can’t get a mammogram test until you turn 40 years old. Even if you have children, getting annual tests are a possible way of telling you that you and your children have a clear life ahead of you without any issues.

2Hydration is important

Hydration is important

Did you know that our human body consists of 60% water? Well, it lets your blood help in circulating and lets your food digest well too. It removes all the toxins in your body. So, we are trying to say that drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is very very important. You can take anything that is liquid like juice, water, smoothies, milkshakes, milk, buttermilk etc. The importance of water would not be understood now. But if you are not hydrated enough, it will lead to a lot of complications like constipation, fatigue, hunger, stomach aches etc. You need to take in a lot of water content even if you don’t feel thirsty and if you keep feeling thirsty, it means that your body needs more of water every time. Just because you can consume liquids, it doesn’t mean you can drink soda, coffee or alcohol. You have to cut down on all that and go for mild and nature filled drinks.

3Take in lots of veggies and fruits

Take in lots of veggies and fruits

We all know how much fruit and vegetables are important in our lives. They provide most of the carbohydrates and vitamins for our bodies. It is very essential that we eat fruits that are rich in water content. Same goes for vegetables as well. The main idea of in taking fruits and veggies is because it also helps with the diet regime. Since they are raw and natural forms of food, they will help you in reducing your weight and maintain a sleek and slim figure. They have very low fat in them and helps in keeping your body cool. At least one part of your meal should be veggies or fruits. You can choose the meal of the day. If you are having 2 chapathis, try to have more of veggies with chapathi like a salad of cucumber, carrot and broccoli. It is healthy and rich in vitamins, which will suffice your hunger pangs. That way you can control your tongue too.

4Do regular exercise

Take in lots of veggies and fruits

Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to run miles and miles. Even a half an hour walk everyday will keep your body fit and healthy. Go to the gym or just take a walk in the neighborhood. You will love it when you sweat and come back home feeling fresh. Take a bath after you do exercise and you will feel way fresh and better than normal days. Regular exercise is not only for reducing weight but is also because it keeps you healthy and active.

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5Everything matters

Everything matters

Even the smallest change in your regular regime is definitely a change and it does matter in the long run. Yes, if you walk half an hour every day, cut junk and eat healthy or even try to go for regular checkups, it will keep you safe and adds to your everyday activity, which is something very important. Even the smallest change you make is worth it. So, go ahead and be happy.

-Pavithra Ravi

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