10 Best Hair Removal Strips in India-Easy Go

Hair Removal Strips

You visit the salon to get yourself groomed whenever you want. If you like the salon services, you stick to the same salon. Otherwise, you find another salon. But you would definitely want to experiment waxing at home. When it is saving your money and time, why would you not try?

Listen to my small tragic story about hair removal strips. I made the hair removing wax at home. And also ordered hair removal strips 2 days prior to that. On the next day, I had to visit a party. And with great excitement, I tried to pull off the hair on my hands with the ordered strips. But it failed to work as mentioned in the product description. All I could do is go back to the salon for hands waxing.

Disappointment is fine but at the last minute? It is the worst situation where you go confused about what to do next. So, we here decided to give away the list of best hair removal wax strips.

Hair Removal Strips in India

1. Veet Full  Kit

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit

You keep watching ads about veet waxing kit. But why would you just try when it is promoted. You must be waiting for the genuine review. Here it is- Veet hair removal wax comes with unique gel. You need not head salon to remove hair. The strips are also easy to use without a mess. You can get the super smooth and soft skin post using the veet hair removal strips. One of the best and easy ways to instantly get hair-free skin.

It is recommended, not to use perfumes, anti tanning equipment, swimming or sunbathing.

2. Huini Non-Woven Wax Strips


This is a roll of hundred yards which can last longer. You can use the strips any time to see your skin hair-free. It is the best product that you can trust for salon work. Some of the strips may make your skin sticky. But you don’t need to worry about such effects using Huini wax strips. The strips are enough thick to pull the hair off your skin. You can only use easily as the strips stick well and let your pull of without mess.

3. Gigi


This is one of the products that you soft and smooth skin post waxing. With these strips, you can get moisturized skin. You also get a skin protection lotion which is a benefit of buying this product. Anyways you need a lotion to avoid dryness and redness if any. The hair removal strips also refine pores which you may need in hair removal strips.

4. Parissa Mini Wax Strips


This product is good for beginners as you need to just press and pull off. The work of the strips gives you a salon effect. The strips are made of natural products and there is no plastic. It clearly means the strips are eco-friendly. The wax of the strips is gentle which can remove the fine to medium hair. It keeps your skin and the hair removal process mess-free. The small size of the strips makes it easy for you to use. It is also a painless process with Paeissa mini wax strips. You can remove hair on desired areas of your body as you get mini-sized strips.

5. Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready-Strips


It is ready to use the product without any warming and rubbing process. The results of hair removal last for 8 weeks at least. The strips can also remove the shortest hairs. You can use the hair removal strips for face and bikini. The box also contains post-waxing wipes which is an extra benefit. It can match the work of the salon by removing every hair strand. We recommend you to use coconut oil post-waxing with these strips.

6. Waxkiss Cold Wax Strips


The strips contain natural plant extracts. The wax strips can make your hair removal work efficient and easy. You can use these strips for removal on legs, arms, underarms and bikini area. It works on your skin without irritation and redness like effects. The strips remove the hair with ease perfect in giving smoother skin post waxing.

7. Hiphop Skincare Body Wax Strips With Argan Oil


You must use this amazing strips as they can remove hair without taking off the natural moisture of your skin. The argan oil is to focus on hair removal and it really makes the task easier. The strips also protect your skin while removing the hair. You can have smooth skin for 4 weeks using these strips. The strips provide you soften and clean skin post waxing. The brand is providing the strips with flavours from which you can choose your favourite.

8. Remove Wax Strips Maxi Set-Thick and Dense Hair

Hair Remove Wax Strips Maxi Set

The wax strips are going to make your skin soft and smooth and And the effect is going to last for 4 weeks. It can also remove the thick and small hair as it claims. The hair removal process is going to painless for you. The strips are paraben-free and mineral oil free as well. The formula is suitable for different hair types and skin types as well. It is a complete package of full-body wax.

9. Sleek Wax Strips


These are ready to use strips which are available in different flavours. The strips are formulated for normal hair. You can easily remove the unwanted hair without. The formula of the strips makes your skin softer and smoother. It also keeps your skin moisturized without getting dry. The pack comes with moisturizing strips which is an extra benefit. The strips are made out of all raw materials and also it is an affordable product.

10. Makeup Mania Be Natural Waxing Strips


The hair removal goes gently and smoothly with these strips. You can use the strips even on small areas. The quality of the strips is high and it is safe to use. You can also use it with your own wax as well. And it is a much affordable product. When you want a complete effective hair removal, you must choose a product like this. As you want an affordable product which works better, we added this brand hair removal strips into the list.

Let the hair get off your skin without pain at home itself. Hair removal strips can save you even at the last minute but only if it is of good quality. Otherwise, it is going to ruin your time and interest. As the excitement of getting smooth and soft hands is not going to be ruined with these hair removal strips.

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