Why should you write a journal?


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Writing Diary

Do you know that most of your stress is reduced to 50% if you have a journal for yourself? Yes, when you put down all the thoughts and put down various things that you have been feeling, you will know that your stress level has decreased drastically because you have shared it with someone. It is in fact in a healthy way that the stress levels in your head reduce. If you think that diaries and journals are kept by teenage girls only, then you are probably very wrong about it. Pouring out your feelings about your day to day stuff, writing what you want to shout out loud and telling your diary what you really mean when you say something to people will let out the dirty, angry side from you. You will love yourself and writing in your diary will become a habit if you have the practice to write a journal.

There are a lot of benefits in having to write a journal for yourself. These benefits work perfectly well in your life and soon the journal becomes a part of your lifestyle. So, here are some benefits of writing a journal and we will tell you why you should definitely write a journal!

Here are Some Reasons Why You Should Write a Diary

1You will remember everything

You will remember everything

Journals are not going to just about your secrets. It can also be something in which you write what you should do for the next day. It can be a small book that you can carry to remember things if you are a person who is easily distracted. You make notes of your numbers, appointments, small anecdotes, references, address, etc that can come in handy at any time or in any place. Of course you have your phones to take note of all this. All you might have to do is take pictures and you know for sure. But what if the phone crashes and dies? What can you do when you are supposed to go to an important place, but you can’t remember the place or the address because your phone died out of battery?

Umm, isn’t that a huge technological defect? Just a line and a description of your note can take you a long way when you need something immediately. This is more like jotting down your thoughts about the place, people, number, address and of course memories too. Think of it like this! After 10 years, when you take out your book to read it, wouldn’t you love to see small and detailed version of what and where you visited? It would be a fun time to spend time with your kids and tell them you had a journal that consisted of almost everything.

2Stress buster

Stress buster

Well, if you write a journal, you will be able to reduce stress to greatly extend that comes your way during your school, work or even your social times. Wondering how? Well, there can come days when you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone, including your friends and family. When you start writing a journal, you will know that you just have to jot down whatever you feel and that can make the friend for you. You don’t have to talk to it, you don’t have to hear anything about it. It is a one way communication of what you feel and only that can help you come out of the stress bubble easily. You can actually solve a problem just like that when you start writing a journal because all you have to do is put your thoughts into writing mode. That way you will know the basic problem and laugh it out when you find out the reason for your stupid problem. This is one way your stress vanishes easily.

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3Helps in motivating you

Helps in motivating you

If you write a journal, you will know that maybe some or the other way it helps in keeping you motivated about life and love. When you jot down your favorite quote about loss, love and life, you will know that you don’t have to be bogged down about life. You know that there are some things that extremely love in this universe. It would be nice to flip through all your quotes and make entries about your life. It will keep you motivated in a way that you wouldn’t mind writing a lot about yourself in the diary once you start getting motivated.

4Brings the creative side

Brings the creative side

Well a journal is not only for lines and statistics. Of course, it is for recording memories, but you can doodle on it, find out possible ways in which you can solve something, you can draw and color too. You can have an art journal too that can help you in drawing and painting something according to your mood and your feeling. In fact, there are journals even for song composition. This doesn’t mean that only creative people can have a journal. Even if you aren’t creative, but you love to draw, or if you love to write songs, but you are afraid to show it to people, you can use the journal as your audience. You can make a note of all the quotes you want to write and jot it down. A journal helps your creative side to shine brighter.

A journal can get you through a lot of things and this can even be worse things in your life. All you need to do is think of your journal as a good friend and your friend will get you everything you need! Happy writing!

-Pavithra Ravi

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