14 Fashionable Ear Tattoos For Women- Beatify Your Ear With Tattoos


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Art never fails to express but the art that never fails fashion is a tattoo. The fashionable tattoos which can express and enhance the beauty are many.

If you are a tattoo lover, you keep checking the trending tattoos. Even if you are not a great tattoo lover, some of the tattoos tempt you for getting inked. Some of the tattoos which are attractive and let you try with inking are ear tattoos. Ear tattoos for women are pretty and elegant. They fit in for fashion and expression.

Every woman who wants to go for tattoos must have a look at these ear tattoos. These ear tattoos for women are adorable. The tattoos are for every modern woman who wants to express her style and attitude.

Ear Tattoos For A Modish Woman

1. Intricate Ear Tattoo


Intricate ear tattoos are womanly with the detailed designing. As woman love the intricacy in jewelry, they will also love this tattoo. You can ask your tattoo designer to attach the chain designs which makes the tattoo even more elegant. Every fashionable woman will get an idea of getting this tattoo on ear. And it is a wonderful idea!

The tattoo comes behind the ear and this can be made with small size. It would be extended and covering the whole area of back ear.

2. A Rose


Rose tattoo is something romantic and adorable. Every woman who want to hold the rose in her beautiful hands also would want to get a rose tattoo on her ear.

Though the rose tattoos are routine it looks pretty as an ear tattoo. The other tiny colourful elements can be attached with rose tattoo which make it special and attractive.

You can get an ear tattoo on cartilage of the ear or back of the ear. Both ways is lovely to wear an ear tattoo. But on cartilage, a tattoo is more painful.

3. Dark Stars


Even though the tattoo is dark, still it is bright tattoo with a set of stars. Stars tattoo is to shine calmly. The stars tattoo also fits in space of back ear.

You can also get inked with a twin star tattoo. A set of stars can cover from ear and can also continue till back neck which is a fashionable way of wearing star tattoo.

4. Floral Ear Tattoo


Floral ear tattoo stole my heart which is the most beautiful and colourful ear tattoo. Every woman who is fond of feminine designs must go with ear tattoo. The tiny flowers wrap the ear elegantly. This is also a colourful tattoo that looks charming.

Women always love to embrace and adorn their ears with pretty looking earrings. Now, they will even more love this way of decorating the ear. You can choose your own flower design to wrap your ear with.

5. Paw Ear Tattoo


Paw tattoo is the cutest ear tattoo. The tiny paws makes your ear look cute. This simple tattoo is also less painful. A woman who is animal lover will find this tattoo adorable. After wearing the tattoo, she keeps adoring it as well.

I suggest to wear the paw tattoo back of the ear instead on the cartilage. Back of the ear is the best place to wear a paw tattoo. You can check out the above image and get convinced.

6. Music Symbols Ear Tattoo


Music lovers find ways to express their love for music. Getting inked with a music symbol is a loving way of expressing love and passion for music. Music symbols are also trending as the fashionable tattoos. You can wear single music symbol covering your back ear. The other way is to go with set of tiny music symbols and both are adorable ideas of tattoo art for ear.

The music symbols are in the elegant shape. And the other elements that are added to the music symbols can express your personality. The floral designs around the music symbols make it a feminine designed tattoo and other few elements can make it look stunning and bold.

7. Feather Tattoo


Feather tattoo on or behind the ear is simply elegant. The feather shape itself is feminine and that is the reason many women love it. You can also wear the double feather tattoo as shown in the above image.

You will get obsessed with the way feather tattoo looks. It also also be worn on cartilage of the ear.

8. Anchor


We all know anchor is the symbol of strength. A passionate and ambitious woman would go for an anchor tattoo. If you have decided to wear an anchor tattoo, then think of wearing it behind your ear. The anchor tattoo and its design fits in the space behind the ear.

9. Bloomed Lotus


Everything of lotus is beautiful. The petals and the way it blooms is extremely beautiful. And a lotus tattoo is the best symbol that shows peace and love for natural. The lotus tattoo looks naturally beautiful. Wearing a lotus tattoo on back of the ear is a brilliant idea. You can also wear a mini lotus tattoo on your ear.

If you want a colourful ear tattoo, you can ask your tattoo designer to fill the colours in the lotus tattoo. When the colours added into the lotus designed tattoo, it looks more attractive and elevate the design. Full colour on the tiny space of your ear!

10. Daisy Flower


Daisy flowers are pretty in real. The natural look of the daisy flowers turning into a body art is a lovely idea. A little part of your ear with daisy flower decorates your ear in an elegant.

Take off those daisy earrings and go with the daisy ear tattoo. Your ear looks adorned with the daisy tattoo. Let the daisy ear tattoo be colourful as it needs stand out being tiny.

11. Shell Tattoo


If you want a natural looking tattoo, then you can get a shell tattoo behind your ear. A shell tattoo can fit behind your ear. You have various shell shapes that look elegant. The pearl shell, snail shells are shaped in an elegant way. You can also add the colours to the shell tattoo which is an innovative way to style your tattoo.

12. Diamond Tattoo


Women mostly wear the diamond jewelry and accessories. Now, try wearing the diamond tattoo for a bold fashionable look. You can add a bright colour to the tattoo or make a multicolour diamond tattoo.

13. Seahorse Ear Tattoo

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Seahorse ear tattoo can be a loving tattoo for a unique woman. You can get a colour splashing tattoo with seahorse tattoo. A seahorse is beautiful rarely preferred tattoo. If you find the seahorse beautiful, then you also find this tattoo idea beautiful on your ear.

You can wear a seahorse tattoo on ear cartilage. Let the nature’s beautiful creature be your body art.

14. Heart Symbols Ear Tattoo


The mini hearts symbols styles your ear and it looks lovable. You can have an outline of the the heart symbol or shaded heart as a ear tattoo. Even a set of coloured mini heart symbols look attractive. Heart symbols as ear tattoo are befitting with the size and look. It is also a trending tattoo.

Make a fashionable move with these ear tattoos. The colours and designs for an ear tattoo join to decorate your ear. Make the little space of your ear pretty and attractive with the trending ear tattoos.

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