10 Types Of Jeans Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe


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We are becoming fonder of jeans for many reasons. But many of us are not aware of the types of jeans. When we are looking for a jeans, what we want is the fitting and style. If it is the trending model, then we go for it and colour anyways gets the attention. But knowing the types of jeans will give you more fashion and clothing knowledge.

When you know all the types of jeans, your selection of jeans becomes simple. Along with type of jeans, you will know which type suits you the best. When it is about fashion clothing, even more is less.

All the fashionable women show interest in learning the styles, trends. So, we would like to come up with the more ideas to share the fashion knowledge. Here, you go with the types of jeans.

Types Of Jeans

If you are looking for a best type of jeans, you must consider your body shape and size. Every type of jeans is not for all women.

1. Low rise jeans

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Low rise jeans are still moving in women’s fashion clothing. Low raise jeans is nothing but the pants sits below the waist. This type of jeans were much in trend during vintage days of 60 and 70s. Now the type is came back to trend and started off to be liked from few years.

Generally, low rise jeans are worn along with causal tees and shirts. Indian women feel stylish and comfortable to pair the low rise jeans with kurtis and long tops.

The ultra posh women wear the jeans with crop tops which is a kind of fashion that works well in fashion. This is a styled outfit for parties- a crop top and low rise jeans.

If you have short legs and wide torso, then you low rise jeans is not for you. You must go for other types of jeans but not this. Also see that the low rise jeans is settling on your waist. Pulling it up and adjusting all day is the toughest!

2. High waist jeans

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If you want to wear your pants on your waist and not on hips- then you must go in search high waist jeans. High waist jeans are the competing type of jeans with other types in 70s. It is again running in fashion beating over the other types of jeans.

High waist jeans are perfect for women who have apple shaped body. It defines the waist shape when the pants stay on the waist.’

The most trending way of wearing high waist jeans is with crop tops. If you are wearing a full tee with high waist jeans, then tuck in which is another way of styling your pants. You can even tuck a shirt with high waist jeans.

3. Mid waist jeans

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If a jeans is sitting on your hips and belly button, then call it a mid waist jeans. This is a type of jeans women prefer for causal wear. Mid waist jeans give make your legs look longer than they are.

This type of jeans suits most of women. Mid wear jeans are the most preferred for women are it is not too high or too low. Women in of any body shape can go with mid waist jeans.

This is a type of jeans that you can find people wearing with multiple tops. If you are getting a mid waist jeans, then match it up with any kind of western or semi ethnic top.

4. Distressed jeans


If a women wants to go with a super fashionable western outfit, then she must look for a distressed jeans. This type of jeans the most trending in today’s fashion.

This type of jeans is ripped all over or with on specific area of jeans in front. Women do DIY distress jeans with regular jeans and it is a brilliant idea.

Pairing distressed jeans with long kurtis and tops is in swing. Most of the young ladies and teen girls go with distressed jeans as it makes a rocking outfit. Ripped jeans is great for any body size and shape. It is just a design on the jeans which adds style.

You can team up distressed jeans with multiple western tops. The only thing you must remember about this type of jeans- it only suits for informal and casual wear and not for formal wear. Though is fashionable the rough look is not great for office or formal events.

5. Boot cut jeans

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Boot cut is a type jeans- where the cut is tight from upper leg to knee. Below knees, the jeans is flared and it ends at the ankle.

If you want to know whom bootcuct jeans suits well, then I would say for tall women. It is the most preferred and stylish jeans for tall women. Tall and slim women can glove up their legs into this type of jeans for a sexy look. It is also a perfect bottom for taller and curvy women as it balances the rounder and curvy hips.

Women who want to go fully formally and look stunning, must try styling bootcut jeans. A skin fit top and a jacket over with a bootcut jeans is super cool for a formal look.

6. Flared jeans

The simple way to describe the flared jeans is- it looks like bell shaped at the end of the pants. In fact, flared pants are the kind of trouser pants which are flared at the knees.

Flared jeans pants are great to go with anytime. Flared jeans make a chic outfit with some causal tops. You can get that boho chic style with flared jeans pants and note that it is fashion.

If you have a pair of flared jeans and heading for a formal event with it, then you are totally on fashion track. If you want make a style statement with causal look, then pick a printed flared pants. The stripped flared pants look ultimately fashionable with the crop tops, tee and hoody tee shirts.

7. Skinny jeans


Skinny jeans are the skin hugging pants that are made with stretchable fabric. From waist to bottom, the pants are skin fit without any loose stitch.

If you are looking for the best type of jeans, you may not be able to pick one that easily. But you can pick a the trendy jeans for women and skinny jeans comes in first place. Even though it is the tight fitting jeans, women prefer it the most as it comfortable with stretchable material. Also lets the wearer elevate the leg shape.

Women of all shapes have at least one skinny jeans in their wardrobe. When women are looking for skinny jeans- the only thing that they mind is fitting. A perfect fitting skinny jeans with the trendy patter and designs becomes the most favourite.

Skinny jeans are coming with stylish designs like ripped, embroidery and printed. This type of jeans is to great top style with casual and party wear tops. Styling skinny jeans is easier than other type of jeans. And why not women go for it repeatedly?!

8. Boyfriend jeans

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If you are getting a loose fit jeans, then don’t regret! As it is a type of jeans that you can style and look well dressed.

If you feel better in comfortable clothes, then you must drop your fashion. This is what we kept thinking but it is changed now. You can look effortlessly chic those comfortable outfits. To believe it, you must try styling the boyfriend jeans.

If you already have loose jeans, then it is not going waste. Just pair it with a black jacket wearing over a casual tee. You look perfect with this Indian street style outfit.

To look classy and posh in boyfriend jeans, pair it with a white top. Don’t worry you are all perfect! If you are still doubting, the have a look at the above image again.

9. Cropped jeans


Cropped jeans is another type of jeans women stay in touch with. The regular jeans that is shorten is cropped jeans. Doing the crop up with style is what makes cropped jeans the best for women.

Modish women are in love with look of cropped jeans- a long kurti with cropped jeans. This really works for fashionable with some simple accessories and right footwear. A pair of trendy jeans with cropped jeans is make you feel all ready.

There are also variants in cropped jeans like- ankle length, knee length and 3/4th. These styles of cropped jeans are all trendy.

But these are not for formal look. You must only opt this type of jeans for out an out casual appearance.

10. Slit cut jeans

Sometimes, you must get out the cliche. Especially with fashion clothing, you must try experimenting the trends and style. Here is a type of jeans that you cant miss as a fashionable women.

For this type of jeans, the slit cut can be in front or side. Mostly, women go with side slit jeans pant. You can elegantly show out your toned legs. A chic top and slit cut jeans is lovely outfit for parties. You can keep your style refined and unique with such kind of outfits.

When you want to make a style statement with a jeans outfit, then look for this type of jeans. It becomes easy for you to make a style statement with slit jeans. Don’t you think so?

The types of jeans you were not aware of could be very few. But knowing all the types, makes your jeans selection all right and perfect. You know what suits you and slipping in a jeans makes you feel more confident as I feel after knowing a bit more about the outfit I wear for the day.

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