Healthy Food Options For Your Pre And Post Workout Meals


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Pre And Post Workout Meals

While a lot of time we plan to sweat it out at the gym and watch numerous You-tube videos and plan all the exercises that will make us lose the maximum weight, we usually also look up the calorie count and and nutrient requirements too, but do you plan your snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner specifically? Or you are still struggling to ascertain what to eat and what to skip? After struggling for days to find the proper snack recipes, we have made a list of what to eat before and after workout and how to achieve maximum benefit from your gym workouts.

Why You should Eat Before Workout?

Studies have shown that even if you workout on empty stomach body tends to lose the same at any given instance. Instead a lot of times if you work out extensively without eating it can cause you to lose muscle mass and cause some unhealthy weight loss. It is important to stay energized and work in the right direction. Eating healthy will make you lose fat and gain muscle mass. It wont obstruct your weight loss regimen.

What To Eat Before Workout?

What To Eat Before WorkoutBefore heading out for your workout, do not make the mistake of going empty stomach. It will give you less energy and make you tired very soon. Instead opt to eat some of the following,

  • Water- Always hydrate yourself before you start working out. Over sweating and drinking less water will make it difficult to flush out toxins from your body. If you consume water before working out it will be beneficial in removing all the toxins.
  • Carbohydrates- You should consume only a handful a healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals or Apple or low fat Yogurt. Consume easily digestible carbs.
  • Avoid Saturated fats and protein early morning. They tend to take a lot of time to digest and take away oxygen that you would be using up to burn fat otherwise.

Here are some healthy options of Pre workout Snacks to choose from-

Pre workout Snacks1. Broccoli with salt and Olive Oil.
2. Steamed or boiled Sweet potato.
3. Banana
4. Oatmeal with berries.
5. Brown bread Toast and banana
6. Greek Yogurt
7. Fruit smoothie (No sugar, low fat milk)
8. Orange smoothie
9. Blueberry banana and honey smoothie.
10. Avocado Smoothie
11. Avocado wedges with raisins
12. Baked broccoli and cheese omelet.

Why you should Eat After Workout?

Eat After WorkoutJust like eating something before working out it is also important that you eat after your workout is done. From 30 mins to an hour after your workout session, the body id healing from the stress that it was put through. This stress depletes your glycogen levels and your muscles tend to lose their energy, To replenish the muscle energy stores, you should eat some time after a workout, It will keep your muscles strong and healthy and also improve your metabolic rate.

What You Should Eat After Workout?

Should Eat After WorkoutTo keep your muscles healthy and preventing any kind of muscles loss, eat right after your workout session and include some healthy option in your breakfast.

  • Protein- protein right after your gym workout I a great way to build up lean muscles and prevent loss of muscle fat. Instead you will only lose fat and excess peripheral fat. This protein will fill up your stomach and since it takes time to digest it will keep you satiated for a longer time and also prevent excess gaining of weight.
  • Carbohydrates- A little amount of healthy carbohydrates are required by your body for all the energy that it will require to perform the daily tasks. Eating carbohydrates after workout is necessary to maintain your energy levels and keep you going throughout the day.
  • Water- Always hydrate yourself post a good workout. The water loss during sweating in the gym will make you dehydrated and to aid the process of weight loss it is important to stay hydrated and help the body flush out the fat and toxins from burning it.

Here are some healthy options of post workout Breakfast to choose from-

post workout Breakfast1. Banana shake with milk and protein powder added.
2. Grilled Chicken and Veges.
3. Vegetable omelet with cheese-
4. Sweet potato and Salmon.
5. Spinach and corn Sandwich
6. Dark chocolate blended milk.
7. Almond Butter and Pancakes
8. Home made energy bars.
9. Nuts and Almost butter.
10. Fruit smoothie.
11. Tuna fish sandwich.
12. Chicken Salad and Olive Oil dressing.
13. Vegetable Smoothie.
14. Egg white omelet with spinach and veges.
15. Strawberries and Yogurt.
16. Hummus and pita Bread
17. Baked chicken and vegetables.

Working out at the gym maybe the most important thing to do for losing weight, But you should not underestimate the effect of the diet you follow for it. It can be the game changer if you do not follow it up with a proper diet. And for perfect results from that hour of sweaty workout you do everyday, Just choose one of the above meals to supplement your workout ad you will be amazed to see the difference. Good Luck for a healthy life.

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