9 Decent and Fashionable Outfits To Wear When Meeting Boyfriend’s Parents


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Meeting Boyfriend Parents
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Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is exciting when you make the plan. But it makes you conscious and nervous when you are getting ready. Then, you keep asking your boyfriend questions like, if their tastes and preferences.

It is good to make the first impression, the best impression. But do you think, you need to get out of your nature to impression his parents? I don’t think so, You can be yourself and impress them effortlessly. But you need to mind the basic things like dressing, attitude, and behaviour. If you are about to meet your boyfriend’s parents, prefer the above dresses. If these were your choices before coming across this article, then you have a super dressing sense.

It is not every time about fashion sense. Every man wants his girl to be liked and respected by his parents. So, you must keep up your boyfriend’s expectations and also his parents. These dresses help you to appear dignified and fashionable.

What To Wear When Meeting Boyfriend’s Parents?

1. Checks Kurti and Legging


Kurtis is the most preferred comfortable outfits for any formal or casual day. You would have many favourite kurtis and choosing one among them too easy. You can choose a super fashionable outfit to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Kurti allows you to stay minimal with accessories. You can make a simplest and beautiful appearance.

How to style and accessorize?

Accessorize your elegant look with stud earring and simple hangings. You can add a delicate chain. If you want a classy look go with a stylish wristwatch. Wear a comfortable pair of sandals or flat shoes with your kurti outfit.

2. A Long Top/Kurti and Palazzo Pants


Palazzo pants must be your first option when you want to make a nice appearance. Palazzo pants can be paired with many decent tops. You can pick a stylish palazzo and pair it up with a fancy long top. You will never look out fashioned or overdressed when it is a top and palazzo. You must prefer palazzo because it let you stay comfortable even for a long day. Choose a minimal printed or plain palazzo with your simple top.

How to style and accessorize?

Accessorize with simple long earrings when it is palazzo outfit. Any casual pretty hairstyle is great for this look. You can also leave your hair loose with wavy curls. Give a traditional touch with sleek bangles or bracelet and you are ready to appear well dressed now.

3. A Silky Dupatta with Kurti


When you meet elders, you must prefer traditional dresses. Keeping this in mind, do not go with s a long baggy dupatta. Choose a simple and silky dupatta. The long and heavy dupatta make you feel uneasy. When you are not able to manage your dress, it becomes awkward for you.

How to style and accessorize?

Go with an elegant traditional earring which is simple. Do not choose diamond adorned and heavy accessories. It is always better to look simple and beautiful. You can keep your desi with some minimal accessories.

4. Maxi Dress


Maxi dress is a fashionable and decent dress that you can pick to wear. But see that you don’t wear a deep neck or halter neck dress. You can easily choose one nice and flowy maxi dress. If you want to look stylish, choose a floor maxi dress. You look well dressed and modish in a maxi outfit. There are plenty of prints that can make you look pretty. You can create a decent impression in view of your boyfriend’s parents wearing such modern dress.

How to style and accessorize?

Hold a fancy wallet along with your maxi dress. Maxi dress with a single bangle or delicate bracelet is nice. Go with lightweight and small or medium size earring. This allows you to look well dressed even in a casual outfit.

5. Simple High Neck Dress


High neck makes you a dignified any time. You can also appear modish choosing a high neck dress. You have many high neck dresses in Indian and western wear which are good for the first time meet with your boyfriend’s parents. Semi ethnic kurtis and fancy tops are super elegant with high neck.

How to style and accessorize?

You can clutch your hair or wear a ponytail with a high neck outfit. Wear low heels and you can also wear high heel footwear if you can carry it well. A stylish modern wrist watch makes you look beautiful.

6. A Top with Pleated Skirt


A pleated skirt makes you look a bit formal but cool. Just to not make it look too formal pair it with a fancy top. Make sure you wear a fancy but standard top. Wear a bright colour top and pale colour skirt which makes the right combination. It is a fashionable combination when a pleated skirt is your choice. This is a super cool style that you can go in for your first meeting of your boyfriend’s parents.

How to style and accessorize?

Wear a flat shoe with your pleated skirt and top. You can tuck in the top and wear a denim jacket as shown in the above image.

7. Offbeat Anarkali


A full Anarkali is heavy to meet someone new casually. So, you must make a simple appearance but trendy appearance. You can go for an ethnic off Anarkali. See that you choose a less embellished off beat Anarkali. It is also too comfortable and easy to carry an outfit. The way offbeat Anarkali suits modern women is pretty.

How to style and accessorize?

Wear ethnic footwear along with offbeat Anarkali. A suitable pairing is always appreciated and admired. You can wear a gorgeous puff hairstyle if it suits you.

8. Ikat Outfit


Ikat outfits are trending in Indian and Western styles. Ikat outfits are ethnic and easy to wear on a special day. The traditional prints and the patterns of Ikat make the outfit look great. You can look like a perfect Indian with the traditional touch. You also have floor length elegant Ikat outfits. You make the prettiest appearance in a semi-ethnic outfit. You can also call it an Indo-Western outfit when wearing an Ikat outfit as the patter is of Western and the fabric is ethnic.

How to style and accessorize?

You can also choose to wear a short Ikat shrug along with your long length outfits. Wear fancy studs and a single bangle to accessorize your outfit. You can go with any Indian hairstyles that you usually prefer.

9. Chudidhar

Chudidhar Outfits for Meeting Boyfriend Parents

Chudidhar is the most  and it is an ever classy choice for Indian women. The outfits are modernized with fashionable prints and pretty embroidery work. Wearing a lightweight simple chudidhar outfit can impress your boyfriend’s parents. It keeps you stay in tradition and fashion as well. As you also have dupatta as part of your outfit, it makes you a perfect traditional woman. It can be the right way of dressing which suits the situation.

How to style and accessorize?

You can accessorize your dress chudidhar dress with a fashionable earrings. Leave your hair loose or wear a casual hairstyle which suits you perfectly.

Impressing your boyfriend’s parents with your dressing sense is a good idea. But just going with the old fashion and traditional appearance may not be impressive. So, you must add a little fashion and your own style. You must also look like a modern but decent girl.

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